The Best LSAT Prep Resources & Services

| Beth Rich

Are you ready to discover your college program?

If you have decided to go to law school, congratulations are in order! However, before you go, you need to take the LSAT, or Law School Admission Test. This standardized exam is required for admission to Juris Doctor (JD) programs. You might be a little rusty when it comes to standardized tests. Or maybe you’ve heard that the LSAT is really difficult. However, with proper support and resources, preparing for the LSAT and getting the score you want is easy, or at the very least achievable.

Studying for the LSAT helps you develop familiarity with the test, master skills and strategies, and ultimately achieve a higher score. When it comes to studying, there are countless ways to prepare for the LSAT. Creating a study plan for the exam can be overwhelming, so we have created this list of The Best LSAT Prep Resources to help you do so. Whether you prefer working on your own or with an instructor, from a book or with an app, this list has resources that will help you reach your goals.

This article includes a comprehensive list of the best LSAT prep resources and offers information to help you decide which ones to add to your schedule, bookshelf, phone, or bookmarks tab. Your personal preferences will determine which study tools work best for you, so keep yourself in mind while you read this list. We have included everything you need to start studying for the LSAT — from tutoring and course information, to official exams, to mobile games, to study timers, to meditations. But before we get into the list of resources, here’s some information about the LSAT exam.

What is the LSAT?

The LSAT is, according to the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), an exam designed to “measure skills that are considered essential for success in law school.” Those skills, as outlined by LSAC are:

In addition to writing and administering the LSAT, LSAC is a non-profit organization committed to furthering quality, access, and fairness in law school admissions. They continually work to ensure that the LSAT is a fair exam that assesses test-takers critical reasoning skills that are fundamental for success in law school.

Exam Format

The LSAT consists of six, 35-minute sections. Five of the sections are multiple-choice questions, and four of these sections count towards your score: Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and two Logical Reasoning sections. The fifth section, commonly referred to as the variable section, is typically used to pretest new test questions or to create new test forms. The placement of this section will vary and you will not know which section was unscored until you receive your score report. The final section is an unscored writing sample. Copies of your writing sample will be sent to all of the law schools at which you apply.


Your LSAT score is based on the number of questions that you answer correctly, also known as your raw score. You don’t lose points for incorrect answers, and individual questions on the various test sections are not weighted differently. Your raw scores are converted to an LSAT scale that ranges from 120 to 180, with 120 being the lowest possible score and 180 the highest possible score. Your raw scores are converted using a statistical procedure known as equating, a method that adjusts for minor differences in difficulty between tests.

How do I prepare for the LSAT?

Knowing how to start studying for the LSAT can be quite overwhelming. Learning about the content and structure of the exam and developing skills and strategies relevant to the test are important first steps. Also, practice, practice, practice! Whether you begin by studying on your own, signing up for a class, or connecting with a tutor, you are moving towards LSAT success. It isn’t as important how you study (as long as you study it in a way that fits your needs and learning style) as it is that you are studying.

The courses, tutors, books, apps, and other resources on this list are an excellent way to start preparing for the LSAT.

This list of best LSAT prep resources is divided into Six sections:

Online Courses In-Person Tutoring
Web Resources Books Apps

Online Classes

Chances are, you’re busy. Figuring out how to study for the LSAT in the midst of an already hectic schedule can be overwhelming. An online LSAT prep course can be the perfect solution to help you improve your score while keeping up with your other commitments and activities. This list of online classes has a number of options that offer you the benefits of guided study with the flexibility of online learning.

  The Princeton Review

LSAT Test Prep

The Princeton Review logoThe Princeton Review, a leading name in test prep, offers a variety of higher education admissions services, including online and in-person courses, tutoring, admissions help, books, and other resources. You can find their test prep books at any major bookstore, but you may not know that they also have online courses that can be more digestible and interactive than their books. If you like what you’ve seen in a Princeton Review book, and want comprehensive, interactive LSAT prep from a trusted test preparation provider, take a look at The Princeton Review’s online LSAT test prep courses.

The Princeton Review gives you the option of four online LSAT test prep options: Self-Paced, Fundamentals, Ultimate Classroom, and Private Tutoring Program. With the Self-Paced option, you get access to 150+ hours of on-demand video lessons, online drills, study tools, and practice tests that cover all of the concepts that appear on the LSAT as well as test-taking strategies. Fundamentals is a live, online class that provides you with 30 hours with an instructor focused on learning the basics so you can quickly pick up points on the exam. This option includes four proctored practice tests. Ultimate Classroom is for students looking to go beyond the basics to land a top score; with this plan you get 8,000 practice questions, 150+ hours of online content, six full-length proctored exams, and access to a passionate, dedicated instructor. With the Private Tutoring Program, expert tutors work with you for a set number of hours to make a plan, set goals, and exceed them.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $799, $1099, $1299, $1800-$3000

Recap: If you are looking to prep for the LSAT with an established test prep company, but need more than a book to study with, The Princeton Review has a number of online LSAT prep courses that can help you achieve your goals.


LSAT Prep Courses

Kaplan logoIf you’ve spent time at a tutoring agency, whether you were learning to read or studying for a standardized test, chances are you went to Kaplan. Founded in 1938, Kaplan has been preparing students for standardized tests for 80 years. Even if you have been to a class at one of their many tutoring centers or studied with a Kaplan book, you may not know that Kaplan offers a number of online LSAT prep courses. With a variety of online course options, Kaplan is an excellent resource when it comes to online LSAT prep.

All of Kaplan’s LSAT prep courses allow you to learn from expert instructors in an interactive classroom. If you want a self-paced study package that lets you prep on your own schedule, the Self-Paced LSAT Prep package gives you access to a complete recording of Kaplan’s LSAT prep course, 70 hours of video lessons, and 40 episodes on The LSAT Channel. Self-Paced PLUS includes all of that plus unlimited access to The LSAT Channel and two hours of one-on-one coaching. The Live Online course option offers 28 hours of live instruction, unlimited access to The LSAT Channel, and three full-length, proctored practice exams.

Live Online PLUS includes three hours of one-on-one coaching. 30+ hours of elective live instruction, and the Live Online PLUS course additionally provides three hours of one-on-one coaching. All courses include 80+ real, released LSATs with self-proctoring tools, detailed analysis and study recommendations with Smart Reports, and LSAT prep books. You can also work individually with an instructor to create your own LSAT prep plan by choosing the LSAT Tutoring option. Additionally, if you take a Kaplan LSAT prep course and do not improve, you can retake the course or get a refund.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $799, $1199, $1299, $1699, $2599-$4799

Recap: Kaplan — a respected education and tutoring company — has a variety of LSAT prep courses to help you prepare for the exam, whether you need a self-paced course, a live online classroom, or a private tutor.



Magoosh Test Prep logoMagoosh is an education company seeking to help students achieve their academic goals. Led and staffed by self-proclaimed education fanatics, Magoosh has test prep courses and resources for a number of exams, including the LSAT, GMAT, and GRE. In addition to test prep courses, Magoosh has created quite a few helpful study apps, some of which appear later on this list.

Magoosh has a large collection of LSAT prep resources, including 500 official LSAT practice questions, 50+ video lessons that cover Logic Games, Reading Comprehension, and Logical Reasoning, 250+ explanation videos to LSAC’s Official LSAT PrepTests, and 150+ practice questions. You can get access to these materials, as well as email support from experienced tutors for three months or one year. Magoosh allows you to do a free, seven-day trial so you can be sure that this is the right LSAT prep for you.

Duration: Three months, one year

Price: $129, $149

Recap: If you want access to an affordable, comprehensive collection of LSAT prep materials, Magoosh likely has what you need. Bonus: with their mobile apps, you can easily study anytime, anywhere.

  Manhattan Prep

LSAT Prep Course

Manhattan Test PrepManhattan Prep teaches test prep according to this philosophy: students do their best when they have the best teachers. Founded in 2000 by Yale University graduate and Teach for America alumnus, Zeke Vanderhoek, this company works to provide quality test prep through highly qualified, skilled, passionate educators. Manhattan Prep offers its students accomplished instructors, relevant curriculum, real education, and enjoyable classes.

Manhattan Prep has several flexible online options for LSAT prep: Interact™

LSAT Course, Live LSAT Courses, Private Tutoring, and LSAT CrunchTime™. Enrollment in the Interact™ LSAT Course, includes access to 60+ hours of interactive video lessons, as well as challenge sets, online labs, homework explanations, and LSAT forums. You can choose to take the complete interactive course, or choose a specific portion that you want to study — Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, or Reading Comprehension. The Live LSAT Course is an online course led by a 99th percentile-scoring tutor. Private Tutoring packages are customizable: you can purchase as few as two or as many as 25 hours of one-on-one instruction with a Manhattan Prep instructor. LSAT CrunchTime™ is a series of short workshops designed to quickly improve your skill set before test day. Topics include Logical Reasoning & LSAT Strategy, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $375-$599, $1199, $225–255/hour, $49

Recap: With a variety of online LSAT prep courses and workshops, Manhattan Prep numerous options for your LSAT study with interactive resources and passionate, highly-certified instructors.



TestMax Prep - LSATTestMax is an education company that offers comprehensive platforms for test prep on web and mobile. TestMax offers LSAT prep, Bar prep, a law school match program, and other resources and courses for law school students. With a focus on delivering high-quality content from the top instructors at affordable prices, TestMax has a number of services that can help you meet your goals and succeed, in law school and beyond.

With three choices for LSAT prep, TestMax offers several programs so that you can get the exact LSAT help that you need. LSATMax Pro Subscription is a monthly subscription option that gives you access to the LSATMax comprehensive course with 3200+ LSAT questions and 80+ hours of video content, as well as seven prep tests, instructor support, message board access, and analytics. Designed for people looking to score between 150–165, LSATMax Pro is a one-time purchase that includes lifetime access to 4200+ LSAT questions and 80+ hours of video lessons, as well as five textbooks, 20 prep tests, instructor support, message board access, an LSAT-approved analog timer, analytics, and a higher score guarantee. If you’re looking to score above 165, LSATMax Premium offers additional resources to help you achieve your high score, including 8200+ LSAT questions, 83 prep tests, and a subscription to The Economist.

Duration: Monthly or Lifetime Access

Price: $199/month, $749.99, $949.99

Recap: With thousands of practice questions, helpful extras like LSATMax’s LSAC-approved test timer watch, and comprehensive LSAT prep materials, TestMax has all you need to improve on the exam.


Online LSAT Prep Course

Blueprint Test Prep- LSATBlueprint was founded by three educators with experience in standardized test prep. As the founders of Blueprint discussed the company they wanted to create, they all agreed on the following idea: if students have fun, they will learn more and perform better. All Blueprint courses focus on delivering interesting, engaging, even fun LSAT prep content designed to help people score well on the exam.

Blueprint’s online LSAT course includes a vast array of resources, instruction, and support. With a monthly subscription model that allows you to work through the course at your own pace, Blueprint’s Online LSAT Prep Course includes 88 hours of online instruction in a fun, animated format, online practice sets, interactive drills, on-the-go lesson videos, photo scoring, advanced analytics, three textbooks, 19 practice exams, and 24/7 email support. The course is led by 99th percentile-scorers and includes a 10-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Duration: Monthly subscription

Price: $200 initial fee plus $199/month

Recap: If you are feeling bored when it comes to LSAT prep, check out Blueprint’s engaging, innovative LSAT prep course.


Online LSAT Prep Courses

7sage Test Prep - LSAT7Sage is a company whose mission is to level the playing field for legal education. 7Sage acknowledges that financial means are a barrier to legal education and they are working to liberate legal education by offering 100s of free LSAT prep videos, donate their course to students at the non-profit PreProBono, and offer all of their LSAT prep for affordable prices.

7Sage’s dedication to affordable legal education means they offer a variety of LSAT prep in a range of affordable prices. You can create a free account that gives you access to LSAT lessons, an LSAT forum, and analytic software. 7Sage has four paid study plans available: LSAT Starter, LSAT Premium, LSAT Ultimate, and LSAT Ultimate+. LSAT Starter includes three months of access to 7Sage’s core curriculum with 400+ lessons and 50+ hours of video content, as well as 1300+ real LSAT question explanations, 10 printable exams with video explanations, and problem sets with 300+ practice questions. LSAT Premium includes six months of access to 2700+ question explanations, 24 printable exams with explanations, and 600+ practice questions. LSAT Ultimate offers 12 months of access to 4100+ question explanations, 38 printable exams with explanations, and 1200+ practice questions. LSAT Ultimate+ includes 18 months of access to 7200+ question explanations, 69 practice tests with explanations, 16 additional practice exams, 1900+ printable practice questions, a Question Bank with 8000+ questions, and a bonus law school admissions course.

Duration: Three, six, 12, or 18 months of access

Price: $179, $349, $549, $749

Recap: If you want affordable, comprehensive LSAT Prep, take a look at 7Sage’s variety of online test prep courses.

  Velocity Test Prep

Online LSAT Prep Courses

Velocity Test Prep - LSATVelocity Test Prep was founded by two friends and LSAT experts, Dave Hall and Stephen Kramer, and offers an aesthetically pleasing LSAT prep course that is easy to use and effective. This company is passionate about affordability, and offers a variety of discounts to make their courses more accessible, including need-based aid, upgrade discounts, and military discounts.

With multiple LSAT prep course options to choose from, Velocity Test Prep has packages to meet a variety of studying needs. The Incredible Single-Book Membership allows you to choose one of five PrepTest explanation books, and access to all of Velocity Test Prep’s theory videos, 1000+ question explanations, messaging with instructors, access to their LSAT Prep Forum, video feedback and more. The Awesome Velocity Membership includes three PrepTest explanation books, 3000+ question explanations, all of the benefits from the Single-Book Membership, as well as a score-improvement, money-back guarantee. Their most comprehensive course — The Super Mega Velocity Membership — includes all five PrepTest explanation books, an all-access pass to the site, 5000+ question explanations, live weekly office hours with instructors, and a money-back guarantee if you do not score 10 points higher or in the 99th percentile. All courses allow you eight months of access to the online materials.

Duration: Eight months

Price: $199, $549, $799

Recap: Velocity Test Prep has a variety of memberships for their comprehensive, effective LSAT course and also offers multiple discounts.

  Fox LSAT

Full Online LSAT Course

Fox LSAT is a one-man show. Founder and instructor, Nathan Fox scored a 179 on the LSAT in 2007, and as soon as he graduated law school began putting his passion for helping students to work. His students have his cell phone number (and it is listed on the site), and are encouraged to reach out with any and all LSAT-related questions. Fox has also written several LSAT books, which appear later on this list.

Fox LSAT offers in-person classes in the San Francisco Bay area, but also has an online version that is accessible from anywhere in the world. The Full Online LSAT Prep Course includes 12 months of access to 25 video classes that cover 24 official LSAT exams, 60+ hours of video, 14 quizzes, three prep books, information about law school, law school admissions, and scholarships, as well as direct access to Fox LSAT founder and instructor, Nathan Fox. You can try a sample lesson for free to see whether or not Fox LSAT is a good fit for your study needs.

Duration: One year

Price: $995, or three payments of $333

Recap: If you want to take an online class that allows you direct, personal access to your instructor and curriculum writer, check out Nathan Fox’s Full Online LSAT Prep Course.

In-Person Classes

If online classes are not your style, perhaps an in-person LSAT prep course is the way to go.

It can be very helpful to have an in-person instructor helping you master LSAT material. You might also benefit from studying for the exam alongside other students. In-person classes often work well if you like learning in a more traditional classroom environment. While many of these classes are available in specific locations, and are most frequently located in larger cities, there are in-person LSAT classes around the country, and this list exists to help you find a nearby class.



Kaplan logoThis is neither the first nor the last time Kaplan will appear on this list. Kaplan, founded in 1938, has been a leading tutoring and test prep company for 80 year. With a familiar brand, proven test-taking strategies, and a vast number of books, resources, and practice materials, Kaplan is a great resource for LSAT prep. With tutoring centers across the country, it is likely that Kaplan will have an in-person LSAT course near your location.

With Kaplan’s In-Person course, you receive 28 hours of live instruction, unlimited access to The LSAT Channel, and three full-length, in-class, proctored practice tests. If you are looking for even more instructor interaction, the In-Person PLUS course also includes three hours of one-on-one coaching. If you want to work exclusively with a one-on-one instructor, you can choose an in-person LSAT Tutoring package. All of Kaplan’s in-person LSAT offerings come with a money-back improvement guarantee.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $1399, $1799, $2599-$4799

Recap: With a variety of in-person courses to choose from, Kaplan offers you the support and resources you need to successfully prepare for the LSAT.


LSAT Class

Blueprint Test Prep- LSATBlueprint’s fun, engaging LSAT prep courses are not only offered online. The company also offers a comprehensive, 112-hour in-person LSAT prep course. Blueprint prides itself in high standards for its instructors; staff members who teach the LSAT courses must have scored a 170+ on the exam and go through 188 hours of training. With classes in multiple cities in nine states and Washington DC, Blueprint has coast-to-coast in-person LSAT prep courses.

Blueprint’s in-person LSAT prep course includes a vast amount of instruction and resources. The course includes 112 hours of in-person classroom time, made up of 16 core lessons, six proctored practice tests, three clinics, and three workshops. You also get access to their online curriculum, consisting of 88 hours of online coursework and instruction. Additionally, you receive their mobile app, three textbooks, 19 practice LSATs, and a score increase guarantee.

Duration: 10 weeks

Price: $1599 (may vary by location)

Recap: If you’re looking for an in-person course led by highly-trained instructors with lots of extra online resources and support, look for a Blueprint LSAT Class near you.

  Manhattan Prep

LSAT Prep Course

Manhattan Test PrepManhattan Prep’s LSAT courses are offered in-person as well as online. This student-focused company’s in-person LSAT classes, led by expert instructors, are offered at their tutoring centers. With locations across the US, it is likely that you can find an in-person Manhattan Prep LSAT class that works for you, your schedule, and your location.

With several in-person course offerings to choose from, Manhattan Prep is dedicated to helping future law students prepare for the LSAT. The LSAT Complete Course includes 10 intensive, in-person class sessions, Manhattan Prep’s three LSAT Strategy Guides, access to a number of online resources, and more. In-person Private Tutoring is also available, so you can get personalized, one-on-one instruction from Manhattan Prep teachers. If you want to see what a class is like before signing up, you’re able to sit in on a live, in-person class so you can see what the instructors, students, classroom, and curriculum is like.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $1499, $255–225/hour

Recap: The student-focused culture at Manhattan Prep ensures that their in-person courses deliver what you need to succeed on the LSAT.

  Next Step Test Prep

LSAT Private Tutors & Prep

Next Step Test PrepNext Step Test Prep is a tutoring service that offers test prep services for tests like the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, and MCAT. While Next Step Test Prep knows that these tests are standardized, they do not view students in a one-size-fits-all, standardized way. This company offers customized, private tutoring that is designed to meet your individual needs. With in-person classes around the country, Next Step Test Prep has in-person LSAT offerings in 15 cities.

Next Step Test Prep’s personalized, in-person course is designed for students of all skill levels. Whether you have already taken the LSAT, took another LSAT prep course that just did not prepare you properly, or you are completely new to the exam, your Next Step Test Prep tutor will lead you through a course that meets your needs. All students start the course by taking a diagnostic test (your tutor will also look at your past scores if you have them), and then you will do a skills assessment and work with your tutor to create a personalized study plan. You can choose between a Crash Course, Comprehensive Plan, or Intensive Review, or you can choose the Premium Tutoring option and create a customized course that is just for you.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $1499, $2099, $3399

Recap: If you want personalized, in-person prep for the standardized LSAT exam, Next Step Test Prep has a variety of options that may be a great fit for you.

  Local Colleges and Universities

LSAT Prep Courses

There is not room on this list to share every LSAT prep course, boot camp, or workshop at every college and university, so instead we just want to point you in the right direction. It is good to know that many higher learning institutions have test prep programs, most often offered through the continuing education department. Some schools offer discounts to alumni, so if you find an LSAT prep program at your alma mater, you might be eligible for a cheaper price. Many campuses also serve as LSAT testing centers, so it could be helpful to study at the place where you will take the official exam.

The cost of these courses, as well as their duration and curriculum varies from school to school. To find an LSAT prep course at a college or university near you, you can search online for LSAT prep at the schools in your area. You can also contact schools directly and ask if they offer LSAT prep services. Another option, if you are currently enrolled, is to ask a professor, advisor, or staff member in student services at your college.

Duration: Varies

Price: Varies

Recap: If you would like to study for the LSAT in a familiar setting, search for LSAT prep courses at colleges and universities in your area.


If you want to work with an in-person instructor without the commitment of a full-length course, a private tutor might be a perfect fit. You can create an LSAT study plan and schedule with your tutor that works for you and your busy life. Tutors are often willing to come to your home or a location of your choice, so you can save time on the commute to class. The following platforms will connect you with tutors who can help you reach your LSAT goals.

  Varsity Tutors

LSAT Tutoring

Varsity Tutors logoVarsity Tutor, a technology and education company, offers a platform that connects students with tutors in a variety of subjects. Using their website, you can search for tutors who specialize in a specific subject area (if you are reading this list, then likely the LSAT) and schedule in-person meetings with your tutor to work through your personalized study plan. Varsity Tutors has a tutor satisfaction guarantee, so you can feel confident about finding a tutor who fits your needs and goals.

With lots of LSAT tutors available through Varsity Tutors, you can easily find and request a tutor that you want to work with. Listed on the Varsity Tutors platform, tutor bios include information about the tutor’s teaching philosophy, personal test scores, location, education, and hobbies. Depending on what you need for LSAT prep, you can choose to work with a tutor for 12, 24, 36, or 48 hours, with a discount for purchasing more hours at a time. In addition to tutors, Varsity Tutors also has a number of free resources, including flashcards, practice tests, quizzes, and a mobile app (which appears on the apps section of this list).

Duration: Varies based on your wants and needs

Price: Starting at $53/hour

Recap: If you are looking for an in-person, one-on-one tutor, but are not sure where to start, Varsity Tutors can connect you with certified tutors who can help you achieve your LSAT goals.


LSAT Tutoring

Thumbtack logoThumbtack can connect you to an LSAT tutor . . . or a dog walker . . . or an electrician. You get the idea. The Thumbtack platform connects customers to qualified, local professionals who can provide the services they need. Whether you need a hair stylist or movers, plumbing services or LSAT prep, Thumbtack lets you search for professionals who can meet your needs.

Thumbtack has a large database of LSAT tutors in locations around the country. You can search for a tutor in your city by filling out a simple form. Thumbtack will ask about things like the type of LSAT prep services you need, your current practice or official score, your target score, whether or not you have scheduled a test date, how often you would like to meet, how long you would like your lessons to be, where you want to meet with your tutor, your availability, etc. After you finish this search survey, you can view the tutors in your area, and ask for quotes from the ones that you might want to work with. Tutor profiles show a bio, average response time, number of hires on Thumbtack, and reviews from other students.

Duration: Varies based on your wants and needs

Price: Varies by tutor

Recap: Allowing you to compare LSAT tutors in your area, Thumbtack offers an easy-to-use platform to connect you with someone who fits your price point and who has helped other students achieve their LSAT goals.

Web Resources

While courses and tutors are popular and important tools as you prep for the LSAT, supplemental study resources can also be quite valuable as you prepare for the exam. There are numerous beneficial online resources that can help you create a plan and routine as you study for the LSAT. This list includes resources that meet a variety of study needs — whether you want to learn more about the LSAT from the test makers themselves, connect with test takers, or get advice from exam experts.

  Law School Admission Council

Law School Admission CouncilThe Law School Admission Council, or LSAC, is the organization that creates and administers the LSAT. Their website is where you register for the exam, and it includes information about test dates and locations, fees and fee waivers, preparing for the exam, test day, and more. If you are going to take the LSAT, go ahead and bookmark this site, because you will likely return often., the official website of the LSAT exam has an entire section about the LSAT, found under the “For Future JD Students” tab. This site is also the place where you will fill out law school applications, so getting familiar with it now is a good idea. The site also links to the official LSAC books that appear later on this list.

Price: Free

Recap: For everything LSAT, go to the test makers themselves. has information on test registration, prep, and more.

  LSAT Center

LSAT-center-logoLSAT Center bills itself as, “The ultimate free LSAT prep resource since 1999.” This long-standing study resource offers a free 300-page online prep course with videos and graphics, a practice LSAT exam, help finding classes and testing centers near you, and more. This simple but resource-packed website is a great free resource as you begin to prepare for the LSAT.

This website includes several helpful tools that you can use as you prep for the LSAT exam. LSAT Center’s free prep course is a great place to start as you begin studying for the exam. You can use their database, updated weekly, to find in-person and online LSAT prep courses that are a good fit for you. LSAT Center also offers useful information to help you understand how admissions committees evaluate your test scores and set a goal score.

Price: Free

Recap: LSAT Center’s free tools are an excellent starting place as you begin to study for the LSAT, search for an online or in-person course, and calculate your goal score.

  Top Law Schools logoTop Law Schools is a free resource to assist law school applicants, students, and graduates. A community of LSAT test-takers gathers on the site’s forum, in a thread dedicated to LSAT Prep and Discussion. With 20,000+ topics and 143,000+ members, you can easily connect with others who have questions and answers about the exam. The site also includes information about law school admissions, job postings, and other legal news.

Sometimes it helps to talk to another test-taker about the LSAT. The Top Law Schools forum is a great place to connect with others and find advice, help, and solidarity. You can also use this resource to learn about what is next: law school admissions, law school, and eventually finding work as a lawyer.

Price: Free

Recap: For information about all things law school, as well as an active community of test-takers and experts, visit Top Law Schools.


Whether or not you consider yourself a “bookworm,” books can be helpful tools as you prepare for the LSAT. The books on the list are useful resources that will prepare you to succeed on the LSAT exam. Whether you need a comprehensive guide, are looking to improve specific skills, or want to hone in on a particular subject, we have included a diverse array books on this list. Note: the prices listed for each book are list price; a number of the books can be purchased for much less, so it is a good idea to shop around before purchasing one of these books.

 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests

Law School Admission Council

The creators of the LSAT, Law School Admission Council (LSAC), have several books of LSAT prep test books. While the most current edition, 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume VI is probably the best place to start, you can use earlier volumes of the series to get more practice tests. Each book includes 10 previously administered LSATs, a writing sample for each test, score-conversion tables, and sample questions and explanations from the Comparative Reading section.

The Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests books are full of actual, official LSAT questions that appeared on previous exams. Though it is not focused on test-taking strategy, this series of books lets you to put the strategies you have learned to the test with 10 official LSAT exams. Many LSAT courses and tutors use these books in their instruction, as you can count on them for reliable, accurate examples of test content.

Price: $34.00

Recap: If you are looking for official exams to practice with, check out the Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests, created by the test makers themselves.

  Let’s LSAT: 180 Tips from 180 Students on How to Score 180 on Your LSAT

Jacob Erez

Jacob Erez’s book, Let’s LSAT: 180 Tips from 180 Students on How to Score 180 on Your LSAT, is a comprehensive guide that includes a variety of tips, tricks, and techniques for improving your LSAT score. The book includes never-before published advice from top scorers. Let’s LSAT also offers bonus interviews with four LSAT experts, including Nathan Fox of Fox LSAT, who appears on this list both for his online course and LSAT prep books.

This book is an excellent place to go for LSAT strategy and advice. At 202 pages, it is easy to carry around and pick up whenever you need study tips. This practical, knowledgeable advice is relatable because it comes from real test-takers and tutors. Whether you want to know how to improve your natural comprehension, how to use your favorite movies as study tools, or when and where you should study, Let’s LSAT has answers for you.

Price: $11.95

Recap: Let’s LSAT: 180 Tips from 180 Students on How to Score 180 on Your LSAT has tips and tricks from test-takers like you. Pick up a copy if you’re looking for personal advice on how to improve your LSAT score.

  A Cadre of Experts: An LSAT Novel

Jacob Erez

Jacob Erez is also the author of this creative approach to LSAT prep. You might think that there’s no time to read novels while you are studying for the exam, but what if it was a novel that taught you necessary LSAT skills? A Cadre of Experts: An LSAT Novel is a novel (forgive the pun) way to study for the exam. This book serves as a study guide for the exam, full of essential LSAT concepts and exam strategies, and also tells the relatable story of Alexandra, an average student who dreams of getting into law school. In the book, she and her friend Noah travel the country consulting with various experts as she prepares for the LSAT.

This book might sound cheesy, but stories are a powerful way to improve memory. Have you ever had a teacher who told jokes or stories to make challenging, even boring content more relatable and memorable? A Cadre of Experts is that teacher in book form. Add some reading time to your study schedule and this book will have you mastering LSAT strategies in no time.

Price: $13.95

Recap: LSAT prep doesn’t have to be boring. Check out Jacob Erez’s creative, effective study tool, A Cadre of Experts: An LSAT Novel.

  LSAT Unlocked


Kaplan has a number of helpful books in their LSAT Unlocked series. Most of the books coordinate with LSAC’s Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests. Kaplan has books for PrepTests 62–71 and 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, and 80 that include complete explanations for every question and answer choice, sample Logic Games sketches, Reading Comprehension roadmaps, data on question difficulty and student performance, key features of each PrepTest, each PrepTest in context, and a glossary of LSAT terminology. Kaplan’s LSAT Unlocked series also includes LSAT Unlocked 2018–2019: Proven Strategies For Every Question Type + Online, a guide that features official LSAT practice questions, detailed explanations, and in-depth strategies, as well as LSAT Logic Games Unlocked 2018–2019: Real PrepTest Questions + Proven Strategies + Online, a comprehensive book focused on helping you master the Logic Games section of the LSAT.

Whether you are studying with a specific PrepTest, focusing on Logic Games, or want to pick up proven strategies for the question you will encounter on the LSAT, Kaplan’s LSAT Unlocked series has resources to aid your studying. If you are trying to get a better sense of what the LSAT is like, what questions might appear on the exam, or how hard you can expect the exam to be, the LSAT Unlocked books offer insight, examples, and strategies so that you can be prepared for the LSAT.

Price: $9.99-$59.99

Recap: If you are looking for books that will help you know what to expect from the LSAT — and how to be prepared for it — check out Kaplan’s LSAT Unlocked series.

  The LSAT Trainer: A Remarkable Self-Study Guide For The Self-Driven Student

Mike Kim

Mike Kim is an experienced LSAT educator who has spent years developing LSAT learning products, training LSAT instructors, and working with LSAT students. The LSAT Trainer: A Remarkable Self-Study Guide For The Self-Driven Student was inspired by the self-driven students who prepare for the LSAT on their own and it includes over 200 official LSAT questions and solutions, simple and battle-tested strategies for each question type, 30+ unique drills designed to develop LSAT-specific skills and habits, free study schedules and notebook organizers, and more.

Even if you are not studying for the LSAT completely by yourself, The LSAT Trainer has lots of strategies, advice, and tools for motivating and equipping yourself as you prepare for the exam. Whether you are new to the LSAT or have been studying for some time, this book has teachings, strategies, drills, and solutions to take your skills to the next level.

Price: $64.99

Recap: With nearly 600 pages of LSAT advice, strategies, drills, and tools, The LSAT Trainer deserves a spot on your bookshelf of test prep resources.

  Fox LSAT Books

Nathan Fox

Nathan Fox, founder and instructor at Fox LSAT, is also an author. His LSAT books cover a variety of topics and approaches to the test, and are an incredibly helpful addition to your exam prep. Introducing the LSAT: The Fox Test Prep Quick & Dirty LSAT Primer is a short, 98-page book that demystifies the LSAT; it is a good starting place for your studying. Breaking the LSAT, Cheating the LSAT, and Exposing the LSAT cover different official PrepTests and go through actual exams question-by-question to teach you methods that will “help you see through the BS” and master every question type on the exam. The Fox LSAT Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia and The Fox LSAT Logic Games Playbook are section-specific guides to help you improve on the Logical Reasoning and Logic Games portions of the exam.

Nathan Fox’s LSAT books vary in length, price, and topic, but each of them is written in a straightforward, personal style that gets straight to the point. Each book description promises no nonsense, no made-up buzzwords, and no jargon. These easy-to-understand books are a great addition to your LSAT study library. With their straightforward approach, it is almost like studying with a friend. Nathan Fox is committed to helping everyday, normal students excel on the LSAT exam; he even gives his cell phone number to students and customers.

Price: $5.38-$79.95

Recap: If you’re looking for down-to-earth real-talk about the LSAT, you need to read Nathan Fox’s LSAT prep books.

  Bring Home the Score: A Private Tutor’s Guide to Scoring in the Highest Echelons of the SAT, ACT, SHSAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, NCLEX, MCAT, or Any Other Standardized Test

W. Walter Tinsley

Don’t let the long subtitle of this book scare you. Even if you are not so sure what “echelon” means (though it wouldn’t hurt to learn before you sit for the LSAT!), Bring Home the Score includes strategies, tricks, and tips to help you score well on any standardized test, including the LSAT. With everything from mental strategies to advice on keeping up with a demanding study schedule without burning out, Bring Home the Score was written to help you rethink your approach to studying for the LSAT and succeed at bringing home the score that you want.

For a book with a such long title, Bring Home the Score is actually quite short. Just less than 100 pages, you can easily read this book as you begin (or reevaluate) your self-guided study for the LSAT. In the first chapter, the author says that his goal in writing this guide was to level the playing field and provide affordable, effective help to improve standardized test scores. He encourages you to “stand on your own two feet” as you prepare for the standardized test that you’re facing, and Bring Home the Score gives you the strategies and motivation to stand on your own with confidence.

Price: $9.97

Recap: If you’re looking for help with an intense but manageable study schedule, need motivation for your LSAT prep, or are just want to understand more about standardized tests in general, Bring Home the Score offers advice, encouragement, and answers.


Chances are, you have a smartphone. Perhaps you are even using it to read this article. Phones can be a distraction, but filling your device with LSAT prep apps is a great way to prioritize studying for the test, especially in the midst of a busy schedule. The apps on this list enable you to study often and effectively, whether you are reviewing logic flashcards, watching an explanation video, or calming down through meditation. Some of the apps listed are created as platforms for online courses and others are standalone. Head to your phone’s app store and start playing (studying, actually!) with these LSAT prep apps.


LSATMax LSAT Prep Courses

TestMax Prep - LSATCreated by the Harvard Law School alumni who created BarMax, a Bar exam review course, TestMax’s LSATMax LSAT Prep Courses has lots of helpful LSAT study content. The free version of the app includes daily drills and other free content, while the paid versions offer access to materials from TestMax’s full LSAT prep course. The app includes effective instruction from 99th percentile scorers, official LSAT practice questions, detailed analytics, and real-time message boards.

LSATMax LSAT Prep Courses is a helpful addition to your LSAT study routine, and it is up to you how you want to use it. If you are looking for a simple, free addition to your studying, you can download the app and use it for a short practice session with the free daily drills. If you are taking the full, comprehensive LSATMax course, this app is an excellent way to seamlessly continue your prep on-the-go.

Price: Free, $0.99-$999.99 for various levels of access

Recap: Whether you are looking for a free daily drill or want to work through the LSATMax course on your phone, LSATMax LSAT Prep Courses from TestMax is a helpful resource to download.


7Sage LSAT Prep

7sage Test Prep - LSAT7Sage has a comprehensive LSAT app: 7Sage LSAT Prep. The app includes videos explaining every LSAT logic game, adjustable video playback speeds, real LSAT proctoring instructions, adjustable speeds, noises, and distractions, and an LSAT forum. The app allows you to grade and track all of your practice tests.

The most unique feature on the 7Sage LSAT Prep app is the exam proctor. You can choose between 13 voices for your proctor, and they will give you the official LSAT prompts that you will receive when you take the actual exam. You can also turn on recordings that have background noise and various distractions. Using this tool can help you practice realistically so that, no matter what happens on test day, you are confident and prepared. The app also includes free access to some 7Sage materials and can be used together with the 7Sage online LSAT course.

Price: Free

Recap: With tons of helpful study features, like a realistic mobile exam proctor, 7Sage LSAT Prep is an LSAT study app that needs a place on your phone.

  Varsity Tutors

LSAT: Practice, Prep, and Flashcards

Varsity Tutors logoAs you know if you read this entire list, Varsity Tutors connects students and tutors, but they also have an excellent LSAT prep app. The app, available for iOS and Android, has quizzes, practice tests, flashcards, videos, and diagnostic tests. You can use the app to track your progress, and it allows you to view past test results. The app also includes a helpful Learn by Concept feature that offers lessons on specific concepts that appear on the LSAT.

With the Varsity Tutors LSAT app, it is simple to study for the LSAT anywhere, anytime. You can opt for the app to send you a Question of the Day, as an easy way to build the habit of daily LSAT study. If you want other people to join you in your LSAT practice, you can challenge a friend to practice with you, or hire a Varsity Tutors LSAT tutor to help you prepare for the test.

Price: Free

Recap: If you’re looking for 100% free, comprehensive mobile LSAT prep, check out LSAT: Practice, Prep, and Flashcards from Varsity Tutors.


Blueprint LSAT

Blueprint Test Prep- LSATDesigned as an extension of Blueprint’s online LSAT course, this app includes photo scoring, homework questions, video lessons, analytics, a test timer, and your class schedule. The app requires that you are a current Blueprint student with an active myBlueprint account. The app is designed to seamlessly integrate with the web version of the course, so that you can continue your LSAT studies with easy, on-the-go access.

If you are not enrolled in a Blueprint course, pass on this app. However, if you are, <em>Blueprint LSAT</em> might become a fast favorite when you are using your phone. With easy, fun, effective lessons and practice, you can develop your LSAT skills anywhere, anytime. This app is helpful when you are taking practice tests because you can use the test timer to pace yourself, ensuring you will keep accurate time on the official LSAT as well.

Price: Free

Recap: If you are taking the online LSAT course from Blueprint, be sure to download their helpful app, Blueprint LSAT.

  Nerd Coach

LSAT Trainer

Nerd Coach LSAT Test PrepNerd Coach’s LSAT Trainer offers a unique approach to studying for the exam. The app is a vide-game inspired study tool that makes LSAT prep both fun and portable. This app is designed by skilled LSAT instructors, with the goal of training you to score like a nerd on the exam. The app includes four games that help you develop foundational LSAT skills. Keyword Hunter trains you to pick out keywords from distracting text and explains the importance of each keyword. Pro-Form Hunter trains you to identify pro-forms, which are critical to comprehension. Can’t Jump This teaches you to identify when you can and cannot jump to conclusions. Finally, Question Types helps you learn to identify the question types in the Logical Reasoning sections.

Whether you have been studying for the LSAT for a while, or are new to the test, NerdCoach’s LSAT Trainer is a great tool for developing and strengthening several basic LSAT skills. Like many of the apps on this list, you likely need to use this tool with other prep resources, like courses, tutors, or books, but if you spend time practicing with LSAT Trainer, it is sure to show up in your LSAT scores.

Price: $9.99


Recap: For an affordable, one-time investment, NerdCoach’s LSAT Trainer is sure to be a fun game-changer for your LSAT score.



Magoosh LSAT PrepMagoosh offers a number of helpful applications that allow you to prep for the LSAT in a variety of ways. This app, LSAT Prep — available for iOS, Android, and web — offers video tutorials, progress tracking, study schedules, articles, and tutor help. The Trial version includes 16 video lessons created by Magoosh experts, while the Premium subscription offers 50+ video lessons.

LSAT Prep has a number of useful study tools. You can use the app for advice on how to study for the LSAT, to study up on a concept in Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, or Reading Comprehension, or to work through practice problems. With the app you can track your progress, so you can watch your improvement as you prepare for the LSAT with the convenience of your phone. The premium version of the app connects to the Magoosh online course, so especially if you are taking their class, check out the LSAT Prep app.

Price: Free

Recap: If you need study advice, practice problems, video lessons, and more, check out Magoosh’s LSAT Prep app.


Study Timer: Test Prep Focus

Study Timer Test Prep FocusTime management is important and can be challenging, both as you study and on the official LSAT exam. Magoosh’s helpful app, Study Timer, is a test prep timer that helps you plan time to study and stay focused during your study sessions. The concept behind Study Timer is based on the Pomodoro Technique, a popular productivity technique. (FYI: In Italian, “pomodoro” translates to “tomato,” and this technique was created by an Italian student who used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer to time himself in 25-minute increments while he studied.)

When you open the Study Timer app, you can select the test you want to study for. The LSAT Timer allows you to practice a section in increments that match the time limitations on the actual LSAT exam. The app will give you 35 minutes for Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Writing. At the end of a session, the app offers a friendly reminder to take a break. If you are short on time or want to use the timer for something other than a practice test section, you can select General Study for a 25-minute session.

Price: Free

Recap: Time management skills are essential, in your studying and on the actual LSAT. If you need help focusing during your study sessions, or are looking for a mobile exam proctor, Magoosh’s Study Timer app is a great solution.


LSAT Logic Flashcards

magoosh-flashcardsIn addition to Magoosh’s LSAT Prep and Study Timer apps, their LSAT Logic Flashcards app is another helpful tool to use as you study for the LSAT. The app includes flash cards covering LSAT Basics, If-Then Statements, Logical Opposites, Mini Logic Games, and Transitional Language. The app’s simple layout makes it easy to learn, review, and master logic concepts that you may see on the official exam.

Magoosh’s LSAT Logic Flashcards app is best used together with other resources. Designed more for practice than instruction, this app gives you an opportunity to practice and review the skills you have learned elsewhere. If you use LSAT Logic Flashcards often as a study supplement, you will become more confident and prepared for the Logical Reasoning portions of the LSAT.

Price: Free

Recap: To practice Logical Reasoning anytime, anywhere, download Magoosh’s LSAT Logic Flashcards app.

  Tools for Peace

Stop, Breathe, Think: College Collection

Stop, Breathe, Think App LogoThis might seem like an odd addition to this list, but bear with us. Tools for Peace is a non-profit that works to inspire people of all ages to develop kindness and compassion in their daily lives. Meditation might sound like it belongs at the yoga studio rather than in your study schedule, but Tools for Peace’s app, Stop, Breathe, Think, offers a variety of meditations and mindfulness exercises. The app, available on the web, iOS, and Android, allows for meditation and mindful LSAT prep on the go. Even if you are no longer a college student, the Stop, Breathe, Think: College Collection in particular has tools designed to help tame your stress, keep you focused and on task, and help you bounce back from study setbacks.

With Stop, Breathe, Think’s College Collection it is easy to add meditation to your LSAT study sessions. With recordings created to help tame stress, strengthen focus, and navigate the ups and downs of student life, this collection is a helpful tool for the soon-to-be law student. With the Stop, Breathe, Think app, you can select a meditation, ranging in length from 1–10+ minutes, to help you be and feel your best as you prepare for the LSAT.

Price: Free, or $9.99/month for Premium access

Recap: Stop, Breathe, Think can help you do exactly that — stop, breathe, and think — as prepare for the LSAT. The student-focused meditations are especially ideal as you work to relieve stress, strengthen focus, and stay on track as you reach for your goals.

Phew! Now you know all things LSAT, or at least enough to get started with your studying and test prep. Hopefully this list will help you create an LSAT study plan that meets your needs and allows you to accomplish your goals. Because we know that everyone learns differently, we included a diverse assortment of courses, books, apps, and websites to help you master the LSAT. If you are still deciding where to go to law school with your soon-to-be-improved LSAT score, take a look at our list of 10 Top Affordable Recognized Law Schools in the U.S.

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