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Updated September 21, 2023
Online coding bootcamps offer flexible, accelerated route to careers in tech. They should also research bootcamp companies, placement records

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An online coding bootcamp builds in-demand tech skills quickly. Our guide presents the resources you need to succeed in online bootcamps.

Online bootcamps offer a flexible, accelerated route to careers in tech. Interested individuals can jumpstart their careers with coding bootcamps that teach in-demand programming languages like JavaScript and career-focused bootcamps in web development and cybersecurity.

Before enrolling in bootcamps, prospective students must consider the return on investment and their career options. They should also research bootcamp companies, placement records, and associated costs. Finally, students must decide whether to attend in-person or online programs.

TheBestSchools offers insightful, current resources on online coding bootcamps. Drawing on our knowledge of online higher education, we rank online bootcamps, recommend ways to pay for programs, and offer career resources for coding and computer science jobs.

Deciding to Pursue an Online Bootcamp

Should you enroll in a coding bootcamp? What’s the best way to break into tech? Will a bootcamp or a certificate program offer a better return on investment? If you’re on the fence about bootcamp programs, our resources can help.

We cover the benefits and drawbacks of a bootcamp, alternative paths to tech jobs, and career resources. If you’re stuck between computer engineering and computer science — or you aren’t clear on the difference between the two — check out our resources. Once you’ve decided to enroll in a bootcamp, we offer online bootcamp rankings, strategies for choosing the right bootcamp, and resources on paying for a bootcamp.

Selecting a Coding Bootcamp

With so many options, prospective students may find it difficult to choose a coding bootcamp. Candidates should research the top online coding bootcamps to learn more about their options. Check out our post on how to use our rankings for more information on our methodology.

Clearly define your goals and needs. Do you want to work in web development or cybersecurity? Will a synchronous online program fit your schedule? By understanding your unique circumstances, you can find the best fit. Finally, research programs and focus on their potential return on investment. Ask about bootcamps’ job placement records and their career placement support.

What Careers Does Attending a Bootcamp Open Up?

After completing a coding bootcamp, what kinds of jobs do people pursue? An online bootcamp prepares learners for a variety of careers in tech. For example, specialized web development bootcamps lead to opportunities to work as front-end, back-end, or full-stack web developers. Bootcamps may offer specialized training for careers in cybersecurity, UX/UI design, or software development.

Learners also focus on specific programming languages like Python during a coding bootcamp. These skills help professionals pursue careers in video game design or software engineering. With experience and technical skills, professionals can also move into roles in information systems management.

Alternatives to Online Coding Bootcamps

An online coding bootcamp offers one path to building tech skills. Learners can benefit from several alternatives. For example, many colleges offer online coding programs that may offer more name recognition than other bootcamps. Learners can also choose in-person bootcamps.

Learners can also consider programming certificates. These programs, which generally take longer than bootcamps, appeal to busy adults and students with more time to invest in their education.

Similarly, a computer science degree offers more depth than a bootcamp. Computer science enrollees at accredited schools can also use federal financial aid to pay for their degrees.

Succeeding in an Online Bootcamp

An online learning format requires different skills than an in-person program. Distance learning also offers several benefits, including flexibility and convenience. Working professionals, in particular, often prefer online programs.

Invest time and energy into strengthening online learning skills before starting an intensive coding bootcamp. For example, students considering online bootcamps can brush up on their online learning tools.

When evaluating programs, make sure to understand the difference between synchronous and asynchronous classes. Our online education checklist helps students succeed in online programs — whether they’re new to online classes or seasoned distance learners.

Paying for a Bootcamp Program

Most bootcamp programs cost at least $5,000, while some charge over $20,000. Online bootcamps cost an average of $13,500, according to 2021 research from Course Report. Before taking out expensive student loans, prospective students should research their financing options.

Bootcamps often require different financing than college programs. Students cannot use federal financial aid to pay for most bootcamp programs. However, learners can turn to other online college funding opportunities. For example, many bootcamps offer student scholarships to make bootcamps more affordable. Our resources help prospective bootcamp students get their finances in order before jumping into their program.

Recent Publications for Prospective Bootcamp Students

Should you attend a program that doesn’t award a certificate or degree? What do tech companies want in job applicants? And how can you network in an online program? Our recent posts cover the topics that matter to prospective students. We also provide resources on financial planning, workforce preparation, and online learning essential tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Coding Bootcamps

Do You Get a Certificate for a Coding Bootcamp?

Most coding bootcamps do not offer a certificate upon completion. These bootcamps typically do not hold accreditation. Colleges may offer certificates for accelerated bootcamp-style programs.

What Is the Best Online Bootcamp?

TheBestSchools ranks the best online coding bootcamps to help prospective applicants find the right fit for their unique needs and career goals.

How Much Do Online Bootcamps Cost?

On average, online bootcamps cost $13,500, according to 2021 data from Course Report. Costs vary widely, so prospective students should research their options.

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