Can I get financial aid for an online degree?

| TBS Staff

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Funding an Online Degree Tips

The cost of attending of college, whether online or on campus, is a significant issue for many students. However, earning a degree does not have to be cost-prohibitive. When it comes to funding, students have plenty of options available and it’s worth looking into all of them.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, there are a few other things for students to consider when it comes to financial aid. Perhaps the biggest issue to take into account is the eligibility of the school in question. Not all schools are eligible for federal student loan funding. Student who qualify for federal financial aid must attend a school accredited by an agency which has approval from the U.S. Department of Education to receive student aid funding, including loans and grants.

Work-study programs can be an ideal funding option for some students, but not all schools, especially when it comes to online programs, offer them.

A student’s enrollment status can affect funding opportunities. Most loans apply to full-time enrollment programs, but if a student is interested in a part-time online program, they may have limited funding options.

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