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If you have decided to go to business school, congrats! However, before you go, you need to take the GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test. This standardized exam is required for entrance to many MBA programs, including online MBA programs. It might have been a while since you last took a standardized test. However, with the proper support and resources, preparing for the GMAT and getting the score you want is simple, or at the very least achievable.

Studying for the GMAT will help you develop familiarity with the test, master strategies and skills, and ultimately earn a higher score. When it comes to preparing for the GMAT, there are hundreds of way to do it. Figuring out how to study for the exam can be daunting, so we have created this list of the best GMAT prep resources for you, whether you prefer working on your own or with an instructor, from a book or with an app.

This article offers a comprehensive list of the best GMAT prep resources and shares information so that you can figure out which ones to add to your schedule, bookshelf, phone, or bookmarks tab. Remember that personal preference will determine which study tools work best for you, so keep yourself in mind as you read this list. We have included everything you need to start studying for the GMAT—from tutoring and course information, to official guides, to flashcards, to mobile games, to study timers, to meditations. Before we jump into the list itself, let's go over some information about the GMAT exam.

What is the GMAT?

The GMAT is, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), an exam designed to, “Let you showcase the skills that matter most in business school and beyond.” In addition to being the GMAT test makers, GMAC is a non-profit that serves as the global council of business schools. Though some MBA admissions offices will accept a GRE score, most programs request GMAT scores. Instead of being a general graduate admissions test like the GRE, the GMAT was designed for business schools by business schools to specifically assess the skills most relevant to succeed in a graduate management business program.

Exam Format
The GMAT has four sections: Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Verbal, and Quantitative. Analytical Writing Assessment consists of one topic; you are asked to analyze an argument and you have 30 minutes for this section. Integrated Reasoning is made up of 12 questions designed to test your multi-source reasoning, graphics interpretation, two-part analysis and table analysis. You have 30 minutes for this section. The 75-minute Quantitative section has 37 questions that test your data sufficiency and problem solving skills. The Verbal portion of the exam also takes 75 minutes, and this section tests your abilities in reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. You can choose to take the GMAT in three different orders. GMAC states that there is no “correct” or “recommended” section order. The choice is designed to give you more control and flexibility to take the exam based on your strengths and testing preferences.

You will receive five scores from your GMAT exam: one for each of the four sections and a total score. The total score you receive is based only on your scores in Quantitative and Verbal. Total GMAT scores range from 200 to 800, with two-thirds of test takers scoring between 400 and 600. Scores on the Quantitative and Verbal sections range from 0 to 60. For the Analytical Writing Assessment, your essay is scored independently twice and those scores are averaged. Scores for this section range from 0 to 6 in half-point intervals. Scores on the Integrated Reasoning section range from 1 to 8 in single-digit intervals.

If this scoring method sounds confusing, don't worry. It is complicated, but this list is here with resources that will rid you of confusion when it comes to the GMAT.

Should I take the GMAT?

If you want to apply to MBA programs that require GMAT scores, then yes, you should! If you are trying to decide between the GRE and GMAT, do some research on both tests (see our article, The Best GRE Prep Resources). Choose the test that sounds like a better fit for you. If both sound equally great (or terrible), you can take both and see which type of exam you score better on. It is also worth asking an admissions officer at the college or university you are interested in if they prefer the GMAT or GRE for MBA admissions. It is also worth noting that you will have to pay $250 to take the GMAT, which isn't cheap. So, it is a good idea to leave plenty of time to study before your scheduled test date and to schedule your GMAT for a time when you do not expect to be very busy or stressed. That way you can score well the first time, and hopefully avoid taking the test multiple times.

What are the benefits of a high GMAT score?

A good GMAT score is primarily about MBA admissions. The higher your score, the more likely you are to be accepted to business school programs of your choice. It is important to realize that your test score is not the only thing schools are looking for. Your undergraduate GPA, application essay, letters of recommendation, and resume are important factors as well. Researching average GMAT scores for MBA programs you are interested in can help you figure out where to set your goal score. If you are trying to counterbalance a low GPA or are aiming to receive merit-based financial aid, you will need to get a higher than average score. As a reference, 710-800 will put you in the top 10% of scorers. A score anywhere between a 650 and 700 is highly competitive, while a 550-640 puts you on par with the average test-taker.

How do I prepare for the GMAT?

Knowing how to start preparing for the GMAT can be very overwhelming. Learning about the content and structure of the exam and developing skills and strategies relevant to the test are key first steps. Also, practice, practice, practice! Whether you start with self-guided study or by signing up for a class or connecting with a tutor, you are taking a step towards GMAT success. It doesn't matter as much how you study (as long as you study it in a way that fits your needs and learning style) as it does that you are studying.

The courses, tutors, books, apps, and other resources on this list are an excellent way to start preparing for the GMAT.

This list of best GMAT prep resources is divided into 6 sections:

Online Classes

Chances are, you're busy. Figuring out how to study for the GMAT in the midst of an already hectic schedule can be overwhelming. An online GMAT prep course can be the perfect solution to help you improve your score while keeping up with your other commitments and activities. This list of online classes has a number of options that offer you the benefits of guided study with the flexibility of online learning.

  GMAT Test Prep

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review logo

The Princeton Review is a well-established company that offers a variety of higher education admissions services, including test prep, tutoring, admissions help, books, and other resources. You may have seen their GMAT prep books (in fact, you will see one later on this list); they also have online courses that can be more interactive and digestible than their books. If you like what you have seen in a Princeton Review book, and want GMAT prep that is just as comprehensive but broken into smaller pieces, take a look at their online GMAT test prep courses.

The Princeton Review offers you a choice between three online GMAT test prep options: Self-Paced, Ultimate LiveOnline, and Private Tutoring Program. With the Self-Paced option, you get access to online lessons designed for rapid mastery of GMAT content, including 4,000+ practice resources, 10 adaptive practice tests, and personalized feedback on your GMAT essay. With Self-Paced, you get access to materials for 120 days, as well as an improvement guarantee. Ultimate LiveOnline includes 27 hours of live online instruction, an online portal you can access 24/7, math workshops to help you tackle difficult math problems, as well as an improvement guarantee. With the Private Tutoring Program, expert tutors work with you for a set number of hours to make a plan, set goals, and exceed them.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $299, $1199, $1800-$3000

Recap: If you want to get ready for the GMAT with an established test prep company, but need more than a book, The Princeton Review has a variety of GMAT prep options that could be just the course for you.

  GMAT Prep Courses


Kaplan logo

You may have heard of Kaplan and potentially even used some of their many educational resources. Founded in 1938, Kaplan has been helping people prepare for standardized tests for 80 years. Even if you have attended a class at one of their tutoring centers or used a Kaplan study book, you may not have realized that Kaplan offers a number of online GMAT prep courses. With a variety of online course options, it is likely that you will find an online GMAT prep course from Kaplan that meets your needs.

In all of Kaplan's GMAT prep courses, you will learn from expert instructors in an interactive classroom. If you are looking for self-paced prep that you can work through on your own schedule, the Self-Paced GMAT Prep package gives you access to 14 hours of recorded video lessons. Self-Paced PLUS includes the same video lessons, plus 30+ hours of elective live instruction and a supplemental math course, GMAT Math Foundations. The Live Online course option offers 18 hours of live instruction and 30+ hours of elective live instruction, and the Live Online PLUS course additionally provides three hours of one-on-one coaching, and the math course offered in the other PLUS package.

All courses include an official test day simulation, nine online practice tests, 140+ hours of online instruction and practice, 5000+ practice questions, two prep books, and an MBA admissions guide. Additionally, if you do not improve after taking a Kaplan GMAT prep course, they allow you to retake a course or get a refund.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $799, $999, $1249, $1649

Recap: Kaplan—a well-known name in education—offers a number of GMAT prep courses that meet your needs as you study for the exam, whether you need a self-paced course, could use one-on-one coaching, or are looking to brush up on your GMAT math skills.

  GMAT Prep


Magoosh Test Prep logo

Magoosh is an education company led by self-proclaimed education fanatics whose goal it is to help students achieve their academic goals. They offer test prep for a number of exams, including the GMAT, GRE, and LSAT. As well as offering test prep courses, Magoosh offers a number of helpful study apps, some of which appear in the app section of this list.

Magoosh offers several GMAT courses and several study schedules that let you personalize your GMAT prep course. When looking at Magoosh GMAT plans, you can choose between Self-study and Guided study. Within Self-study, you can choose between Math + IR and Premium. The Math + IR option includes one year of access to content that only covers the Math and Integrated Reasoning sections of the exam, as well as 150+ video lessons, 450+ practice questions, email assistance, and a +3 point improvement guarantee for your GMAT Math score.

The Premium option includes a year of access to content that covers all sections of the GMAT, in addition to 250+ video lessons, 800+ practice questions, two practice tests, email assistance, a score predictor, and a +50 point improvement guarantee on your overall GMAT score. The Guided study option, Tutoring + Premium includes all of the content from Premium, plus six hours of one-on-one tutoring via Skype. This option also includes a +50 point improvement guarantee on your overall GMAT score.

Duration: One year

Price: $129, $149, $680

Recap: If you want an affordable, comprehensive online GMAT course, Magoosh likely has what you need. Bonus: their mobile apps make it easy and convenient to study anytime, anywhere.

  GMAT Prep Course

Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Test Prep

Manhattan Prep operates on the following belief: students do their best when they have the best teachers. Founded in 2000 by Yale University graduate and Teach for America alumnus Zeke Vanderhoek, Manhattan Prep strives to deliver quality test prep via highly qualified, skilled, and passionate educators. Manhattan Prep seeks to provide accomplished instructors, relevant curriculum, real education, and enjoyable classes.

Manhattan Prep has a number of flexible online options for GMAT prep: Interact™
GMAT Course, Live GMAT Course, Private Tutoring, and GMAT Boot Camp. If you enroll in the Interact™ GMAT Course, you receive access to 35+ hours of interactive video lessons that you can work through at your own pace. The Live GMAT Course includes 27 hours of live instruction and is ideal to take two+ months before you take the exam. You can purchase Private Tutoring packages for as few as two or as many as 25 hours of one-on-one instruction with a highly certified Manhattan Prep instructor. GMAT Boot Camp includes 35 hours of instruction packed into two weeks. This intensive option allows for comprehensive study on an accelerated timeline.

All courses include books and supplements, six practice tests with assessment reports, and full access to all of Manhattan Prep's online resources. You can add three hours of one-on-one coaching to your course, as well choose to add admissions coaching from mbaMission to your Manhattan Prep GMAT course. If you are on the fence about taking one of Manhattan Prep's online courses, you can sit in on a live online class or access fiv of the Interact™ GMAT Course lessons for free.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $599-999, $1399-1699, $255-225/hour, $2699-2950

Recap: Manhattan Prep has numerous options to help you prepare for the GMAT and MBA admissions with skilled, highly-certified instructors.

  GMAT Prep


Orion GMAT test prep logo

Studying for the GMAT might sound boring. But one company has decided to present its GMAT prep material through fun and games that aren't only entertaining, they're also proven to support learning and memory. ORION is a computer-adaptive GMAT course that personalizes a study mission to fit learners' needs. The program adapts with every practice test, providing content that's tailored to support your specific GMAT study path. The program uses data collected from over 30 million problems answered by GMAT students to predict exactly which lessons and problems are most likely to improve your score in the shortest amount of time. ORION offers tools and games to keep you organized and engaged so that you can maximize your GMAT score quickly and efficiently. The program is set in space, and through a series of missions, you can improve your GMAT skills and work towards a higher score.

All of ORION's GMAT prep packages offer access to 7 full-length practice tests, 40+ hours of video lessons, and 5,000+ GMAT practice problems. ORION's bite-sized lessons allow you to incorporate GMAT study time into your day, with speed and ease. The game theory-based curriculum offers a fun, engaging way to learn, memorize, and prepare for the GMAT.

Duration: 10 days, 1 month, 6 months

Price: Free, $99, $399

Recap: ORION's game-like approach to GMAT prep is here to help you prepare for the exam with confidence, speed, and maybe even some fun.




This test prep company, examPAL, was created by more than 50 talented people from a variety of industries and professions: teachers, designers, video producers, data scientists, programmers, and soundmen. These professionals came together and decided that the market needed GRE and GMAT offerings that are interactive, entertaining, and personalized. The “PAL” in examPAL stands for Precise, Alternative, Logical, a simple method that the examPAL courses teach to find the fastest way to solve each question.

examPAL's GMAT prep offers a number of online options to help you prepare for the exam. You can actually access the GMAT course for free; you only pay for practice and personal optimization. If you choose to pay for examPAL's offerings, you can choose between Genius, Premium, Quant Course, and Verbal Course. If you want to focus on a specific subject, Quant Course and Verbal Course focus on specific subjects. Both of these courses include video lessons, quizzes, practice tests, and more. If you are looking for comprehensive review, the Premium package is examPAL's most popular option; it includes interactive video lessons, a 70-point success guarantee, and a bonus one-hour professional MBA consultancy with an admission expert. The Genius option includes everything offered in the Premium package, as well as two extra sessions with a tutor, a copy of The GMAT Official Guide, and other additional support.

Duration: Six months of online access

Price: $219, $329, $439, $799

Recap: If you want to use innovative, forward-thinking curriculum to prepare for the GMAT, check out examPAL's courses and other supporting materials.

  GMAT Prep

Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep Logo

Veritas Prep is a test preparation and graduate school admissions consulting company. Created by graduates of Yale University, Veritas Prep operates by focusing on “students first.” The company offers online and in-person prep courses for the GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT. In addition to test prep, Veritas Prep offers admissions consulting that allows you to work with a Head Consultant who has previously served on the admissions committee of a top tier program, as well as a Specialist who attended the school(s) you are applying to.

With three options to choose from, as well as a number of MBA admissions coaching options, Veritas Prep is likely to have a program that offers what you need to achieve a good GMAT score and MBA admittance. You can choose between GMAT On Demand, Full Course, and Private Tutoring. GMAT On Demand is a self-guided course with downloadable HD video lessons, 5000+ practice questions, and live online homework help. Veritas Prep's Full Course includes access to the GMAT On Demand materials, as well as 36 hours of live instruction from teachers who scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT. The Private Tutoring option covers the same material taught in the Full Course, but it is customized to your needs and goals.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $850, $1250, $2650-7950

Recap: If you want GMAT instruction and MBA admissions help that's focused on you—the student—look at Veritas Prep's offerings.

  GMAT Courses



e-GMAT is a company focused solely on GMAT prep, with a specific focus on non-native English speakers. Many international students want to study in the United States, and are required to take the same college and graduate admissions exams as anyone else applying to the program. e-GMAT courses are filled with both non-native English speakers and fluent English-speaking Americans alike. e-GMAT's courses are popular and highly-reviewed by members of the online community, GMAT Club.

e-GMAT courses are led by top-rated instructors who work full-time at e-GMAT, so all of their working hours are focused on your GMAT success. The e-GMAT courses use progressive learning architecture, so the software assesses your learning every 15 minutes and gives you real-time feedback so you can stay on track as you study. You can choose between GMAT Online, a self-guided, pre-recorded online course, and GMAT Live Prep, an online course that additionally includes instructor-led live sessions. Both options include personalized study plans, practice questions, mock exams, and more. e-GMAT also offers a number of free webinars about different GMAT preparation topics.

Duration: Six months of online access

Price: $299, $499

Recap: Whether you are a non-native English speaker studying for the GMAT, or someone looking for an analytics-driven, personalized GMAT prep experience, check out e-GMAT's online prep options.

  GMAT Tutor

The Economist

The Economist GMAT

More than just a financial magazine, The Economist also offers an online GMAT prep course. The Economist's GMAT prep program, GMAT Tutor, is well-reviewed on several GMAT forums, including GMAT Club and Beat the GMAT. The company's GMAT website also includes an MBA database that allows you to search schools and programs around the world.

The Economist's GMAT Tutor programs use adaptive learning technology to allow you to focus on the areas in which you need to improve the most. The more time you spend studying with GMAT Tutor, the better and more personalized your lessons become. You can choose between Complete Prep, Premium Prep, and Ultimate Prep. All course options include full access to the online course, which includes in-depth lessons and 5000+ practice questions, with varying degrees of access to practice tests, ask-a-tutor questions, live one-on-one sessions, and essay feedback.

Duration: Three or six months of online access.

Price: $799, $899, $1099

Recap: If you're looking for personalized, adaptive learning and want to learn in a supportive online environment, The Economist might have just the GMAT Tutor prep program for you. Bonus: you get a digital subscription to The Economist for the duration of your course!

  GMAT Test Prep



EMPOWERgmat is focused on one thing: GMAT test prep. Their GMAT prep course is focused on learning and practicing fast, easy, and effective test strategies and methods so that you can improve your GMAT score. This company is focused on student improvement. For example, EMPOWERgmat student stats are posted on a banner that welcomes you to their website. The EMPOWERgmat course is highly reviewed by GMAT Club members.

The EMPOWERgmat course is built with official GMAT materials, making it an accurate way to prepare for the exam. Course access includes practice tests, video lessons, study plans, and a powerful study platform. EMPOWERgmat offers a 70-point improvement guarantee, and also a free seven-day trial. You can choose to purchase the Full GMAT Training and pay month-to-month for access to the EMPOWERgmat course, or you can choose Full GMAT Training + three Months + four GMAT Exams for longer access and more practice resources.

Duration: One month; three months

Price: $99/month, $329

Recap: If you want to learn efficient, easy-to-use test strategies and practice with official GMAT materials, take a look at EMPOWERgmat's online offerings.

  GMAT Prep

Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep is a test preparation company run by a small, passionate group of tutors who want to do big things for their students. Target Test Prep offers an online self-study course as well as online tutoring via Skype and WebEx. In addition to GMAT prep, Target Test Prep also offers GRE prep resources. Their GMAT course has a five-star rating on the website, Beat the GMAT.

The Target Test Prep course is focused only on the quantitative portions of the GMAT and is designed to help you earn a higher GMAT math score. The course is clear, comprehensive, effective, and personalized. With the Target Test Prep course, you get instructor-led HD videos, intelligent course analytics, various study plans and adaptable lessons, and live support. You can try the course for $1 for five days. After that, you can choose a one, four, or six month plan to help you reach your GMAT goals.

Duration: Five days; one month; four months; six months

Price: $1, $99, $299, $399

Recap: If you need to improve on the quantitative portion of the GMAT, Target Test Prep's comprehensive, personalized course could be just what you need.

  GMAT Math

Math Revolution

Math Revolution

Math Revolution is another company that is totally focused on GMAT math prep. The Math Revolution team has taught GMAT math prep to 30,000 students in 17 years. The tutors at Math Revolution have taken the GMAT themselves 27 times, so they know how to help you prepare for the quantitative portion of this exam.

Math Revolution offers a number of GMAT math resources, from free lessons to On Demand courses to question banks to private tutoring. You can access free video lessons, a diagnostic test, and a mock test on the Math Revolution website. If you want to purchase a course, there are three choices for On Demand courses: three Month, six Month, and Premium. All of these courses include a number of lessons, practice questions, and additional GMAT prep resources, for varying lengths of time. You can also purchase a 700+ level question bank or a daily quiz question bank. You can also choose to do Private Tutoring with two Math Revolution tutors; Private Tutoring includes access to the On Demand courses.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: Free, $399-599, $29-49, $640-1600

Recap: Whether you are looking for GMAT practice questions, a private tutor, or online lessons to help you improve your GMAT math score, Math Revolution has course and resource offerings that can help.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy app image

Khan Academy is a personalized learning resource with the goal of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy has tons of practice exercises and instructional videos that users can access through a personalized learning dashboard covering a variety of subjects, from Computer Engineering to Macroeconomics to GMAT Prep.

Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy is good at math; like, really good. If you have watched any math videos on Khan Academy, it has likely been Sal explaining the math content in an easy-to-understand way. In this course, he works through math problems from the 11th edition of The Official Guide for GMAT Review. You can use this free course together with the book. The class description recommends working through the practice tests in The Official Guide for GMAT Review on your own, grading your exams, and then watching Khan Academy's video lessons to improve your understanding and mastery.

Duration: Forever

Price: Free

Recap: If you're looking for someone to walk you through math and data sufficiency problems, check out Khan Academy's free GMAT test prep.

In-Person Classes

Whether you are busy or not, you may benefit from an in-person instructor helping you master GMAT material. It can also be encouraging and helpful to work alongside classmates who are also preparing for the exam. In-person classes tend to work well if you enjoy learning in a more traditional classroom environment. Though many of these classes are available only in certain locations, and are offered most in larger cities, there are in-person GMAT classes around the country, and with this list you will likely find one near you.

  GMAT Test Prep

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review logo

This will not be the first or last time you see The Princeton Review on this list, but it's worth noting that they offer in-person GMAT test prep in addition to books, online courses, and resources. In-person courses with The Princeton Review are available in a number of locations around the US. Classes are held at both Princeton Review centers and other educational venues, such as colleges and universities.

Similarly to their online courses, The Princeton Review has multiple options for in-person GMAT prep. The Ultimate In-Person option offers comprehensive, effective GMAT prep. Similar to the Ultimate LiveOnline class, this course includes 27 hours of live instruction, 10 computer-adaptive practice tests with detailed explanations, online recordings of lessons, math workshops to help you tackle difficult math problems, as well as an improvement guarantee. If you need more individual interaction from an instructor than you will get in a classroom setting, you can take The Princeton Review's Private Tutoring Program, offered in-person in addition to online. This option includes 10 or 18 hours of personalized instruction focused on helping you make a plan, set goals, and exceed your goals and expectations.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $1299, $1800-$3000

Recap: If you want to work through a comprehensive course, either with a classroom of peers or one-on-one with an instructor, The Princeton Review's in-person offerings might be the perfect fit for you.

  GMAT Prep


Kaplan logo

Another big name that will come up multiple times on this list: Kaplan. Founded in 1938, Kaplan has 80 years of tutoring and test prep experience. Kaplan has a familiar brand, proven test-taking strategies, and a vast number of books, resources, and practice materials. With tutoring centers across the country, there is a good chance Kaplan will have an in-person classroom offering near your location.

With Kaplan's In-Person course, you receive 18 hours of live instruction, 30+ hours of elective live instruction online on The GMAT Channel, an official test day simulation, practice tests, 140+ hours of online instruction and practice, 5000+ practice questions, two prep books, and an MBA admissions guide. If you would like to add some personalized instruction to your GMAT study, the In-Person PLUS course also includes three hours of one-on-one coaching and a supplemental, self-paced math course: GMAT Math Foundations. If you would like to work solely with a one-on-one tutor, you can choose an in-person GMAT Tutoring package. Each of Kaplan's in-person GMAT offerings comes with a guarantee: if you do not improve on the exam, you get your money back.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $1449, $1849, $2799-$4999

Recap: With a number of in-person course options, Kaplan offers you support and resources so that you can successfully prepare for the GMAT.

  GMAT Tutoring & Test Prep

Next Step Test Prep

Next Step Test Prep

Next Step Test Prep is a tutoring service that offers test prep services for tests like the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT. While they recognize that these tests are standardized, they do not see students in a one-size-fits-all, standardized way. Next Step Test Prep offers customized, private tutoring that is designed to meet your individual needs.

Next Step Test Prep works with students of all skill levels. Some of their students have already taken the GMAT, and may have even previously taken a GMAT prep course that they did not feel prepared them properly, while other students are completely new to the exam. Either way, all Next Step Test Prep students begin with a diagnostic test (your tutor will also look at your past scores if you have them), and then move into a skills assessment and work with an instructor to create a custom study plan. You can choose between a Crash Course, Comprehensive Plan, or Intensive Review, or you can choose the Premium Tutoring option and create a customized course that is just for you.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $1499, $2099, $3399

Recap: If you want personal prep for the standardized GMAT exam, Next Step Test Prep has a variety of options that may be a great fit for you.

  GMAT Prep Course

Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Test Prep

Another company you will notice appearing on this list multiple times is Manhattan Prep. This student-focused company also offers in-person GMAT classes. With coast-to-coast tutoring locations, there is a good chance you can find a Manhattan Prep class or bootcamp that works for you, your schedule, and your location.

Manhattan Prep has a variety of in-person course offerings to fit the diverse needs of students preparing for the GMAT. The GMAT Complete Course is the company's flagship course, and it includes 27 hours of classroom instruction, custom one-on-one pre- and post-assessments with an instructor, and unlimited online advice from Manhattan Prep teachers. In-person Private Tutoring is also available, as well as Prep + Admissions which includes MBA admissions coaching in addition to GMAT prep, and a two-week intensive Boot Camp option that allows you to prepare for the exam in a short period of time. Manhattan Prep also offers a number of in-person workshops that cover specific topics, like Advanced Sentence Correction and Advanced Quant.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $599-999, $1399-1699, $255-225/hour, $2699-2950

Recap: Whether you are looking for a GMAT workshop that lasts for a few hours or a complete prep course, Manhattan Prep's in-person offerings have something for everyone.

  GMAT Prep Courses

Local Colleges and Universities

It would make for a long list if we were to list every GMAT prep course held at a local college or university, so we are going to let your search for yourself. It is worth knowing that many higher learning institutions offer standardized test prep, often through their continuing education department. Some schools will give discounts to alumni, so if you check with your alma mater, you may be eligible for a cheaper rate. It is also not uncommon for campuses to serve as GMAT testing centers, so you might find it useful to go ahead and study at the place where you will take the official exam.

The cost of these courses, as well as their duration and curriculum will be different between schools. To find a GMAT prep course near you, you can search online for GMAT prep at the colleges and universities in your location. You can also call schools and ask if they offer GMAT prep services. Another option, if you are currently in college, is to ask a professor or advisor or check with an office at your school that provides student services.

Duration: Varies

Price: Varies

Recap: If you want to take an in-person GRE course in a familiar setting, search for GMAT prep courses at your local colleges and universities.


If you would like to work with an in-person instructor, but don't want the commitment of a full-length course, a private tutor might be just what you need. With a tutor, you get to be involved in creating a study schedule, so you can be sure to design a GMAT prep schedule that works for you and your busy life. Tutors can often come to your home or a location of your choice, so you can save time on commuting to class. The following platforms can connect you with a tutor that's the perfect fit for you.

  GMAT Tutoring

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors logo

Varsity Tutors is a technology and education company that connect students with tutors. Using their website, you can select a tutor who specializes in a specific subject area (in this case, the GMAT) and meet with your tutor in-person to work through a personalized study plan. Varsity Tutors also offers a tutor satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you are working with a teacher who fits your needs and goals.

There are many certified GMAT tutors on the Varsity Tutors platform, allowing you to easily request the tutor you want to work with. On the Varsity Tutors site, instructor bios include information about the tutor's teaching philosophy, personal test scores, location, education, and hobbies. Depending on your GMAT preparation needs, you can choose to work with a tutor for 12, 24, 36, or 48 hours, with a discount for purchasing more hours at a time. Varsity Tutors also has a variety free resources, including flashcards, practice tests, quizzes, and a mobile app (look for it later on this list).

Duration: Varies based on your wants and needs

Price: Starting at $53/hour

Recap: If you are looking for an in-person, one-on-one tutor, but don't know who to hire, Varsity Tutors has a database of certified tutors, equipped with comprehensive resources, who can help you achieve your GMAT goals.

  GMAT Tutoring


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Thumbtack does education or test prep, but their services don't stop there. The Thumbtack platform connects customers to qualified, local professionals who can provide the services they need. Whether you need dog training or house painting, dance lessons or GMAT prep, Thumbtack allows you to search for professionals who can meet your needs.

With a large database of GMAT tutors in locations around the country, Thumbtack helps you find a tutor in your city by filling out a simple search form. Thumbtack will ask you what GMAT prep services you need, your current practice or official score, your target score, whether or not you have scheduled a test date, how often you would like to meet, how long you would like your lessons to be, when you want to begin, where you are in the tutor hiring process, where you want to meet with your tutor, your availability, and any additional notes you wish to send to the instructor. After you complete the search survey, you can look at the tutors in your area, and request quotes from the ones that you might want to work with. Tutor profiles include a bio, average response time, number of hires on Thumbtack, and reviews from other students.

Duration: Varies based on your wants and needs

Price: Varies by tutor

Recap: If you want to compare GMAT tutors in your area, Thumbtack provides an easy-to-use platform that lets you find someone who fits your price point and who has helped other students achieve their GMAT goals.

Web Resources

Supplemental study resources can be incredibly valuable as you study for the GMAT. There are a number of helpful online resources that will help you establish a plan and routine as you prepare for the exam. This list includes resources that cover a broad range of study needs—whether you want to learn more about the GMAT from the test makers themselves, connect with others who have taken or are studying for the GMAT, or get advice from exam experts.

Graduate Management Admission Council

Graduate Management Admission Council

The Graduate Management Admission Council, or GMAC, is the organization that writes and gives the GMAT. They have a website dedicated to all things GMAT, This is the where you go to sign up for the official exam, but the website also houses a number of resources. It is a good idea to bookmark this site, because you will likely return here often., the official website of the GMAT exam, has four main sections: The GMAT Exam, Find & Compare Schools, Plan for Business School, and Buy Study Materials. For study purposes, you will probably be visiting The GMAT Exam section most often. Here you can find registration, studying, and scoring information. There is even an official GMAT blog, with posts on everything from how to get the most from practice exams to GMAT events around the country.

Price: Free

Recap: For everything GMAT, go to the test makers themselves. has information on test registration, prep, and more.

  GMAT Club Forum



Taking a standardized test on which the score determines a big part of your future can be daunting, and it can cause you to feel inadequate, anxious, or alone. However, that is not the case. This is a challenging exam, and you are not the only one facing it. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the GMAT, or just want to hear from seasoned veterans, check out the GMAT Club Forum. With over 700,000 active members, someone is almost always sure to be online. You can read about the experiences of other test takers or ask your own questions. It's easy to join; you can create an account using your email or join with Facebook, or Google+.

Even before you become a member, you can see all of the posts on the GMAT Club Forum. You can browse threads covering a wide range of GMAT and MBA admissions topics, bookmark posts and threads, and read verified GMAT prep course reviews. Posts on the GMAT Club Forum cover a number of topics, including personal stories, resource recommendations, and study group invitations. Whatever you need to aid your GMAT prep, you can likely find it here.

Price: Free

Recap: Do you wish you could just ask an experienced test-taker all of your GMAT questions? On the GMAT Club Forum you can, as well as read other people's posts, join study groups, and view GMAT prep course reviews.

  The MBA Social Network

Beat the GMAT

Beat the GMAT

Another community of GMAT test-takers gathers on Beat the GMAT, the MBA Social Network. With 750,000+ members, you can easily find help, ask questions, share resources, and start networking with other future business leaders. Beat the GMAT houses a forum, GMAT prep reviews, and MBA admissions advice and resources. The Deal Superstore section of the site includes links to good deals (and often discounts!) on GMAT prep, practice tests, question banks, MBA admissions consulting, books, and more.

Many of the courses and resources on this list show up on Beat the GMAT's Deal Superstore. This is a great place to visit as you are shopping for GMAT study tools, and it is also a place to find community as you study for the exam. A huge part of business school is growing your network, and it is never too early to start connecting with other business-interested people.

Price: Free

Recap: For deals and discounts on GMAT prep materials, as well as an active community of test-takers and experts, visit Beat the GMAT, the MBA Social Network.


Graduate Management Admission Council

Graduate Management Admission Council

This resource is housed on, but it is helpful enough to merit its own entry on this list. GMATPrep is a free study tool created by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). The GMATPrep software includes two free practice exams, which use the same scoring algorithm as the real GMAT exam, and 90 free practice questions.

GMATPrep is a useful tool that can help you get familiar with the test and identify the areas in which you need to improve. With 90 free questions—30 Quantitative, 45 Verbal, and 15 Integrated Reasoning—you can easily discover your strengths and weaknesses on the exam. It can also be helpful to use GMATPrep to learn about GMAT scoring, because your practice tests will be scored using the same algorithm as the real GMAT exam.

Price: Varies

Recap: For experience with official GMAT questions and scoring according to the official GMAT algorithm, practice with GMATPrep, available for free download from

  GMAT Free



GMAT Free is a simple, insightful GMAT prep course. There are not many bells and whistles, but the author of this site does a great job laying out the test and giving helpful advice. You can make a free account or work through the course as a guest. GMAT Free was created by Andrew Mitchell, the former Director of Pre-Business Programs at Kaplan Test Prep and a 99th percentile GMAT scorer.

This site is listed under web resources instead of courses on our list because it is more than a GMAT course. GMAT Free also houses a blog with helpful information about the GMAT and the world of MBA admissions. The course is also very flexible: you can work through it start-to-finish or use the site as a database for looking up specific questions or topics.

Price: Free

Recap: If you are looking for free, expert advice on the GMAT and related topics, visit Andrew Mitchell's website, GMAT Free.


In this day and age, many of us don't have much time to read books. However, adding some books to your GMAT prep toolkit can be very beneficial. The books on the list will fill your shelves with helpful resources that will prepare you to succeed on the GMAT exam. Whether you want a comprehensive guide, need to improve specific skills, or want to focus on a particular subject, we have included books on this list for everyone, from the “bad” test taker to the perfect scorer. (Note: the prices for each book on this list are list price; many of the books can be found for much less, so it is worth shopping around when you decide to purchase one of these books.)

  GMAT Official Guide 2018 Bundle

Graduate Management Admission Council

The creators of the GMAT, Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), offer several GMAT prep books. You can get all of them in the GMAT Official Guide 2018 Bundle. The set includes three books—The GMAT Official Guide 2018, The GMAT Official Guide 2018 Verbal Review, and The GMAT Official Guide 2018 Quantitative Review. Each of the books provides important information and the practice you need to do your best on the GMAT.

The GMAT Official Guide 2018 Bundle is full of practice questions. While not focused on test-taking strategy, this set of books allows you to put the strategies you have learned to the test with over 1,500 questions. All three books include answer explanations to help you better understand the questions and answers. You can also use the bundle to access exclusive online content that allows you to create your own practice sets.

Price: $79.95

Recap: If you are looking for lots of official practice content, check out the GMAT Official Guide 2018 Bundle, created by the test makers themselves.

  GMAT Complete 2018: The Ultimate in Comprehensive Self-Study for GMAT


Kaplan's GMAT Complete 2018 is probably as close as you're going to get to having everything you need to study for the GMAT in one box. The package includes four prep books (GMAT Prep Plus 2018, GMAT 800, GMAT Math Workbook, and GMAT Verbal Workbook) and access to extensive online and mobile resources, including 2000+ practice questions with detailed explanations, a 500+ question test bank that you can sort by difficulty, a full length practice test, videos covering a range of topics, and access to one-on-one academic support from Kaplan tutors via Facebook.

If you don't feel you need the entire kit, purchasing individual books from this set is a good idea as well. GMAT Prep Plus 2018 is an in-depth, comprehensive prep book that includes six practice tests, exam tips and strategies, and bonus online and mobile video content. GMAT 800 is for those aiming for an exceptionally high score. The subtitle of the book is “advanced prep for advanced students,” and this is the book to go to if you are striving towards a perfect 800 score.

GMAT Complete 2018 has something for every type of learner, whether you prefer old fashioned text on paper, or studying on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This kit provides a wealth of paper and digital resources tailor-made for GMAT preparation. On top of that, the one-on-one academic support from Kaplan's GMAT professionals is a fantastic benefit for study.

Price: 99.99

Recap: More than just a book (actually four books, an app, an online platform, and access to an exclusive Facebook group), Kaplan's GMAT Complete 2018 is a comprehensive GMAT prep resource that's hard to beat.

  GMAT Strategy Guides

Manhattan Prep

The GMAT Strategy Guides by Manhattan Prep are useful resources when it comes to honing your strategy for the GMAT. You can buy a set that includes all of the guides, or you can purchase the guides individually. The Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set contains the following 10 titles:

This set of GMAT Strategy Guides stacks up to a tower of guidance! Now in their fifth edition, the GMAT Strategy Guides offer time-tested and comprehensive preparation and strategy for conquering the GMAT. The fact that the complete set encompasses 10 books may seem overwhelming, but they provide an in-depth approach to every aspect of the test.

Price: $240.00

Recap: If you need help developing strategies to correctly answer each type of question on the GMAT, pick up one (or all!) of Manhattan Prep's GMAT Strategy Guides.

  Cracking the GMAT

The Princeton Review

Princeton Review offers a large, comprehensive guide to the GMAT, Cracking the GMAT. It includes practice tests, in-depth subject guides, and extra online practice. The book spends a few chapters on each of the GMAT sections, and at the end of each chapter, there is a one-page summary of the chapter, making it easy to review what you have learned. The book also includes subject-specific drills to help you brush up on the content you are learning.

Whether you are looking for an introduction to the skills and strategies needed to master each section of the GMAT, or if you just want practice tests and review, Princeton Review's book can be a great addition to your GMAT bookshelf. You can read Cracking the GMAT in its entirety, or flip around to find what you need.

Price: $24.99

Recap: If you are looking for a book with helpful, in-depth information about each section of the GMAT as well as plenty of drills and practice tests, Princeton Review's Cracking the GMAT is a great resource.

  GMAT Prep Guide 2017-2018: Test Prep Book & Practice Exam Questions for the Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal Sections on the GMAC Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT Advanced Review Strategy Team

Whereas Kaplan's GMAT 800 book is designed for test-takers seeking a perfect score, GMAT Prep Guide 2017-2018 was developed for those focused on achieving a passing score. With overviews, test-taking strategies, assessments, information on each section of the GMAT exam, practice questions, and detailed answer explanations, this book has everything you need to improve your GMAT score. At only 154-pages, GMAT Prep Guide 2017-2018 won't overwhelm, but will equip you with the tools you need for GMAT success.

Sometimes it is best to start small, and this book can help you do just that. Designed to help you master the basics of the exam, GMAT Prep Guide 2017-2018 isn't scary or overwhelming. You can use this book to learn about each section and answer type on the GMAT, pick up strategies and skills to help you succeed, and put your knowledge to the test with practice questions.

Price: $17.09

Recap: If you want a short and sweet overview of the GMAT, pick up a copy of GMAT Prep Guide 2017-2018.

  GMAT Flash Cards


While not a book strictly speaking, Barron's GMAT Flash Cards are a helpful print resource when it comes to studying for the GMAT. Considering the whopping size of the exam, the task of making your own flashcards to study might seems intimidating at best. Why not skip the trouble and buy comprehensive, pre-made flashcards? Barron's GMAT Flash Cards have you covered. Housed in a sturdy box, the deck includes 400 flashcards that cover all four sections of the GMAT. The set also includes a portable metal ring, to carry cards for travel study.

Many of the questions on the GMAT are designed to test your command of college-level English and math skills. This set of 400 flash cards presents GMAT-level questions in both English and Math, with answers on their reverse sides. You can use the cards on their own or together with other GMAT test preparation books. Because of the ring and hole-punched cards, you can arrange the GMAT Flash Cards for study sessions in any sequence that suits your learning needs.

Price: $18.99

Recap: Want to study on the go, without your phone? Barron's GMAT Flash Cards give you access to hundreds of portable strategies and practice questions.

  Bring Home the Score: A Private Tutor's Guide to Scoring in the Highest Echelons of the SAT, ACT, SHSAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, NCLEX, MCAT, or Any Other Standardized Test

W. Walter Tinsley

Don't be scared of the long subtitle of this book. Even if you are not so sure what “echelon” means (though maybe you should learn it before you sit for the GMAT!), Bring Home the Score is full of strategies, tips, and tricks to help you score well on any standardized exam, including the GMAT. From mental strategies to advice on sticking to a demanding study schedule without burning out, Bring Home the Score can help you rethink your approach to studying for the exam and succeed at bringing home the GMAT score you're after.

For a book with a long title, Bring Home the Score is actually quite short. At just under 100 pages, you can easily read this book as you begin (or step back and reevaluate) your self-guided GMAT study. In the first chapter of the book, the author states that his goal for this guide was to level the playing field and provide affordable, effective help to improve standardized test scores. He encourages you to “stand on your own two feet” as you study for whatever standardized test you're facing, and Bring Home the Score gives you the strategies and motivation stand confidently.

Price: $9.97

Recap: If you're looking for help to create an intense but manageable study schedule, need motivation for your GMAT prep, or are just want to understand more about standardized tests, Bring Home the Score offers advice, encouragement, and answers.


You probably have a smartphone. You might even be using it to read this article. Stocking your phone with GRE prep apps can be the perfect way to prioritize studying for the exam, even in the midst of a busy daily routine. The following apps allow you to do things like practice vocabulary, time your practice tests, and calm down with meditation. Some apps are designed as platforms for online courses, while others are standalone. Visit your phone's app store and start playing (studying, actually!) with these GMAT prep apps.

  The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2017


GMAT Gwhiz app

Designed by the creators of the GMAT, the Graduate Management Admission Council, this app includes official questions and full answers with explanations, straight from the source. Though it is dated for 2017, the information and practice questions are still accurate. The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2017 has tips about the test, in-depth math and grammar reviews, practice exams, performance analytics and more. The questions on this app are the same as those in the GMAT Official Guide.

With 50 quantitative and verbal practice questions covering all question types and four integrated reasoning questions (one of each type), this app is perfect for practicing on-the-go. If you run out of free questions, you can purchase the Pro Pack and upgrade to 850+ practice questions. The option to customize your practice sessions is very helpful; you can adjust test length, time limits, answer review options, and more. The app also includes social media integration and allows you to connect with and the official GMAT Facebook page.

Price: Free, $29.99 for Pro Pack Upgrade

Recap: For loads of practice problems, helpful performance analytics, GMAT news, and more, download GMAC's app, The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2017.

  Manhattan Prep GMAT

Higher Learning Technologies

Manhattan Prep GMAT app

Manhattan Prep offers a comprehensive GMAT prep app, Manhattan Prep GMAT. With a limited free version, and an extensive Premium version, the app includes 1100+ practice questions with immediate feedback. Designed to help you both celebrate success and focus in on your weaknesses, Manhattan Prep GMAT is a helpful, encouraging tool as you prepare for the exam.

While you can still benefit from the free version of Manhattan Prep GMAT, upgrading to Premium access unlocks a lot of material that will help you prepare for the GMAT exam. By purchasing access to the full app, you can access a full library of practice questions, flashcards, quizzes, strategies, concepts, formulas, progress tracking—anywhere, anytime.

Price: Free, $19.99, $29.99, and $39.99 for levels of Premium access

Recap: Manhattan Prep GMAT, especially the Premium version, is a powerful app, with lots of content that will thoroughly prepare you for the GMAT.

  GMAT: Practice, Prep, and Flashcards

Varsity Tutors

GMAT app Varsity Tutors

As seen earlier on this list, Varsity Tutors connects students and tutors, but they also have a helpful GMAT prep app. Their app, available for iOS and Android, contains quizzes, practice tests, flashcards, videos, and diagnostic tests. The app tracks your progress, and allows you to look back at past test results. It also includes a helpful Learn by Concept feature that includes lessons on specific concepts tested in each section of the GMAT.

Varsity Tutors' app makes it easy to prepare for the GMAT anywhere, anytime. You can set the app to send you a Question of the Day, as a powerful way to develop the habit of daily GMAT practice. If you want to bring your GMAT prep experience to life outside your phone, you can challenge a friend to practice with you, or hire a Varsity Tutors GMAT tutor to help you study for the exam.

Price: Free

Recap: If you're looking for completely free, comprehensive GMAT prep on your phone, download GMAT: Practice, Prep, and Flashcards from Varsity Tutors.

  The Economist GMAT Tutor

The Economist

The Economist GMAT

Designed as an extension of The Economist's online GMAT course, this app offers practice questions, 100 hours of interactive GMAT prep, comprehensive lessons, and adaptive learning technology. You must have access to The Economist course to access the app, but you can sign up for a free seven-day trial.

Though probably best used if you are also taking The Economist's online GMAT prep course, you could just use this app for a week of intensive practice. The Economist GMAT Tutor can be used for learning new concepts or practicing what you already know. From the app's dashboard, you can search or browse lesson topics to find exactly what you need.

Price: Free

Recap: If you're taking the online GMAT course from The Economist, or you just want to see what they have to offer, download The Economist GMAT Tutor.

  GMAT Video Course

Veritas Prep

 GMAT Video Course Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep's online GMAT courses appeared earlier on this list, but their app is unique. The Veritas Prep app, GMAT Video Course, offers completely free access to all 12 Veritas Prep GMAT lessons. You can access 20+ hours of HD video instruction via streaming or download, at no cost. The lessons cover all of the same topics as the full Veritas Prep GMAT courses.

With the generous content Veritas Prep offers on GMAT Video Course, there's already a lot to study. If you use and benefit from these video lessons, however, you can choose to upgrade and purchase access to a Veritas Prep course. If you take one of their online courses, you also get access to one-on-one help from instructors, Skillbuilder quizzes, computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests, and more. Whatever you choose to do, these free video lessons from Veritas Prep are helpful and convenient to watch from your phone.

Price: Free

Recap: For free, comprehensive video content, download Veritas Prep's GMAT Video Course.

  GMAT Prep & Practice


GMAT Magoosh

Magoosh has several apps on this list, all helping you prepare for the GMAT in a variety of ways. This app, GMAT Prep & Practice—available for iOS, Android, and web—includes advice on planning for the exam, study guides and strategies, practice questions, video lessons, progress tracking, and more. You can access all of this with the Trial version, but you can access more video lessons and practice questions if you have signed up for one of Magoosh's online GMAT courses.

GMAT Prep & Practice has a variety of helpful resources and study tools. You can get advice on how to study for the GMAT, study up on a particular concept, or try your hand at some practice problems. The app allows you to track your progress, so you can watch your improvement as you study with the convenience of your phone. The Premium version of the app connects to the Magoosh online course, so especially if you Are signed up for their class, check out the GMAT Prep & Practice app.

Price: Free

Recap: For study advice, practice problems, video lessons, and more, download Magoosh's GRE Prep & Practice app.

  Study Timer: Test Prep Focus


Study Timer Test Prep Focus

Time management is very important, both as you study for the GMAT, and when you take the official exam. Magoosh's Study Timer app is a test prep stopwatch that helps you set aside time to study in the middle of a busy schedule, and to stay focused during your study sessions. The concept for Study Timer comes from the Pomodoro Technique, a widely-used productivity technique. (Note: In Italian, “pomodoro” means “tomato,” and this technique was created by an Italian student who used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer to time himself in 25-minute increments while he studied.)

When you first open the Study Timer app, you are asked what test you want to study for. The GMAT Timer allows you to practice a section for as long as that section lasts on the actual GMAT exam. The app will prompt you to study Quant for 75 minutes, Verbal for 75 minutes, Analytical Writing Assessment for 30 minutes, and Integrated Reasoning for 30 minutes. At the end of a session, the app gives you a friendly reminder to take a break. If you don't have time for a full practice session or want to use the timer for something other than a practice test section, you can select General Study for a 25-minute session.

Price: Free

Recap: Time management skills are essential to improving your GMAT score. If you need help focusing during your study sessions, or just need a mobile exam proctor, check out Magoosh's Study Timer.

  GMAT Flashcards (Idioms and Math)



In addition to Magoosh's GRE Prep & Practice and Study Timer apps, their GMAT Vocabulary Flashcards apps are another Magoosh resource that can be very helpful as you study for the GMAT. The two apps—available for iOS, Android, and web—each include flashcards covering important GMAT topics. GMAT Math Flashcards include 425 cards, including practice questions, solutions, and common mistakes. GMAT Idioms Flashcards has 160 flashcards to help you prepare for the Verbal portion of the exam. Both apps use a learning technique (Spaced Recognition Technique, or SRT) that gives simple, but amazing results. The GMAT Vocabulary Flashcards apps gradually extend the amount of time between review of a certain card, helping your brain to remember a large number of concepts for a long time, which is exactly the skill you need to score well on the GMAT.

Though you probably need other GMAT study resources to pair with Magoosh's GMAT Vocabulary Flashcards apps, both of these practice tools will make sure that you are focusing on the idioms and math problems most likely to appear on the exam. If you use these apps regularly, you will be sure to improve your memory of those hard-to-remember words, phrases, and formulas and when they show up while you are taking the official GMAT exam, you will be confident and prepared.

Price: Free

Recap: To learn—and remember—key information for the Verbal and Quantitative portions of the GMAT, download Magoosh's GMAT Vocabulary Flashcards apps.

  GMAT Prep


Ready4 GMAT

Ready4's GMAT Prep app is a comprehensive study resource that makes it easy to study whenever you have a few free minutes. The app includes 1000+ practice questions, flashcards, lessons, and answer explanations. The app allows you to bookmark flashcards that you are studying so you can easily access them for focused practice. Also included on the app is a database of 100s of MBA programs. You can add schools to your Top Schools List, and then compare your estimated GMAT score to the average acceptance scores at the programs on your list. Aren't sure where you want to go to school? GMAT Prep will match you with schools that could be a good fit based on your background, test scores, and future goals.

The GMAT Prep app is a good home base for your mobile studying. You can see your estimated score, attempt practice problems, focus on topics you are struggling with, and browse for MBA programs. With the ability to set goals and track your progress, GMAT Prep helps you work towards a higher GMAT score. Ready4 also offers online live GMAT prep courses. If you like what you learn from the app and are looking for more, explore the additional offerings on the Ready4 website.

Price: Free, $29.99 one-time purchase for Premium mobile access, $99.99 one-time purchase for Premium web and mobile access

Recap: If you want to track your progress as you move closer towards your GMAT goals, Ready4's GMAT Prep app has all of the tools you need.

  Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy app image

Remember the Khan Academy GMAT course, taught by Khan Academy founder, Sal Khan? Well, you can easily access the course materials with the Khan Academy app. This mobile application is free to use and download, and you don't even need an account to get started. Simply download the app, find the GMAT course, and you're ready to go! The videos available on the app are the same as those offered on Khan Academy's website, just easier to work through on-the-go.

The Khan Academy GMAT course covers math and data sufficiency topics that will appear on the exam. In the app, you can bookmark items, browse your recent activity and subjects, and track your progress as you accumulate XP and badges. This makes working through this GMAT prep course with the Khan Academy app simple and even fun.

Price: Free

Recap: The Khan Academy app gives you anytime, anywhere access to lessons that will prepare you for the GMAT, with the fun bonus of earning points and badges!

  Stop, Breathe, Think: College Collection

Tools for Peace

Stop, Breathe, Think App Logo

Tools for Peace is a non-profit that seeks to inspire people of all ages to develop kindness and compassion in everyday life. Meditation might sound like it belongs at the yoga studio, but Tools for peace has incorporated the practice into a very helpful tool for GMAT test prep. Their app, Stop, Breathe, Think, offers lots of meditations and mindfulness exercises available on the web, iOS, and Android apps, allowing for meditation and mindful prep on the go. These recordings focus on key aspects of GMAT preparation, designed with the goal of helping students tame their stress, stay focused and on task, and bounce back from study setbacks. Take a look at the Stop, Breathe, Think: College Collection, even if you are no longer a college student.

Stop, Breathe, Think's College Collection makes adding meditation to GMAT study sessions simple. Designed to help tame stress, strengthen focus, and navigate the ups and downs of student life, the collection is a perfect tool for the soon-to-be graduate student. With Stop, Breathe, Think, you can choose a meditation on a particular topic, ranging in length from 1-10+ minutes, to help you be and feel your best as you study for the GMAT.

Price: Free, or $9.99/month for Premium access

Recap: Stop, Breathe, Think can help you do just that—stop, breathe, and think—as you get ready to take the GMAT. Tools for Peace's student-focused meditations in particular are ideal as you seek to relieve stress, strengthen focus, and stay on track as you work hard towards your goals.

Well, that's a wrap! Hopefully this list will help you create a GMAT study plan that meets your needs and leads you to your goals. We believe that everyone learns differently so we included a diverse array of courses, books, apps, and websites to help you master the GMAT exam. If you are still deciding where to go to business school with your soon-to-be new-and-improved GMAT score, check out our list of The 50 Best Online MBA Programs. If you are dreaming of your future post-MBA, read our article, The 10 Best Jobs for MBA Graduates.

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