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For many people, finding a job that's fun is just as important as pursuing a meaningful career. But what constitutes a fun job? For some people, working as a veterinarian or park ranger brings joy, while others would rather crunch data as statisticians or data scientists. Other things that can make a job fun include great coworkers, a flexible schedule, and in-office perks.

To develop our list of the most fun jobs, we used three core career data points: strong salaries, high job satisfaction, and low stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose a Career?

When choosing a career, start by assessing your interests and researching related career paths. Educational requirements are a good next step; some careers require graduate degrees, while others only need vocational or on-the-job training, meaning you can start work sooner. Choose a career where the educational requirements seem attainable for you. Next, consider factors like job growth, average salaries, and career advancement opportunities to find a career where you can grow.

What Are the Best Career Choices?

While individual interests and aptitudes mean that everybody's ideal career is different, education is one of the best career choices you can make in all industries. As professionals complete higher degrees, their average salaries increase and their unemployment rates decrease, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Which Career Has the Highest Happiness Level?

Many careers report high job satisfaction, including database administrator, recruiter, executive assistant, and designer. When projecting future happiness, professionals need to consider factors like salary rates, work-life stability, and the meaningfulness of the work.�

What Is the Most Popular Career?

Some of the most popular careers are in the business and technology sectors, which report high demand and above-average salaries. Healthcare careers, like nursing, also rank among the most popular professions.

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Fun Jobs Ranking Guidelines

For our 2020 ranking of fun jobs, we gathered a mix of low-stress positions, roles with high satisfaction ratings, and the best jobs overall. After analyzing the data from the sources linked below, we landed on a list of the most fun jobs. Don't take this too seriously, though; how do you quantify fun, anyway?


Which Jobs Are the Most Fun?

Conservation Scientists

Conservation scientists help protect forests and nature, preserving natural resources, but they don't spend all of their time wandering through the woods. Instead, they often work in offices, designing conservation activities to raise awareness and promote sustainability. They also create plans to help manage natural resources.

These scientists enjoy an average salary rate compared to most jobs, and protecting the environment makes for fulfilling work with like-minded colleagues.

Average Salary (2020): $54,260

Recommended Education: Bachelor of environmental science

Median Salary: $54,260


Orthodontists treat dental issues related to bite, spacing, and positioning. The bulk of their work focuses on applying and maintaining braces for children and adults. They often work in private practice, which gives them a great deal of control over their careers.

When it comes to dental careers, orthodontists are among the most highly paid, earning a higher median salary than dentists, which is great for job satisfaction. Orthodondists also report lower stress levels than many other healthcare roles.

Average Salary (2020): $188,740

Recommended Education: Doctor of dental surgery

Median Salary: $188,740

Marketing Assistants

Marketing assistants help collect data on consumer demand, develop pricing strategies, and run marketing campaigns. They assist marketing professionals, who analyze this information to shape their organizations' advertising strategies.

This entry-level position helps professionals gain marketing experience. Marketing assistants can advance their careers by becoming marketing specialists, market research analysts, or marketing managers, where they can earn higher salaries.

Average Salary (2020): $38,840

Recommended Education: Bachelor of marketing

Median Salary: $38,840


When it comes to job perks, chocolatiers take the cake. Chocolatiers specialize in making chocolate candies and other confections, and they often need to sample their work to ensure it meets high standards.

This role requires creativity and good taste. Chocolatiers carefully source their ingredients and design their confections, developing a unique business aesthetic or brand through thier creations. They need to understand the properties of different types of chocolate and accessories, and they must be good at time management to be able to fulfill dessert orders in a timely manner.

Average Salary (2020): $40,000

Recommended Education: Associate of baking and pastry arts

Median Salary: $40,000


Dentists diagnose problems with oral health. They treat gum disease, provide preventative care, and repair injuries, including broken teeth. In addition to general practice, dentists can work in specialty areas like public health, pediatric dentistry, or endodontics.

Most dentists work in private practice, either managing a dental office alone or teaming up with other dentists to run an office. Being self-employed gives dentists a great deal of control over their jobs, which adds to the field's positive job satisfaction rates.

Average Salary (2020): $134,640

Recommended Education: Doctor of dental surgery

Median Salary: $134,640

Interior Designers

Interior designers help clients create welcoming, aesthetically pleasing home and office spaces, using furniture, fixtures, and artwork to achieve an overall effect. Interior designers meet with clients to understand their needs and create proposals for designs, then purchase goods and oversee the installation and furnishing process. They may also paint or oversee minor remodeling projects.

As a creative field, interior design requires a strong eye for design and presentation. Interior designers also use software, architectural drawings, and graphic design skills.

Average Salary (2020): $49,950

Recommended Education: Bachelor of interior design

Median Salary: $49,950


Statisticians need a strong mind for numbers to succeed, as their typical tasks revolve around data analysis and number crunching. Statisticians conduct surveys to collect data, analyze information using software programs, and then package their findings to present to decision-makers.

Depending on their specialization, statisticians may work for engineering firms, manufacturing companies, healthcare organizations, or government agencies. Research organizations in many industries rely on statisticians to evaluate data. For many statisticians, the career path is low-stress and offers high job satisfaction.

Average Salary (2020): $74,000

Recommended Education: Master of statistics

Median Salary: $74,000

Marine Biologists

Marine biologists research the ocean and aquatic life. They study marine ecosystems, observe aquatic animals in their natural habitats, and educate local populations about how to protect the health of their maritime environments. Many marine biologists split their research time between the field and the laboratory, later writing and publishing papers on their findings.

Many marine biologists enter the field with bachelor's degrees, but master's degree-holders qualify for higher salaries and greater responsibilities.

Average Salary (2020): $52,260

Recommended Education: Master of marine biology

Median Salary: $52,260

Software Developers

Software developers design and modify applications for computers and mobile devices. Some developers create original software applications, while others improve or maintain existing programs. Faster-than-average projected job growth indicates that software developers are in high demand.

Software developers use their technical knowledge and programming languages to creatively solve problems. With an above-average salary, particularly for a career that only requires a bachelor's degree, software developer ranks among the most fun jobs.

Average Salary (2020): $71,720

Recommended Education: Bachelor of computer science

Median Salary: $71,720

Personal Shoppers

If you enjoy shopping and have an eye for aesthetic, professionally shopping for others might be your ideal career. Personal shoppers work directly with clients, relying on strong communication skills to understand client needs and find products that meet those needs. These professionals also have to work within specific budgets, so they need a good understanding of finances.

Successful personal shoppers understand trends and pay attention to the latest styles. They also know how to shop around for the best deals. The career path does not require specialized training, though personal shoppers do need strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

Average Salary (2020): $37,500

Recommended Education: None

Median Salary: $37,500


Veterinarians provide care for animals primarily pets. They conduct regular checkups, administer vaccinations, and perform surgeries, often meeting with owners to discuss their animals' health. Most vets work in veterinary offices, clinics, or animal hospitals.

Some vets specialize in large or exotic animals. For example, zoos hire veterinarians to treat their animals, as do many farms and ranches. While a vet's responsibilities can be stressful, the career path offers opportunities to interact with and help animals, which can be very fulfilling.

Average Salary (2020): $82,270

Recommended Education: Doctor of veterinary medicine

Median Salary: $82,270

Ethical Computer Hackers

Ethical computer hackers use their skills for good, helping companies identify gaps in their cybersecurity. Ethical hackers try to break into organizations' computer systems and networks. If they succeed, they can tell the organization what changes they need to make in their information security systems to protect data.

Successful ethical hackers need strong technical skills with computers. They have to be able to create viruses and malware to infiltrate a system, but without causing any actual damage. The position also requires creativity and problem-solving skills.

Average Salary (2020): $82,470

Recommended Education: Bachelor of computer science

Median Salary: $82,470

Marketing Managers

Marketing managers design marketing campaigns and direct advertising strategy for organizations, often as leaders in a team of marketing professionals. Their creative process includes brainstorming advertising ideas, conducting and analyzing marketing research, and developing innovative approaches to branding.

In this demanding role, marketing managers coordinate with advertising managers, sales teams, and creative directors. While a bachelor's degree is the entry-level education requirement for marketing managers, professionals often go on to earn an MBA.

Average Salary (2020): $65,750

Recommended Education: Bachelor of marketing

Median Salary: $65,750

Data Scientists

Data scientists are more than number crunchers. As specialists in big data, data scientists bridge the gap between information technology and business. After collecting data, they sort and analyze the information to identify trends and provide useful information for decision-makers.

Data scientists help organizations increase their revenue by gathering relevant information about potential customers. A growing number of organizations rely on data scientists, especially in the tech sector, and thus the field offers high earning potential.

Average Salary (2020): $96,110

Recommended Education: Master of data science

Median Salary: $96,110

Video Game Designers

If you enjoy playing video games, a career as a designer might be a good fit for you. Video game designers can have a variety of roles, whether it's creating and writing code for games, determining a project's overall aesthetics, or writing storylines or dialogue. Video game designers often work on a team with developers, programmers, writers, producers, and other creative professionals to build and test games.

These designers combine creativity with technology to manifest their ideas into playable reality. The best video game designers are those who love interactive experiences and strive to push boundaries in the medium.

Average Salary (2020): $65,350

Recommended Education: Bachelor of video game design

Median Salary: $65,350

Speech-Language Pathologists

Speech-language pathologists help children and adults develop and improve speaking skills. In this fulfilling field, professionals work with children to manage stutters, assist adults with cognitive issues, and help adolescents improve their language skills.

Most speech-language pathologists work in educational or healthcare settings. They may also work in research, developing new speech therapy tools and techniques. The position requires strong listening and critical thinking skills, as well as patience and compassion.

Average Salary (2020): $61,760

Recommended Education: Master of speech-language pathology

Median Salary: $61,760

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers create visually engaging advertisements, websites, posters, and promotional materials. They communicate information visually by creatively using typesets, arranging layouts, and choosing appropriate colors. Many industries rely on graphic designers to keep customers engaged, including advertising firms, media organizations, design agencies, and tech companies.

For creative professionals and artists, graphic design offers a career path that uses their artistic and creative skills. Graphic designers often use software programs to do their work, and they need strop communication skills to convey their ideas.

Average Salary (2020): $45,700

Recommended Education: Bachelor of graphic design

Median Salary: $45,700

Human Resources Managers

For people who love to help others, a career as a human resources manager can be fun and fulfilling. Every industry relies on HR managers to oversee their employee relations, training, and hiring, which leads to high demand. They help organizations operate more efficiently and effectively while creating positive, welcoming work environments.

HR managers use their leadership and organizational skills to implement employee benefits programs, manage hiring initiatives, and identify training and development opportunities. They also launch creative events that improve company morale and foster strong communities.

Average Salary (2020): $67,790

Recommended Education: Bachelor of human resources

Median Salary: $67,790

Executive Chefs

In the restaurant industry, these chefs make high-level culinary decisions. That includes designing menus, managing the kitchen, and checking food quality. Executive chefs also train sous chefs and other kitchen staff, sharing their knowledge of cuisines, cooking techniques, and meal preparation.

Executive chefs use their culinary art experience and administrative abilities to manage budgets, track kitchen inventory, and set high quality standards. They often make decisions about sourcing and purchasing to ensure their kitchens use only the finest ingredients.

Average Salary (2020): $61,470

Recommended Education: Associate of culinary arts

Median Salary: $61,470

Web Developers

Web developers are in charge of making websites run smoothly, often building them from the ground up and adding features like responsive design, interactive maps, and animations. Web developers use programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to manage front-end and back-end content. They also make creative choices about the look and feel of websites.

While some employers require a bachelor's degree in computer science, web developers can also enter the field with associate or certificate training in programming languages, information technology, or graphic design.

Average Salary (2020): $59,820

Recommended Education: Bachelor of computer science

Median Salary: $59,820

Medical and Health Services Managers

Not all healthcare careers require clinical experience. Medical and health services managers oversee the administrative side of healthcare organizations, managing nursing homes, hospital departments, and outpatient facilities. Healthcare managers create budgets, track patient data, interface with insurance companies, and evaluate and maintain standards of patient care within their organizations.

What makes healthcare management careers fun? Mainly, professionals feel like they're making a difference in people's lives, helping them stay happy and healthy.

Average Salary (2020): $68,770

Recommended Education: Master of healthcare administration

Median Salary: $68,770

Park Rangers

Park rangers enforce rules in national parks, state parks, and historic sites. They educate guests on the history and natural features of these outdoor havens while also patrolling their parks to respond to emergencies. Depending on where they work, park rangers may also track wildlife and ensure that trails are open and safe for hikers.

While enjoying the great outdoors, park rangers also play an important role in promoting conservation, educating the public, and protecting natural sites.

Average Salary (2020): $39,690

Recommended Education: Bachelor of environmental science

Median Salary: $39,690

Event Planners

When a wedding, fundraiser, or event runs smoothly, there is usually an event planner working behind the scenes. Event planners organize large events, overseeing the catering, staffing, and decoration needs. They work with clients to determine their needs and aesthetic vision for events, then collaborate with vendors to provide food, music, furnishing, and programming.

Careers in event planning require strong organizational and interpersonal skills. While some event planners work for companies or organizations, many are self-employed as independent contractors.

Average Salary (2020): $49,360

Recommended Education: Bachelor of public relations

Median Salary: $49,360

Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists receive above-average salaries in generally low-stress jobs. In dentist offices, dental hygienists clean patients' teeth, inspect for oral diseases, and educate patients on oral health and hygiene. They then report their findings to dentists and make notes about patient health and any upcoming procedures. Dental hygienists also take x-rays, assist dentists during procedures, and communicate with patients.

While dentists need doctoral degrees, dental hygienists can enter the field with an associate degree.

Average Salary (2020): $59,730

Recommended Education: Associate of dental hygiene

Median Salary: $59,730


Nurses engage in meaningful work caring for patients of all varieties, including pediatric patients, patients undergoing surgery, and people recovering from injuries. Nurses are front-line medical professionals, often conducting health assessments, implementing treatment plans laid out by physicians, and offering emotional support for patients. They may also promote health by educating the general public about wellness and health.

Entry-level nursing roles, like nurse assistant, require only an associate degree, but most nursing careers require at least a bachelor's degree. With a graduate degree, nurses can move into advanced practice roles like nurse practitioner, where they take on greater responsibilities and earn higher salaries.

Average Salary (2020): $65,010

Recommended Education: Bachelor of science in nursing

Median Salary: $65,010

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