The Best Online Military Studies Programs

The Best Online Military Studies Programs

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As a distance learner, you can earn a military studies degree online to enter exciting positions both within the military and as a civilian. The military distinguishes between enlisted personnel and officers. About 82% of the armed forces are made up of enlisted personnel. The remaining 18% are military leaders, or officers, and hold specialized positions in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard. Officers typically need a degree in military studies to hold that rank.

Outside the military, civilians with a degree in military studies are often experts in military history, strategy, and intelligence. This specialized knowledge qualifies individuals to work as educators and consultants. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that positions in the military will remain stable through 2026. While the size of military branches changes with emerging conflicts and global events, the government maintains adequate personnel in the Reserve, Army National Guard, and Air National Guard.

Online Military Studies Degree Program Ranking Guidelines

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We selected the degree programs based on the quality of program and range of courses provided, as well as school awards, rankings, and reputation.

The Best Online Military Studies Programs

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Southern New Hampshire University 

Manchester, NH

About this school

The 120–credit degree considers world civilization, World War II military advances, and America’s rise as a global power. A notable course evaluates the impact of war on non–Western societies. In addition to the coursework, learners acquire skills in how to craft arguments that convince and persuade others. A capstone requires learners to complete a written research project that demonstrates mastery of the concepts and lessons learned.

SNHU notes that more than half of this program’s students are affiliated with the military. Once students complete the military studies degree online they pursue positions such as military analyst and civil affairs officer, and nonmilitary occupations such as researcher or museum curator.

Students at SNHU pay no out–of–state tuition and benefit from a generous transfer system of up to 90 credits for a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, military–affiliated students and their spouses receive tuition discounts to help make learning affordable. Admission requires a minimum high school diploma and SAT or ACT scores; the school accepts transfer credits with a grade "C" or higher.


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Choosing an Online Military Studies Program

The curriculum for military studies degrees online varies by school. General education requirements in military studies programs can be more flexible than other degrees. Distance learners in these programs have more say in the trajectory of their general requirements and often have the option of choosing one or two classes from a long list in areas such as languages, arts and humanities, civics, politics, social sciences, communication, history, mathematics, and natural sciences.

Additionally, students can choose a concentration to further tailor a degree to fit academic needs and career aspirations. Online military studies degrees that do not offer curriculum flexibility are not inferior programs. Some students may prefer to follow a structured curriculum.

Military history and science are the two most popular subfields available in military studies degrees online. Most schools with military studies programs offer one subfield. Distance learners explore conflicts and major events in online military history courses, including U.S. wars, weaponry, international relations, and U.S. government history. Students pursuing a military science degree online take classes in applied leadership, team development, decision–making, and other professional competencies.

What Else Can I Expect From an Online Military Studies Program?

From the core curriculum and electives to faculty members and online student resources, every school has something unique to offer distance learners. Concentrations, available courses, and other details vary between programs. In the guide below we provide details on concentrations, courses, and commonly pursued careers for students earning a military degree online.

Concentrations Offered for an Online Program in Military Studies

Military Science
Students in this concentration study military processes and behaviors as well as warfare and the application of organized strategies and coercive force. Learners explore personal development strategies, Army ethics, and learn to function on a team in stressful scenarios. In most cases, military science concentrations teach applied theory and methods to be used in military careers.
  • Careers This Concentration Prepares For: Combat specialty officers, combat specialty personnel, administrative personnel, protective service personnel, support service personnel, transportation and material–handling personnel, and military intelligence specialist
Military History
A military history concentration explores the history of armed conflict in the U.S. and around the globe. Students learn about the impact of war and military action on societies, cultural production, the economy, and international governmental relationships. Most military history online degrees include courses on each major U.S. war.
  • Careers This Concentration Prepares For: Military analyst, military intelligence specialist, historian, author, columnist, military history detachments, museum worker, tour guide, and educator
Military Studies (with specialty focus)
This concentration exists in programs with flexible curricula and significant course offerings. A specialty focus in human resources, media and public affairs, healthcare, engineering, science, or management will prepare you for numerous positions in the military. Some of these specialized careers require additional training or advanced degrees.
  • Careers This Concentration Prepares For: Healthcare officer, managerial officer, engineering officer, media and public affairs officer, and administrative personnel

Curriculum for an Online Military Studies Program

Leadership and Decision–Making
Students learn professional ethics within the Army through training in leadership tactics with small units and personal development. Learners also assess risk in operational environments.
This course leads you through effective planning of complex operations commonly encountered by Army officers. Students further develop written and oral communication skills and learn to lead troops in different scenarios.
Causes of War
Students learn about the basic historical and theoretical concepts involved in armed confrontation and international politics through cases studies and historical texts. Learners also consider historical patterns, religious influence, and natural resources in armed confrontations.
Modern Security Issues
Students learn different uses and interpretations of the concept of safety and security and explore conceptual debates and academic research on the topic. Learners investigate a range of contemporary issues, from nuclear threat to migration.
American Military History
Distance learners examine military history in the context of broader U.S. history. Students take written exams and give presentations on historical topics such as military strategies and global military interactions in the 20th century.

Careers with an Online Military Studies Degree

For military careers, a degree qualifies you for jobs as an officer, including support services officers and combat specialty officers. Civilians who earn a military studies degree online and do not work within the military are often experts in military history or intelligence, and hold positions as educators, writers, and consultants.

Emergency Management Director
Comparable to protective service officers in the military, emergency management directors prepare plans and procedures for surviving and responding to natural disasters and other emergencies. In the military, these individuals are responsible for the safety of personnel on bases and military vessels. In some cases, these professionals oversee the investigation of crimes with law enforcement and military security officers.
  • Median Annual Salary: $72,760
  • Projected Growth Rate: 8%
Human Resource Managers
These professionals coordinate an organization's workforce, serve as a consultant and advisor on workplace and staffing issues, mediate disputes, and enforce disciplinary procedures. In the military, human resource development officers carry out these duties.
  • Median Annual Salary: $110,120
  • Projected Growth Rate: 9%
Archivists, Curators, and Museum Workers
Museum workers assist curators with preserving and maintaining documents and objects. Individuals with specialized expert–level knowledge in areas such as military history are instrumental in creating exhibits, writing educational materials, and leading informational tours and talks at museums.
  • Median Annual Salary: $47,360
  • Projected Growth Rate: 13%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics