Is online learning right for me?

| TBS Staff

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online learning right for me?Answering “Is online learning right for me?” changes in response to the motivation that prompted the question. If the question is translated as “will I be successful?” then there are a variety of factors at play. If the question is meant as “Am I well suited to be a online student”, then another set of factors may be at play. Hopefully, however, this article will address both.

1) Motivation

Sufficient motivation is key. One way to determine your motivation is by doing a personal “cost-benefit analysis” and concluding that the benefits amply outweigh the costs. So, in deciding if online learning is right for you, first define your goals. Why are you wanting a degree? Why an online degree? What are you hoping to achieve by getting this degree? Job stability? Different job? Better job? Better pay? Better credentials? Personal interest?

the long haulMake sure that the benefits are strong enough to keep you going through the hard times. You don't want to invest in something that you aren't going to finish. Another question to ask yourself is “Is an online degree the only way for me to get a degree”? If the answer is “yes”, then your motivation will likely be even higher than for an individual who has greater flexibility.

2) Finances

Education, whether it is done as a traditional or a non-traditional student, is a financial commitment. The only thing worse than going into debt for a degree is going into debt for an uncompleted degree

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