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If public service, securing crime scene evidence, catching the bad guys, or making a difference in the community sound like a great challenge, a career in criminal justice may be in the future. Online Criminal Justice programs educate students on the different forms of criminology, law enforcement, and the methods associated with dealing with victims and criminal behavior.

Criminal justice students study how to stop or prevent crime, and how to deal with those who break the law. These programs combine the fundamentals of law and psychology to adequately prepare students in becoming the front line of criminal investigations, understanding the inner workings of the justice system, and managing criminals.

The need for security in both the private and public sector continues to be on the rise, and a criminal justice degree online gives the necessary edge to attain a variety of jobs within areas such as counterterrorism and homeland security.

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Job outlook for criminal justice degree graduates:

Associate (Police & Sheriffs) Bachelor's (Forensic Science Technicians) Master's (Detectives & Investigators)
Pay Range (2012): $32k--$89k $32k--$85k $40k--$123k
Median Pay (2012): $57,000 $52,800 $74,300
US jobs in 2012: 780,000 12,900 109,200
Job growth forecast 2012-22: 5% 6%

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