Best Marijuana Degrees and Cannabis Majors in 2023

The number of jobs in the cannabis industry is increasing rapidly. Learn more about how a cannabis degree can launch or advance your career.

Updated April 5, 2024 · 3 Min Read

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A Forbes report from October 2022 shows that the cannabis industry continues to grow despite some contraction in California, Washington, and other established markets. This trend makes earning a cannabis degree a wise investment if you live in a state that recently legalized medical or recreational cannabis.

Cannabis degrees teach you much more than cultivation and salesmanship. You learn skills relevant to many careers in and outside of the industry.

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Why Consider Earning a Marijuana Degree?

As a rapidly expanding business, marijuana represents a tremendous career opportunity. And you don't need to partake in the product to profit. Changing laws and changing attitudes make the cannabis sector an emergent frontier for professionals of all kinds.

The marijuana business has increasingly become a focus for professors, courses, and both traditional and online colleges. Depending on where you live, getting an education in marijuana could help you blaze a path to a practical career in a real and growing field.

Individual states are acknowledging the medicinal properties of marijuana, with prohibition laws becoming more relaxed all the time. In some regions where marijuana has been fully decriminalized or legalized, it has become a major cash crop.

The Best Degrees for the Cannabis Field

These degrees prepare you for some of the best jobs in the cannabis industry.

Agricultural Business & Entrepreneurship

You need developed business skills to succeed in jobs in the cannabis industry. A bachelor's in entrepreneurship may require classes in financing and social entrepreneurship. You apply what you learned by creating a business proposal in the final semester.

A cannabis degree in business and entrepreneurship can prepare you to secure funding, apply for permits, and hire the best staff.

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Biology is the study of living organisms and the ecology around them. This includes the study of plant life with a focus on botany, horticulture, genetics, environmental quality, or anything else that might help you synthesize the next great hybrid strain of marijuana.

In your bachelor's in biology program, you'll also learn about the human body, anatomy, physiology, and pathology, which can provide insight into the medicinal applications of marijuana, as well as the science underlying its qualities as an intoxicant.

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Business Administration

Running a cannabis business takes education and expertise. An online business degree emphasizes the skills you need to work as a sales, project, or supply chain manager. You train for these and other jobs with classes in business ethics and project management.

Cannabis degrees in business administration prepare you to create a positive business culture for clients and employees.

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Cannabis Studies

Cannabis majors include study of the marijuana plant. Coursework may cover healthcare topics, sociology, the law, and the history of cannabis cultivation. This multidisciplinary major relates to business, law, community service, and social service careers.

Your school may offer a degree in cannabis studies only at the associate level. You can use your degree to pursue an entry-level job or transfer to a bachelor's degree program.


The cannabinoids within cannabis can provide pain relief and enjoyment to millions of people. A chemistry degree trains you in foundational scientific principles with a mix of classroom and laboratory coursework. Classes may include physical, general, and organic chemistry.

Some colleges offer a specialized marijuana degree in cannabinoid chemistry. These programs emphasize classes in plant science and medicinal plant chemistry.

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Criminal Justice

The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 made cannabis illegal in the United States. Although states lead the reform effort, jobs in the cannabis industry still pose some legal risks. A degree in criminal justice can help you navigate these topics and issues with classes in criminal justice ethics and administration.

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Many people use cannabis to address healthcare conditions. A bachelor's in health sciences can give you the skills to help consumers with their unique health needs. Classes train you in patient care, leadership, management, and ethics.

Consider a bachelor's in health sciences if you want to explore careers outside the cannabis industry. Related jobs include laboratory technologist and technician.

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Horticulture & Plant Sciences

Cannabis plants need more than water and light to make the potent buds customers want. A degree in horticulture and plant sciences features classes in plant physiology, horticulture pathology, and greenhouse management. What you learn can help you create an indoor grow room where cannabis plants can thrive year-round.

Marketing & Communications

Cannabis growers and retailers use the same marketing strategies as professionals in other industries. An online bachelor's in marketing features coursework in market research, influence and negotiation, and integrated communications. Your program may also offer concentrations, such as consumer insights or marketing management.

You can use your marketing degree to help the cannabis industry advertise products, build customer loyalty, and educate consumers.

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Pharmacologists study how cannabis affects the brain and body. A bachelor's in pharmacology may require statistics, chemistry, and drug development classes. Coursework helps you understand how cannabis treats different conditions and interacts with other drugs.

A cannabis degree in pharmacology lets you give your clients expert advice on which cannabis strains and dosages best align with their unique needs.

Political Science

Political debates at the local, state, and federal levels drive the push toward cannabis legalization. A political science degree may require classes in U.S. national government, international relations, and comparative politics. Coursework emphasizes in-demand communication and research skills.

What you learn in this cannabis major can prepare you for a job as a lobbyist or community organizer.

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Regulatory Affairs & Law

Lawyers and other law professionals advocate for cannabis legalization. A bachelor's in regulatory affairs and law offers the academic foundation you need to qualify for an entry-level job or law school admissions. Classes may include public speaking, business law, and torts and remedies.

Cannabis colleges offering this degree may require more than classroom instruction. You'll develop your skills with a practicum or internship in a law office.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana Degrees

What is the best degree for entering the cannabis industry?

The answer depends on your career goals. Pursue a science major if you want to grow cannabis or research its effects on people. A degree in entrepreneurship can help you develop the skills necessary to start a dispensary or another cannabis-related business.

Work with your college's academic and career advisors to discuss your goals. These highly trained professionals can help you choose the right degree.

Is there a demand for cannabis majors?

A 2022 report from Leafly shows that over 400,000 people work in the legal cannabis industry, with hundreds of new positions opening daily. This strong growth shows a growing need for professionals with a construction, business, security, or cultivation background.

However, keep in mind that well-established markets may feature fewer opportunities for recent graduates.

Is a cannabis education worth it?

With solid job growth projections and many jobs offering above-average salaries, a marijuana degree can be worthwhile if you're interested in working in the cannabis industry.

Other benefits include learning from experienced professionals in the industry and working with like-minded peers. These connections and your school's career center resources can help you find your first job after graduation.

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