College Scholarships for Women

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Updated December 12, 2023
Scholarships for women include academic, military, sports, religious, and a variety of other kinds of college scholarships.

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Women can access scholarships and grants in many different fields, especially for STEM degrees.

Many college students use scholarships to pay for school. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reports that undergraduates receive an average of $14,890 per year in grant and scholarship aid.

Women face unique challenges when earning degrees, which is why many organizations offer specific college scholarships for women. While they make up the majority of college students, women also take out more student loans, take longer to repay their loans, and earn less than men after college.

This article introduces dozens of college scholarships for women, including scholarships for Black women, scholarships for single mothers, and scholarships for Hispanic women.

Student Challenges for Women

Women make up the majority of college students. However, women also face unique barriers to higher education.

  • Balancing School With Personal Responsibilities: Women are more likely than men to attend college while working or to need to balance school with family responsibilities. When women are pulled in multiple directions, they have less energy for their degrees.
  • Lack of Representation: Certain majors report far fewer women than men. For example, in physics, engineering, and computer science, women make up 20% of students, with men outnumbering women 4 to 1.
  • Fewer Women Mentors: College professors and administrators are primarily men. As a result, female students rarely have access to mentors who understand the unique challenges women face in higher education. Students of color find even fewer mentorship opportunities, since under 20% of female professors are women of color.
  • Financial Barriers: Accessing funding for higher education is harder for women for a variety of reasons. Parents provide more financial support for sons earning college degrees than daughters. Women also earn lower salaries than men, so working students have less money to cover college costs. As a result, women hold two-thirds of the country’s student loan debt.

Financial barriers can make it difficult for women to earn degrees, requiring women to take out more student loan debt than men. According to the American Association of University Women, women owe $929 billion of the country’s $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. First-generation college students and Black women also owe a disproportionate amount.

Fortunately, college scholarships for women can help degree-seekers cover college costs and limit their student loan debts.

Scholarships for Women

Many organizations offer college scholarships for women, including professional organizations, private foundations, research institutions, and state governments. Students can find scholarships based on their major, state, college, or career interests.

This page provides a list of scholarships to help you get started, but you should also research additional opportunities based on your unique circumstances.

Other Resources for Finding Scholarships

The above scholarships are only a jumping off point. There are many ways to find other scholarships for women to help you pay for your college education.

Sites like and are great resources because they list scholarship opportunities. Fastweb lists over 1.5 million scholarships, while includes 3.7 million scholarships and grants. You can also check for scholarship opportunities through your college or university; most schools provide their own scholarship resources.

Finally, prospective scholarship applicants can search for scholarships through their local government or local organizations, especially professional societies. Learn more about how to find scholarships with our handy guide.

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