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<>How do you react when you see others in need of help? Are you the first extend a helping hand? Social workers respond to the needs of people who experience social problems and address the stress the problems create. A social work degree can take you deep into people's lives, and position you to be the beacon of hope they often need.

Social work degree programs equip graduates to be life-changing forces capable of meeting a variety of obstacles and challenges head-on. Social work demands grit and compassion, alongside appropriate training, but the rewards are priceless.

If you're considering a career as a social worker, you've come to the right place. We've gathered the best of our degree programs, both online and on-campus, into one convenient source. Whether you are looking for a bachelor's degree, master's degree, or just relevant career information, The Social Work Degrees Source is your one-stop shop.

Featured Online Social Work Degree Programs

Bachelor's Programs in Social Work

Best Online Bachelor's of Social Work Degree Programs

An online Bachelor in Social Work degree provides you the opportunity to obtain an entry-level position in social work, with positions such as a mental health assistant, group home worker, residential counselor, program coordinator, etc. Organizations employing bachelor's level practitioners include the Department of Social Services, county health agencies, home health agencies, group homes, nursing homes and more.

The Best Bachelor's in Social Work Degree Programs

A Bachelor in Social Work degree prepares graduates to join the workforce immediately after graduation. The degree provides a path to entry-level social work type jobs such as residential counselor, group home worker, mental health assistant, program coordinator, etc. A Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) degree qualifies graduates for many bachelor's level human service jobs.

Master's Programs in Social Work

Best Online Master's of Social Work

An online MSW degree allows you to work in everything from government assistance programs to private psychological counseling. The increasingly popular MSW online programs make this degree even more attractive, adding convenience and flexibility to earning an MSW degree.

Best Master of Social Work Programs

A Master of Social Work (MSW) is one of the best degrees you can have for helping people who really need help and getting paid to do so. Social workers serve individuals, families, and communities. They are ideally positioned to help the disenfranchised, especially those struggling for rights and resources.

Social Work Career Information

So, you already have the degree. Or you're thinking about how the degree and a career fit together. Our newly expanded Careers section contains an extensive look at opportunities for qualified social service workers in nine specialties. Find a job you love!

Best Social Work Jobs

Most people with a social services career gain personal satisfaction from helping people throughout their workday. Most social services careers require compassion and dedication. Social services workers play an important role in people's lives.

Defining Moments in Social Work

These 23 facts illustrate the beautifully diverse, stirring, and sometimes surprising influences that helped make up the field of Social Work as we know it today.

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