Rewarding Psychology Degree Jobs

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Where can you find psychology degree jobs? Employers in just about every industry need the skills psychology majors have such as interpersonal, communications and understanding human behavior. Psychology majors also develop valuable research and writing skills. Their understanding of the human mind and human behavior makes them good candidates for jobs requiring strong communications skills.

TheBestSchools asked Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. and Jane Halonen, Ph.D. to share their thoughts about careers for Psychology majors. We are very pleased they contributed to the introduction.

Susan Krauss Whitbourne:

The Psychology major is exceptionally popular, capturing an estimated 6% of all Bachelor's degrees awarded nationally every year. You have most likely heard it said, at some point in your college years, that it's impossible to get a job with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and that you need a Master's if not Doctorate degree to be able to work in the field. One of the reasons that the Psychology major is regarded as a poor stepping stone to a career is the belief that students do not emerge from their degree with marketable skills.

Both of these beliefs turn out to be myths. It's true that you can't become a licensed psychologist without extensive training and supervision, but the skills you gain as a psychology major translate well into many jobs, especially in entry-level positions.

As I note in my Psychology Today blog, there are practical skills that Psychology majors learn during the course of their studies. These set of skills are based on the exposure that Psychology majors receive to areas that are vital to the success of many businesses and organizations such as knowledge of group processes, memory and learning, and the scientific method. Psychology majors learn about theories and concepts in areas ranging from neuroscience to social psychology, and also learn how to apply these theories and concepts to practical situations.

Psychology majors, particularly those with some hands-on research or practical experience, are seen as possessing highly desirable skills. Since so many departments focus on providing their students with these opportunities, graduates are able to transition easily to the world of work, whether in settings that focus on research, teaching, or mental health. You may not get your first choice of position right away, but with your resume in hand emphasizing your marketable skills, you should be able to find a career path that will take advantage of your training and allow you to fulfill the goals you had when you chose this as a major.

Susan Krauss Whitbourne is currently a professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is the author of 16 books and has appeared on NBC Nightly News, The New York Times, Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and She writes a blog at the Psychology Today website and the Huffington Post.

Jane Halonen:

It is almost inevitable that psychology majors will experience a lot of static from friends and loved ones when they declare a psychology major. It is understandable. This worried feedback is a direct result of the mistaken belief that graduates with a psychology degree are unemployable. However, the comprehensive list of psychology-related occupations provided by demonstrates why this belief is a misconception. If anything, the psychology degree provides one of the most flexible backgrounds a college graduate can have.

The psychology skill set emphasizes making sense of behavior and designing sound strategies for testing ideas. Psychology majors are especially adept at knowing when to accept a behavioral claim and when to be skeptical without supportive evidence. They are not just good with data, but have clear advantages in working with people. Whether they are interpreting graphs or listening to a customer's concerns and figuring out the best strategies to resolve problems, psych majors simply have an advantage in the workplace that other majors don't provide. Psychology adds value to a liberal arts degree.

This roster of potential occupations demonstrates why majoring in psychology is not just a good idea, it is a great one!

Jane Halonen, Professor of Psychology at the University of West Florida chaired the Task Force on Undergraduate Learning Goals and Outcomes for the American Psychological Association. In 2000 she won the Distinguished Psychology Teaching Award from the American Psychological Foundation. She is also the author of numerous books and articles.

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Explore our list of 90 rewarding psychology degree jobs to find out what you can do with a Bachelor in Psychology degree.

List of Bachelor in Psychology Degree Jobs

The jobs are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Academic Advisor job description: Seeing potential in every student sits at the core of an academic advisor's role. He helps students select a career goal and path. An academic advisor, who generally works in an academic environment, must understand the courses needed for a secondary level or college student to complete a degree program. This profession requires having a genuine interest in people as well as an ability to inspire people.

An academic advisor must have a complete understanding of an institution's offerings and schedules. Academic advisors have a dedicated interest in seeing young people pursue realistic and exciting career paths. Academic advisors know the job market and keep abreast of the latest trends.

Average 2018 Academic Advisor salary: $36,732

2. Administrative Assistant job description: Organized and personable, an administrative assistant must have excellent communications and office skills. An administrative assistant often manages paperwork and telephone calls for a business or organization. In addition, an administrative assistant may arrange meetings, make travel plans, or even manage other employees.

Administrative assistants need good organizational skills.

Average 2018 Administrative Assistant salary: $31,733

3. Admissions Market Analyst job description: How well is the marketing campaign working for an academic institution? An admissions market analyst creates outside interest. Admissions market analysts need to understand and use leading-edge social media strategies. Along with building or supervising a marketing campaign, admissions market analysts should also be able to interpret the metrics and evaluate how well the strategies are working.

Admissions market analysts need good organizing skills.

Average 2018 Admissions Market Analyst salary: $84,015

4. Admissions Public Relations Director job description: Are you ready to be the “Face” of a large or growing institution? Does being responsible for generating more student traffic through a campus sound exciting? Do you like the idea of creating outstanding press releases and promoting your organization's accomplishments? If yes, you may be well-suited for the position of admissions public relations director. An admissions public relations director serves as a public representative when an institution has a problem. An admissions public relations director must be at once charming and trustworthy while able to withstand serious questions when circumstances are less than favorable.

Admissions public relations directors need good communications skills.

Average 2018 Admissions Public Relations Director salary: $46,920

5. Admissions Recruiter job description: Traveling and planning are two common activities for an admissions recruiter. An admissions recruiter creates strategies to coax prospective students to visit a college or university. Admissions recruiters build compelling presentations which demonstrate the positive aspects of the school they represent.

Admissions recruiters must be confident public speakers who can answer a wide array of questions quickly and with accuracy.

Average 2018 Admission Recruiter salary: $51,568

6. Admissions Representative job description: This position requires an ability to communicate with prospective students who are curious about attending a college or high school. An admissions representative has excellent one-on-one communications skills. An admissions representative is able to evoke the proper responses during an interview and also evaluate any basic written aptitude tests the school employing her provides. Admissions representatives evaluate students to determine if their qualifications and previous experiences represent a good match for the school.

Admissions representatives need good communication skills.

Average 2018 Admissions Representative salary: $39,740

7. Advertising Agent job description: This job involves promoting a product or service. An advertising agent sells ads, presents ideas, develops strong client relations and makes cold calls. This dynamic career offers an extroverted individual the opportunity to advance through the use of excellent interpersonal skills and creativity. Advertising agents prepare verbal and visual presentations to attract interest in their service or product. They sometimes use their solid understanding of social media to create a successful campaign.

Advertising agents should have good organizational skills. They sometimes travel.

Average 2018 Advertising Agent salary: $26,275

8. Airlines Reservations Clerk job description: This individual deals with a wide variety of travelers, checking bags on a minute-by-minute basis. An airline reservations clerk must have more than a friendly disposition. An airline reservations clerk must be detail-oriented and have an excellent command of flight information in order to route and reroute people, due to missing a flight or a cancelation. An airline reservations clerk must be a fast worker who is also willing to take the proper time to make sure all passengers are situated correctly.

Airline reservations clerks cannot be easily rattled or hurried. A thick skin is a must as is an easy smile.

Average 2018 Airline Reservations Clerk salary: $64,772

9. Alumni Affairs Director job description: Class reunion anyone? An alumni affairs director assists a school in maintaining connections with former graduates of a college or high school. This position is very important because alumni often provide contributions or services to benefit their schools. Alumni affairs directors oversee keeping records and maintaining correct contact information.

Working with a board of directors and creating events and strategies to keep alumni interests alive requires an excellent sense of communication as well as an ability to organize complex programs.

Average 2018 Alumni Affairs Director salary: $74,338

10. Alumni Career Services Director job description: So you step out of graduation, diploma in hand, now what? Having a degree does not always guarantee a job offer. Often students and alumni of colleges encounter obstacles or second thoughts about career paths; an alumni career services director can help. An alumni career services director oversees a team helping students locate employment after graduation. Alumni career services directors keep up with local employers and various campus departments to maintain an awareness of possible part-time job, full-time job, and internship opportunities.

An alumni career service director often creates workshops or coaches his crew to help alumni refine interview skills. They attend job fairs and work with recruiters. It's a dynamic career which takes graduates to the next level awaiting them after graduation.

Average 2018 Alumni Career Services Director salary: $49,839

11. Alumni Chapter Networks Director job description: This position involves working closely with entities such as a board of directors and a college admissions office to strengthen alumni relations as they apply to regional and international cooperation. An alumni chapter networks director makes sure chapters and smaller groups of alumni maintain a cohesive and positive interaction with each other and the institution from which they graduated. Creating this sort of connection may include overseeing the dispersal of a journal or mailings, creating programs to entice alumni participation in fundraising, or creating events which encourage alumni to devote time to advance the good standing of the college or school.

Alumni chapter networks directors need good communications skills.

Average 2018 Alumni Chapter Networks Director salary: $75,459

12. Alumni Major Gift Officer job description: There is a certain personality who is simply talented with convicting others to bring out their wallets and support a cause. An alumni major gift officer is one of those people. Acquiring major gifts (large sums of money) from alumni, parents, corporations, and others is part of advancing the mission and good standing of a school. An alumni major gifts officer has a talent for creating fundraising strategies. Developing long-term relationships with donors is also part of this job profile.

Alumni major gift officers are creative, organized, and personable. This position requires being able to collaborate with others.

Average 2018 Alumni Major Gift Officer salary: $72,234

13. Alumni Programs Director job description: Being in charge of more than one alumni program falls into the area of an alumni programs director. She sets objectives and budgets for coordinating alumni support and interest. This position requires adhering to fiscal budgets and goals. Alumni programs directors have many different roles. They manage, collaborate and work independently.

Alumni programs directors need good organizing skills.

Average 2018 Alumni Programs Director salary: $57,825

14. Alumni Professional Development Director job description: Teaching volunteers to get up to speed is a job for someone who enjoys motivating people and meeting goals. An alumni professional development director may also work to fundraise or keep alumni invested in supporting the school or college from which they graduated. They're main focus is supervising volunteers, whether they're working in an office or creating events to bolster school spirit.

Alumni professional development directors must educate themselves on the very tasks they're overseeing. Excellent organizational skills are important to success in this job.

Average 2018 Alumni Professional Development Director salary: $84,792

15. Alumni Relations Director job description: If you like the sound of being an ambassador, this job is one to consider. This senior-level position requires heading up an advancement team. An alumni relations director cultivates excellent relations with alumni through helping to staff committees and arranging board meetings. They organize efforts to promote an educational institution.

Alumni relations directors need an extremely high level of organization and the ability to delegate. They must be able to deal with the school administration offices as well as with alumni all over the world.

Average 2018 Alumni Relations Director salary: $89,064

16. Alumni Volunteer Engagement Coordinator job description: This position requires creating and maintaining alumni loyalty through volunteer work. An alumni volunteer engagement coordinator coordinates student and alumni both in a wide variety of commitment building activities which benefit the school as well as its graduates. Alumni volunteer engagement coordinators plan events and round up a wide variety of people to join in group activities.

This job requires excellent organizational skills, networking, and creativity.

Average 2018 Alumni Volunteer Engagement Coordinator salary: $27,345

17. Assistant Youth Coordinator job description: How do at-risk kids find support? An assistant youth coordinator helps create better odds for kids who need after-school programs and counseling. An assistant youth coordinator often works directly with young people in support groups or during one-on-one exchanges. Other aspects of this job include interviewing young people to see what services can benefit them. In addition, an assistant youth coordinator may also plan and organize activities within an organization.

Assistant youth coordinators need the ability to communicate clearly and sensitively about difficult issues. They must be prepared to see success mixed with emotionally challenging scenarios.

Average 2018 Assistant Youth Coordinator salary: $28,878

18. Bank Manager job description: Customer satisfaction, sales, efficiency, a bank manager is responsible for these and other aspects of running the branch of a banking institution. She must oversee employees as well as ensure her branch brings in a steady stream of new clients. They often deal with complaints and they sometimes create new policies. It is also common for a bank manager to deal with local agencies such as a chamber of commerce or ad agencies to promote the bank.

Bank managers must understand the basic mathematics of running a bank. They must be personable and organized.

Average 2018 Bank Manager salary: $51,263

19. Business Services Officer job description: A business services officer is concerned with how well a business provides services and collects its profit. A business services officer makes certain all affairs related to the flow of finances for a business are organized and run smoothly. Maintaining budgets and streamlining office practices fall under his domain. A business services officer may also oversee a pool of employees.

Business services officers are highly organized and understands how to cut waste and maximize resources.

Average 2018 Business Services Officer salary: $60,594

20. Career Counselor job description: Are you focused? Do you enjoy crunching numbers? Does chasing a crook down a crowded street sound like your line of work? A career counselor works diligently with her clients to locate the best line of work for their needs, personality type, and fundamental abilities. She often interviews clients and even administers psychological personality tests to determine what line of work would provide a person the most money and job satisfaction.

Career counselors enjoy helping people find success.

Average 2018 Career Counselor salary: $42,672

21. Caregiver job description: Compassionate and organized, a caregiver works with the elderly or bedridden in order to ensure a person under her care is as comfortable as possible. Often caregivers are required to bathe and feed people who are unable to do so independently. Caregivers must also have a good understanding of how to dispense medicines in a timely manner.

Since many impaired individuals are depressed or confrontational, caregivers must often be able to provide support one moment and be commanding the next. In addition, caregivers must have physical strength in order to help a client who has fallen or work with those who cannot move freely. Caregivers must have patience and true concern for the well-being of people they help.

Average 2018 Caregiver salary: $25,286

22. Caretaker Case Tracking Specialist job description: When a company takes on the care of many homebound people, a caretaker case tracking specialist oversees the care given to those clients. A caretaker case tracking specialist makes sure each individual receives adequate and proper care. She may also make home visits or evaluate the work of caretakers.

In some instances caretaker case tracking specialists make adjustments to the level of care given and make recommendations based on their understanding of the health concerns of clients weighed against what her company can provide.

Average 2018 Caretaker Case Tracking Specialist salary: $26,538

23. Case Management Aide job description: A whiz with paperwork and customer service, a case management aide is the go-between for those who are interacting with a human services organization or business. The case management aid provides the paperwork and guides clients throughout the process of getting the help they need. He is extremely professional and helpful when it comes to explaining the basics of eligibility and other concerns.

Case management aides know how to take care of essential issues in a pleasant way.

Average 2018 Case Management Aide salary: $25,007

24. Child Care Worker job description: A child care worker earns the precious trust of parents. They most often take care of children during work days. This individual takes on the important responsibility of not only providing the routine care of a child or group of children, she must also provide emotional and intellectual support which goes beyond changing diapers and providing nutritional meals.

Child care workers must genuinely love taking care of younger people. They must be both organized and flexible in order to provide a safe, predictable, and stimulating environment.

Average 2018 Child Care Worker salary: $20,626

25. Child Protection Worker job description: Child protection workers make the world a better place for abused or neglected children. When a child's safety is at risk, a child protection worker finds foster care to keep the child in good hands. A child protection worker is skilled in the evaluation of homes and can see when negligence is present or pending. Her skills include the ability to act quickly and efficiently not only with paperwork but with obtaining safe housing for those at risk.

She is comfortable in strange environments and is ready to ask tough questions. This person must come to work prepared to witness uncomfortable circumstances with the knowledge she makes a difference.

Average 2018 Child Protection Worker salary: $39,996

26. Child Support Supervisor job description: If a parent tries to circumnavigate the responsibilities handed to him by the courts, a child support supervisor is close behind. Child support supervisors rely on paperwork to locate and bring parents back up to speed when it comes to paying child support or other costs mandated by a court.

Child support supervisors manage a staff. They need to understand and keep up with current policies.

Average 2018 Child Support Supervisor salary: $53,035

27. Claims Specialist job description: Her role is to approve or deny claims, sometimes unusual claims which need unique expertise. A claims specialist also evaluates the extent of a settlement an insurance company must pay. A claims specialist may work for a number of insurance agencies from auto to health to home. She may also make sure payments are made on time.

Claims specialists must be very detailed and precise and be able to back up their evaluations with clear evidence.

Average 2018 Claims Specialist salary: $48,184

28. College Admissions Officer job description: Should I attend a state college or a private school? How would a community college work for earning basic credits? A college admissions officer works to convince students her institution offers the best choices. Her job includes presenting potential students, often in high school, with the benefits associated with attending the college she represents. Recruiting sits at the core of this job description; however, a college admissions officer may also develop recruitment programs.

College admissions officers must maintain a professional manner and enjoy being around young people.

Average 2018 College Admissions Officer salary: $39,622

29. College Residence Director job description: Elevating the quality of college life sits at the top of a residential director's list of tasks. From training and recruiting residential assistants to ensuring students have access to the proper support systems, a residential director promotes opportunities for student growth through leadership and extracurricular activities. She may find herself working to help students resolve differences or relocate to housing which meets specific physical or religious needs.

College residence directors need the ability to manage as well as hire good staff members who can run programs effectively.

Average 2018 Residential Director salary: $48,126

30. Community Development Coordinator job description: A community development coordinator facilitate community planning initiatives through identifying and creating development opportunities. They also perform research and provide recommendations for community development opportunities. A community development coordinator works with local communities to provide people with skills such as work skills or literacy skills or help a community reduce crime or poverty. They create reports on community initiatives.

Community development coordinators need good interpersonal skills.

Average 2018 Community Development Coordinator salary: $43,750

31. Community Relations Officer job description: When a company or organization wants a stronger relationship with the community, they rely on the talents of a community relations officer. This job requires the ability to write compelling press releases and promote events. Community relations officers secure positive, long-term relationships with various community groups. They know how to draw positive attention to their company and create support which indirectly feeds into commercial success.

Community relations officers need good communications skills.

Average 2018 Community Relations Officer salary: $50,558

32. Community Resource Specialist job description: A community resource specialist helps people find information and services. They may evaluate the effectiveness of services and programs. They help people within a group or organization find housing, employment or medical assistance. Community resource specialists may help create a sense of community among group members.

Community resource specialists need good organizing skills.

Average 2018 Community Resource Specialist salary: $58,193

33. Compliance Officer job description: Think of a compliance officer as an internal regulating system. A compliance officer makes sure the company he works for stays within the boundaries of regulations and policies. This position requires understanding the policies and operations of an organization which may be financial or environmental. In addition, a compliance officer may be an employee or a consultant who inspects how well an organization operates according to its preset controls.

Compliance officers are organized and methodical.

Average 2018 Compliance Officer salary: $63,629

34. Congressional Aide job description: Does the glamor of Washington politics attract you? If so, you may wish to become a congressional aide. A congressional aide's responsibilities vary greatly. She may answer emails and handle appointment planning, or she may find herself conducting research for a speech or a campaign.

This position requires an ability to handle pressure in an office environment. Congressional aides must act professionally in a politically dynamic world.

Average 2018 Congressional Aide salary: $25,007

35. Correctional Officer job description: This job includes observing the comings and goings of a detention facility. A correctional officer inspects visitors to ensure all is safe. In addition, a corrections officer may have to step into disputes between inmates. Correctional officers maintain order in a detention facility. They enforce the regulations to make sure inmates act in an orderly way. They are at risk of injuries.

Corrections officers must keep vigilant attention to their work as well as record all activities with precision.

Average 2018 Correctional Officer salary: $30,140

36. Crime Prevention Coordinator job description: This dynamic public safety figure helps the community create a secure environment. A crime prevention coordinator could, for instance, work with neighborhoods to build a tight-knit community watch program. A crime prevention coordinator may also organize other events to reduce crimes related to juvenile or senior citizen communities which remain at risk for a variety of reasons. Crime prevention coordinators may create community outreach programs and educate various groups on crime prevention methods.

Crime prevention officers enjoy organizing events and finds satisfaction in helping others help themselves.

Average 2018 Crime Prevention Coordinator salary: $26,112

37. Customer Relations Specialist job description: When sales go down, who do you call? The customer relations specialist. Her job is to figure out what makes clients happy with products and services. After the research is completed, a customer relations specialist creates events to assist in marketing or generating an increased customer interest in the product or service. Some customer relations specialists forecast how well a campaign will work.

Customer relations specialists have good analytical skills and an understanding of the consumer targeted by their company.

Average 2018 Customer Relations Specialist salary: $26,956

38. Customer Service Representative job description: Once a customer has displayed enough interest in a product or service to consider purchase, a customer service representative is often there to answer final questions and direct the customer towards choosing the correct product option.

Friendly and helpful, a customer service representative is patient with questions and must be tolerant of a variety of moods and options when dealing with the general public. In addition, a seasoned customer service representative must be knowledgeable and have the answers for all questions.

Average 2018 Customer Service Representative salary: $24,218

39. Customs Inspector job description: Be careful of what you pack in your suitcase while traveling abroad. If you pack something suspicious, you're in for a conversation with a customs inspector. When customs inspectors work for the United States, they work under the division of Homeland Security. Customs inspectors keep watchful eyes on who travels into the country. They receive training to spot terrorist activity. They also receive training in searching bags and questioning techniques.

Customs inspectors should be able to deal with strangers in situations that may become uncomfortable.

Average 2018 Customs Inspector salary: $28,049

40. Day Care Center Supervisor job description: Day care center supervisors have a great responsibility taking care of a large number of children. This individual understands the rules related to maintaining a license and how that relates to providing high-quality care. Day care center supervisors hire teachers, maintain the facilities, and keep a good rapport with parents.

This is a varied and dynamic job suited for people who enjoy working with children and adults.

Average 2018 Day Care Center Supervisor salary: $53,035

41. Disability Analyst job description: A disability analyst helps people who seek SSI/SSDI benefits. They determine the eligibility of applicants. They obtain, evaluate information as part of the eligibility determination process. Disability analysts may provide advice to staff members for preparing statements and other written assessments to document claim.

Disability analysts need good people skills.

Average 2018 Disability Analyst salary: $61,546

42. Educational Coordinator job description: An educational coordinator builds and implements a curriculum for an institution. They may develop a program for a school, environmental activities, community services or other areas. Educational coordinators create an effective learning experience for students. They ensure students progress in a program. They may ensure lesson plans meet procedures and policies.

Educational coordinators need good communications skills.

Average 2018 Education Coordinator salary: $44,892

43. Employer Relations Assistant job description: When students attend a job fair, they most likely do not think about who arranged the event. An employer relations assistant works with a college or university as a liaison between businesses and the college for which she works. An employer relations assistant creates an event such as a job fair from the ground up. She communicates with various industries and connects with job recruiters and arranges for their collective appearance and comfort during the events which she promotes.

Employer relations assistants need good written and organizational skills.

Average 2018 Employer Relations Assistant salary: $42,753

44. Events Coordinator job description: If you booking bands and choosing menus sounds enjoyable consider being an events coordinator. This job requires having excellent customer service skills combined with a great amount of organizational savvy. An events coordinator knows how to entertain a big group and how to please the person who hired him. Events coordinators understand how to fix problems during the planning process.

This is a dynamic job that requires working long, irregular hours and is suited for individuals with great people skills.

Average 2018 Events Coordinator salary: $27,606

45. Family Services Worker job description: When young people remain at risk of negligence or abuse, a family services worker enters the picture. A family services worker often interacts with parents in helping them learn how to establish better parenting methods. He may also locate foster home settings or visit with teachers about children at risk for drug abuse. Family service workers need to know the rules and regulations surrounding the safekeeping of children.

Family service workers need the ability to counsel, interview, and intercede. They must have a combination of compassion and efficiency; they need excellent office and interpersonal skills to create a safe environment for at-risk kids.

Average 2018 Family Services Worker salary: $57,986

46. Financial Specialist job description: this job involves budget planning, and financial goal setting and analysis. A financial specialist keeps tabs on company spending and profits. He may assess where a company spends too much or too little. He is involved in tax preparations and should always be ready to present his findings to those running the company. Financial specialists create goals and ensure the company's employees adhere to the plan.

A financial specialist has an analytical mind and enjoys working with numbers.

Average 2018 Financial Specialist salary: $59,025

47. Fundraising Director job description: A fundraising director acquires money which organizations, mostly non-profits, need to operate. This position takes creativity and an understanding of networks and a community's needs and disposition. Fundraising directors know how to create a campaign so it attracts donations from a target audience. Knowing how to plan an event and how to request money in a confident manner is part of this job description. In addition, a fundraising director must be willing to work odd hours and work nights.

Fundraising director is a great job for someone who likes working for a cause and helping others share that vision.

Average 2018 Fundraising Director salary: $27,723

48. Gerontology Aide job description: As people age, they often become less self-sufficient. A gerontology aide provides older people with added support. A gerontology aide has a varied day. She may assist an older person with grocery shopping or a trip to the hair salon. At other times she may prepare meals or even give an older person a soothing bath. When medicines are required, a gerontology aide sometimes provides the doses.

Gerontology aides need sensitivity and a certain amount of organizational skills along with the ability to communicate ideas clearly and take notes on what unusual concerns regarding their client's health may be worth communicating to a doctor or home health facility.

Average 2018 Gerontology Aide salary: $25,007

49. Grants Coordinator job description: Writing, researching, and communicating all fall under the job description of a grants coordinator. A grants coordinator learns exactly what entities award grants to clients like hers. She explores through research all the different granting options. She helps her writer or team produce a compelling request for grant money based on correct deadlines. Grants coordinators also monitor awards to make certain people spend the money correctly.

Average 2018 Grants Coordinator salary: $61,565

50. Group Home Coordinator job description: What factors into making life in a group home meaningful? Outings, relevant work training, good meals, compassionate care, and a clean residence. A group home coordinator is a master in making a house a home for those individuals who cannot fend for themselves without supervision. He keeps the group house in top shape. When it comes to meals, the group home coordinator ensures meals are delicious and cooked on time. He makes sure disputes between residents are handled in an appropriate way. At the end of the day, a group home coordinator must use his computer skills to document all activities worth noting and report to the guardians of group home residents.

This is a job for people who enjoy caregiving and working directly with those who need extra care. Group home coordinators must be flexible and open to surprising events that may alter the day's events.

Average 2018 Group Home Coordinator salary: $68,780

51. Health Educator job description: A health educator working for a company or a community informs his audiences about maintaining a healthy lifestyle or good habits. In some circumstances, a health educator may work to disperse information regarding a particularly pertinent public health issue. Health educators may also assist nurses or other medical professionals in helping those who need more information about health-related topics gain clarity.

Health educators need good communications skills.

Average 2018 Health Educator salary: $41,640

52. Hospital Patient Service Coordinator job description: If nurses and doctors seem too busy to usher you back out into the real world after a surgery, just call on the hospital patient service coordinator to get help and answers. The hospital patient service coordinator acts as a liaison between a patient and the hospital. Often she can answer insurance questions. In many cases, she can follow up on questions regarding special services for patients leaving the hospital.

Hospital patient service coordinators need diplomacy and an understanding of patient rights and hospital policies.

Average 2018 Hospital Patient Service Coordinator salary: $28,103

53. Hotel Manager job description: A hotel manager oversees all hotel activities. In addition to supervising a staff, a hotel manager works to keep a hotel running smoothly on all levels. His work is varied and requires an excellent understanding of hospitality guidelines. Some hotel managers are involved in financial administration.

This is an excellent job for an extroverted individual who enjoys seeing guests feeling satisfied with the efforts of an organized and friendly staff.

Average 2018 Hotel Manager salary: $46,271

54. Human Factors Specialist job description: Why do some fast food restaurants decorate with bright colors? How do airplane manufacturers determine seat design? Do cubicles really increase productivity? A human factors specialist determines the effects of environments on consumers and workers.

A human factors specialist collaborates with design teams in creating and testing how various mechanical constructions for equipment or climate conditions will improve or hinder the desired outcomes. This position requires understanding subtle human responses to stimuli and recording and interpreting data. Human factors specialists communicate their findings to a design team so the findings become applicable in a practical application.

Average 2018 Human Factors Specialist salary: $58,193

55. Human Resources Assistant job description: A human resources assistant works the “back stage” of the human resources director's office. A human resources assistant may answer phones and provide customer service. She may also file papers, schedule appointments, and process background check information. At times, she may assist in terminating employees or adjusting benefits as employees move from one position to the next.

Human Resources Assistants should be very methodical and organized.

Average 2018 Human Resources Assistant salary: $29,797

56. Human Resources Recruiter job description: Essentially, these professionals recruit the best talent available to a corporation. A human resources recruiter may create job listings and draw up specific interview questions. In addition, a human resources recruiter often networks with colleges and communicates with managers to ensure the people hired are working as expected.

Human resources recruiters need to have an excellent understanding of the goals and culture of a company along with excellent organizational skills.

Average 2018 Human Resources Recruiter salary: $58,193

57. Investigator job description: A keen eye for detail mixed with a good understanding of human behavior combine to make a successful investigator. Investigators may work for a city or state or federal agency to uncover how and why a crime was committed.

Locating the perpetrator or perpetrators also falls under his job profile. Aspects of this job include making sure all evidence is handled properly, interviewing suspects or witnesses, collaborating with other investigators, and arresting people who are guilty. This job requires having a comfort working with weapons and dangerous circumstances.

Average 2018 Investigator salary: $47,521

Information Referral Specialist job description When an information referral specialist answers the phone, people generally breath a sigh of relief, they don't want the dreaded automated phone tree voice. Information referral specialists for a company or business are at the front lines. An information referral specialist must be able to deal with strangers courteously and responsibly.

Information referral specialists need a solid knowledge of the company's products and services. A good information referral specialist likes talking to people and can properly deal with frustrated people.

Average 2018 Information Referral Specialist salary: $28,614

59. Juvenile Justice Planner job description: Having a safe and predictable housing situation is important for everyone, but this is especially so for troubled young people who do not have control over the details of their lives. A juvenile justice planner creates a residential plan for juvenile offenders in need of housing and guidance and discipline. Juvenile justice planners attend meetings and collaborate with staff members to ensure the housing system meets the criteria established by the state or other agency overseeing the project.

This position requires an understanding of departmental policies and an ability to work within groups productively.

Average 2018 Juvenile Justice Planner salary: $62,182

60. Juvenile Prevention Program Coordinator job description: When troubled or at-risk juveniles who later grow to be productive adults are asked what gave them a leg up, they may recall a program which gave them a sense of identity or self-worth. A juvenile prevention program coordinator creates and oversees programs which educate, rehabilitate, and generally support young people at risk for making misguided choices. A juvenile prevention program coordinator builds with intervention programs to keep kids involved in productive activities which include sports and employment training.

Juvenile prevention program coordinators should have excellent planning skills.

Average 2018 Juvenile Prevention Program Coordinator salary: $46,543

61. Labor Relations Specialist job description: When employees feel mistreated by management, who comes to the rescue? A labor relations specialist. A labor relations specialist knows how to build policies and advise management on how to proceed when tensions build between the work force and management.

A labor relations specialist has a solid understanding of wage trends as well as healthcare packages and pensions. Labor relations specialists often work with unions, but they may also work independently for a company. This is a job for an extroverted person who enjoys working to build compromises.

Average 2018 Labor Relations Specialist salary: $77,576

62. Lobbying Organizer job description: What forces act to persuade legislators to support or reject proposals? Lobbying organizers, or lobbyists, work for various organizations to meet with legislators in order to influence them. The skills needed to sway the hearts and minds of public officials are very journalistic in nature. A lobbyist often prepares press releases and writes reports. She may also find herself attending special meetings and speaking during conferences.

This is a dynamic job for someone who enjoys working in a political atmosphere. Lobbying organizers need excellent communications skills.

Average 2018 Lobbying Organizer salary: $34,326

63. Management Analyst job description: Even the most successful businesses have blind spots when it comes to increasing productivity and profit. This is where a management analyst can help. Often working for a consulting firm, a management analyst steps onto the scene with fresh eyes. She reviews the financial records and business practices. Once she has done her research, a management analyst provides a presentation and a report directed at how a company may improve its current situation.

Management analysts need excellent writing skills.

Average 2018 Management Analyst salary: $69,276

64. Marketer job description: This is a very broad term which applies generally to a person in charge of marketing or promoting a business which sells goods or provides services. A marketer provides successful promotional campaigns for his client. Marketers may complete tasks which may involve writing ads or approving ads. They may also be in charge of a social media campaign or oversee what print advertisements appear in which publications.

This is a demanding job which calls for a combination of creativity and organizational skills.

Average 2018 Marketer salary: $63,848

65. Marketing Research Analyst job description: Successfully promoting a business requires more than writing a catchy jingle; a marketing research analyst understands the market her client is trying to reach and knowing what kinds of approaches work to encourage consumers to use a particular product or service. A marketing research analyst must like remaining on the cutting edge of social media strategies as well as understanding the latest trends in advertising strategies. Market research analysts must know how to create a cost effective and compelling campaign.

A marketing research analyst enjoys research and is truly dedicated to making her clients success her own.

Average 2018 Marketing Research Analyst salary: $69,689

66. Media Buyer job description: A media buyer fills a very specific marketing niche. Her job is to negotiate and organize and purchase media exposure for her client's business. Does a television ad make the most sense, or would her client profit more from a radio ad combined with posters, which is less expensive but also less flashy? Media buyers need the knowledge to determine if the readers of a particular website might purchase the product they're promoting. This sort of work involves research as well as understanding what sorts of combinations create the best exposure for her clients.

This position requires the willingness to keep up with pricing and trends which work to sell the goods or services she promotes.

Average 2018 Media Buyer salary: $57,778

67. Occupational Analyst job description: An occupational analyst knows the ins and outs regarding how a company manages a workforce. He answers questions about benefits and labor issues. He may work to write job classifications or collaborate on management/worker agreements when it comes to bargaining. Often he creates worker surveys and then collects the data to help management understand the overall satisfaction and productivity of a workforce.

Occupational analysts must have a broad understanding of the various positions and responsibilities in many job description categories. This position requires excellent analytical and communication skills.

Average 2018 Occupational Analyst salary: $61,546

68. Office Manager job description: Juggling phone calls, creating appointments, and making sure employees place all files correctly are only a few of the tasks for an office manager. He ensures all the operations of an office run smoothly. Often an office manager is the “face” of a business in the sense he creates a professional and inviting atmosphere for new clients or established customers.

Aspects of this job include keeping supplies available to employees or making sure Internet and phone services are functioning at optimal rates. Office managers need good organizational skills.

Average 2018 Office Manager salary: $39,462

69. Personnel Administrator job description: If everyone in at the office gets the work done on time, thank the personnel administrator with a surprise pizza delivery! Introducing a new worker to her position and organizing a calendar of tasks to complete are common areas of concern for a personnel administrator. Often a business relies on a personnel administrator to make travel plans and arrange staff meetings. At times a personnel administrator conducts reviews of other workers or pick up the slack for people who are out of the office.

Personal administrators must be flexible.

Average 2018 Personnel Administrator salary: $74,653

70. Probation Officer job description: When prisoners are released from incarceration, a probation officer helps to make sure they have a successful transition back to freedom. A probation officer mentors a newly released inmate. This involves making certain the released offender is compliant with all laws. Often a probation officer makes recommendations regarding psychological services and job preparations.

A probation officer must have a strong interest in seeing the successful reentry of convicted prisoners into society. Probation officers must be willing to deal with people who are difficult to rehabilitate and who may be dangerous.

Average 2018 Probation Officer salary: $43,383

71. Property Manager job description: A property manager oversees the daily operations of assigned residential, commercial or industrial properties. They're involved with areas such as marketing, administrative, financial, maintenance and managing staff members. Often she collects rent or finds new tenants for an apartment or home.

Property managers need a good understanding of home maintenance.

Average 2018 Property Manager salary: $48,675

72. Public Information Officer job description: A public information officer typically serves as a spokesperson for a governmental organization. They provide information to the public and the media as required by law and to meet the standards of their occupation. They may issue press releases, answer questions from the media and arrange interviews with government officials.

Public relations officers need good communications skills.

Average 2018 Public Information Officer salary: $118,284

73. Public Relations Specialist job description: A public relations specialist makes a business or organization look good. A public affairs coordinator oversees media attention for her client or handle press releases. Public relations specialists often work with staff to create events to promote their organization. They may plan and oversee events designed to improve relations with the community. They also may coordinate public appearances for company executives.

Public relations specialists need good communications skills.

Average 2018 Public Relations Specialist salary: $58,172

74. Recreation Worker job description: A recreation worker designs and lead leisure activities for groups of people for volunteer agencies or recreation facilities including parks, playgrounds, senior centers, aquatic centers, and camps. This position may require understanding how to maintain a swimming pool or gym or tennis courts. In addition, a recreation worker must have the skills to organize classes or manage the traffic of guests and members of the facility.

Recreation workers must enjoy working with people.

Average 2018 Recreation Worker salary: $64,483

75. Rehabilitation Specialist job description: Supportive, strong, and firm: These are some of the qualities found in a rehabilitation specialist. A rehabilitation specialist works with people with injuries or disabilities which keep them from integrating into a work environment or living independently. Rehabilitation specialists work with clients at clinics, residential care facilities, or at the homes of clients. A rehabilitation specialist receives training in how to help people with disabilities become independent.

Rehabilitation specialists need a good understanding of specific medical conditions. They also need the ability to gently but firmly support and encourage people who may be discouraged about the conditions facing them.

Average 2018 Rehabilitation Specialist salary: $44,321

76. Residential Assistant job description: A residential assistant may help build a residential community. This job may include administrative duties. Residential assistants may help create a safe and healthy environment for the residents. They may work at residential mental health and substance abuse facilities.

Average 2018 Residential Assistant salary: $21,059

77. Residential Service Coordinator job description: This job involves strengthening communities, empowering individuals and providing safe and affordable housing. A residential service coordinator does his best to provide families in need with secure and safe housing accommodations. .A residential service coordinator attends meetings and provides documentation. Residential service coordinators help provide housing and benefits such as health insurance and after school programs.

Residential service coordinators should enjoy helping people and have an understanding of how government programs work.

Average 2018 Residential Assistant salary: $21,059

78. Restaurant Manager job description: A restaurant manager keeps his kitchen clean and staff working efficiently throughout a busy mealtime influx of guests. A restaurant manager ensures the staff members have all the supplies they need to provide a satisfying experience for dining guests. Restaurant managers oversee staff training and scheduling. They make sure a restaurant complies with health, safety and labor laws. Restaurant managers should understand the basics of how a kitchen operates.

This is a great position for an extrovert who enjoys entertaining and organizing daily activities.

Average 2018 Restaurant Manager salary: $44,520

79. Sales Manager job description: This professional organizes and motivates a sales staff. A sales manager sets sales goals, evaluates sales statistics, assigns sales territories, and creates training programs for sales representatives. He supports and inspires his team members. A sales manager may work in a store where he meets with clients, however, he may also direct a crew of traveling salespeople who report to him at regular intervals. Sales managers typically work closely with managers from other departments.

Sales managers should have good communications skills.

Average 2018 Sales Manager salary: $74,129

80. Sales Representative job description: A sales representative sells products and services to businesses and individuals. Some sales representatives work in a retail setting. It's important for sales representatives to know their products inside and out. They may answer difficult questions about any potential drawbacks associated with their product or service. In addition, they must know when a client is not ready to buy and back away with an understanding of when to return.

Sales representatives ideally have an outgoing personality and an interest in providing people with what they believe they need regarding the goods or services they offer.

Average 2018 Sales Representative salary: $54,888

81. Social Work Assistant job description: A social work assistant perform various tasks for social workers. They help social workers and other professionals develop. Organize and implement programs to resolve an array of issues. Social work assistants may provide relevant information and resources and help clients complete required paperwork. They work with a wide range of clients.

Social work assistant is a good job for people who enjoy helping people.

Average 2018 Social Work Assistant salary: $58,360

82. Store Manager job description: Meeting quotas, hiring sales staff, checking on inventory deliveries; if these activities sound interesting, you may want to look into becoming a store manager. A store manager may work for a large company or an individual owner. Store managers ensure the merchandise is neatly arranged and attractive to the general public. A store manager often hires and oversees the activities of salespeople. She ensures they stay on task and operate registers correctly.

Most store managers enjoy working with the public and have a knack for creating an inviting atmosphere in order to attract clients.

Average 2018 Store Manager salary: $50,310

83. Student Activities Coordinator job description: A student activities coordinator plans and monitors student events on a college campus, such as homecoming, welcome week, and career day. Student activities coordinators interact with an assistant dean and the student affairs department. They help student leaders plan and organize activities, events and programs. Student activities coordinators ensure student events are held in accordance with school standards and policies.

Student activities coordinator is a great job for people who like to organize events.

Average 2018 Student Activities Advisor salary: $37,351

84. Teacher's Assistant job description: Have you ever wondered how a school teacher in charge of 20 children makes it through the day? Ask a teacher's assistant. A teacher's assistant is there to help take up the slack during a busy day of teaching students. A teacher's assistant may grade papers or work with individual students who need special attention. She may also file reports.

This position is ideal for people considering a career as an educator as it provides on-site training and exposure.

Average 2018 Teacher's Assistant salary: $22,481

85. Television Research Assistant job description: This job includes looking at ratings and viewer surveys and evaluating the potential for a show's success. A television research assistant works to assist television studios in creating shows which have mass appeal. Television research assistants may help determine the best locations for shooting scenes outside of a studio.

Television research assistant is a dynamic and varied job which can lead to greater responsibilities in the world of television.

Average 2018 Television Research Assistant salary: $28,257

86. Training and Development Manager job description: A Training and Development Manager creates, implements and monitors training programs within a company. They work with supervisors to improve their interpersonal skills and deal effectively with employees. Training and Development Managers may create training materials and create testing and evaluation processes. They may create leadership or executive development programs for employees who seek to advance in an organization.

Training and Development managers need good organizing skills.

Average 2018 Training and Development Manager salary: $56,695

87. Urban Planning Research Assistant job description: When a city expands, an urban planning research assistant provides information regarding environmental impact of the projects as well as zoning and land use. An urban planning research assistant need an ability to gather data. Urban planning research assistants may work with architects and create reports for city officials.

Urban planning research assistants require a great focus and an ability to work well with people.

Average 2018 Urban Planning Research Assistant salary: $28,257

88. Veterans Advisor job description: Working with veterans who are returning to school can be a most gratifying experience. A veteran's advisor encourages veterans who need an education to transition back into civilian life. Veteran's advisors must be familiar with school catalogs. They help veterans build schedules which allow them to succeed in school before making their way back out into the civilian workforce.

A good understanding of how to deal with people who have seen combat is most helpful for this position as is having a sensitivity for the challenges older students face when returning to school.

Average 2018 Veterans Advisor salary: $65,505

89. Volunteer Coordinator job description: This job involves overseeing people working for free. A volunteer coordinator organizes the efforts of many individuals; they sometimes have the challenge of overseeing volunteers who may not arrive with the necessary skills. A volunteer coordinator may, therefore, have to prepare training materials in advance, depending upon the tasks at hand. A volunteer coordinator is also in charge of recruiting and selecting volunteers. A volunteer coordinator is one who enjoys watching a project run its course from beginning to end.

Volunteer coordinators should have good communications skills.

Average 2018 Volunteer Coordinator salary: $27,345

90. Volunteer Services Director job description: A volunteer services director establishes goals for a volunteer program. They may manage a volunteer program budget and create evaluation tools for volunteer programs and compile and maintain statistical information for a volunteer program. They may collaborate with community groups and organizations to coordinate public information and promotional activities.

Volunteer services directors should have good organizing skills.

Average 2018 Volunteer Services Director salary: $27,345

Psychology Majors Obtain Job Skills Employers Value:

National surveys from sources such as the National Association of Colleges and Employers and Hart Research Associates show many employers value skills sets such as problem solving and critical thinking, skill sets psychology majors develop.

Problem solving skills: Companies need employees with the skills to solve an array of small and large problems occurring on a daily basis.

Psychology major's training: They learn how to frame questions, create processes to evaluate questions, then evaluate the data to make conclusions. Psychology majors develop skills in scientific problem solving through courses in statistics and research methods.

Critical thinking skills: Companies seek employees who have the skills to effectively evaluate situations they encounter at the workplace. This involves diagnosing and evaluating various options when dealing with problems or issues. It also involves identifying mistakes in reasoning. Many managers want employees to come to them with a solution for a problem not just a problem.

Psychology major's training: Psychology students deal with research which supports different theoretical explanations; they evaluate different points of view, they evaluate information and try to make reasoned explanations for human behavior.

Information from multiple sources: Many jobs require finding, organizing and assessing information effectively.

Psychology major's training: Psychology students find, gather, summarize, analyze and determine the relevancy of information to a specific problem or issue from multiple sources.

Verbal and written communications skills: Coming up with great ideas at the workplace is not enough, employees need to know how to effectively communicate their ideas. Employees need to clearly express ideas, especially to people working in other departments. Employees with excellent communications skills increase their value to a company.

Psychology major's training: Psychology majors write numerous papers and take classes requiring discussions. They lean how to substantiate their arguments through referencing evidence from their research.
There's an array of psychology major jobs in a wide range of industries.


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