The Best Online Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology Programs

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When you get an online bachelor’s in organizational psychology degree, you learn to apply the science of human behavior to organizations and businesses. The degree offers a multidisciplinary education in human resources, business, management, and psychology. Earning an organizational psychology degree online prepares you for a rewarding and lucrative career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), graduates with a bachelor’s degree in organizational psychology can become management analysts and earn a median salary of $82,450. Many students later earn a master's degree in psychology or a master's in organizational psychology so they can work as industrial organizational psychologists.

Featured Online Schools

The Best Online Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology Degree Programs

  1. Brandman University

    Irvine, CA

    Brandman University’s bachelor of arts in psychology program has an industrial/organizational concentration that prepares students for applying practical psychology in the workplace. This degree is geared toward students who want to apply their psychology degree in business environments. While completing the organizational psychology degree online, learners take 48 pyschology credits and 15 concentration credits. Students specialize in classes on theory and leadership, personnel psychology, organizational psychology, career development, and psychological measurement.

    The program is designed for students with at least 12 transferable college credits and is offered online or in a hybrid format through Brandman’s 23 campuses. Students can earn their degree in three to four years, depending on their number of transfer credits from regionally accredited colleges.

  2. Concordia University – Irvine

    Irvine, CA

    Concordia University – Irvine designs its onlinebachelor of science in organizational psychologyprogram for working professionals who want to learn about human behavior within businesses and corporations. Many students go on to earn their master’s degree, or apply skills in their workplace. This 42–credit online organizational psychology degree requires students to take classes in organizational behavior, Christian and contemporary culture, social psychology, business ethics, and employee motivation and attitude theory.

    The 18–month, accelerated program is completely online. Students have the opportunity to virtually engage with professors and classmates through live lectures and discussions. The coursework runs synchronously with once–a–week, two–hour online class sessions. Learners who have 45 or more transferable credits can take general education and major credits.

  3. Eastern Kentucky University

    Richmond, KY

    The College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences at Eastern Kentucky University provides a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and professional program options across diverse fields of study. The College houses several departments, including the Department of Psychology. Through online program options, student organizations, field experience opportunities, and research, the College serves students in meeting their personal and professional goals.

    Through the EKU Online platform, the Department of Psychology offers an online bachelor’s degree in psychology with a workplace psychology concentration. This degree provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the application of psychological theories and procedures to the workplace.

    This program explores the science of workplace psychology and introduces students to topics including personnel policies and administration, performance management, organizational theory, occupational health and leadership. EKU’s curriculum blends academic and professional preparation through course topics such as social psychology, psychology of personality, industrial/organizational psychology, and tests and measurements.

    The program is 100% online, requires 120 credit hours, and utilizes eight–week course terms.

  4. Florida Institute of Technology - Online

    Melbourne, FL

    A private research college based in Melbourne, FIT is home to an extensive distance education program that offers a strong online business management degree. The online bachelor’s degree in applied psychology has an organizational psychology concentration that focuses on applying psychological principles and methods to challenges in the workplace. A 121–credit program, offered 100% online, students will discover the essential competencies of effective leadership, such as conflict management, communication facilitation, and group and team leadership.

    Students also examine the nature of leadership, culture, aggression and stigmas within the workplace. They also learn about the complex interactions and issues related to management, employee recruitment, selection and promotion, training and development, and organizational effectiveness. The program also covers the application, psychometrics and legal considerations of personality, cognition and other forms of selection testing.

    Students with BA in Applied Psychology Organizational Psychology can pursue career options in a range of professional fields, including labor relations specialist, human resources director, vocational specialist and organizational management consultant

  5. Keiser University

    Fort Lauderdale, FL

    In addition to face–to–face classes, Keiser’s Fort Lauderdale location offers a selection of online programs, including an online bachelor’s degree in psychology. As a military–friendly school, Keiser boasts an admissions team exclusively dedicated to serving military members.

    Students earning their BA in psychology complete 120 credits of coursework, including 18 credits of lower division psychology courses, 12 credits of upper–division psychology courses, 36 credits of lower–division general education courses, and 21 credits of concentration courses. All psychology students must complete two major prerequisites: introduction to psychology and statistics.

    Students choose from the following four concentrations: human services, developmental psychology, business, or healthcare and fitness. Concentrations allow students to focus their studies on an area of interest that informs their career goals. Sample courses in each concentration include forensic psychology, human exceptionality, industrial/organizational psychology, and coaching and team building. Students concentrating in human services or healthcare and fitness may earn up to six credits through a psychology internship experience related to their concentration.

  6. Post University

    Waterbury, CT

    Post University’s 100–percent online bachelor’s degree in psychology with concentration in organizational studies provides students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of psychology. It also offers the opportunity to explore various sub–fields that prepare students for fulfilling psychology jobs, such as group home worker, case manager, mental health technician or paraprofessional. Many graduates from Post University’s psychology program go on to pursue their master’s degree at Post University to further advance their careers in counseling, research, education or business settings.

    The psychology program will also help students refine critical thinking, collaboration, oral and written expression, interpersonal effectiveness, and social maturity. As part of this 120–credit program, students can complete a 12–credit–hour organizational students concentration with a focus on human personality, motivation and group dynamics and how these factors influence workplace interactions, leadership, and productivity.

  7. Touro University Worldwide

    Los Alamitos, CA

    One of four schools at Tuoro University Worldwide, the School of Psychology provides undergraduate, graduate, and professional options for studying the field. In keeping with the mission of the university, the School of Psychology serves non–traditional students through flexible online programs and a variety of resources.

    The School of Psychology offers a bachelor of arts in Psychology with a concentration in industrial/organizational psychology. Provides students with the skills necessary to apply psychological principles and concepts to the workforce. The concentration in Industrial/Organizational psychology allows students to pursue careers where they assist organizations with improving employee performance and addressing employee occupational needs.

    The Industrial/Organizational curriculum in the BAPsy Program combines the problem–solving skills necessary for students to work in occupational settings for profit and non–profit organizations or pursue graduate level courses in industrial/organizational psychology. The bachelor’s degree program requires 120–credit hours, with nine to 12 credit hours spent on the I/O concentration.

  8. Walden University

    Minneapolis, MN

    Walden University, an online, for–profit university established in 1970, offers numerous online degree programs, including an online bachelor’s degree in psychology with a workplace psychology concentration. In this concentration, students explore the workplace applications of industrial and organizational psychology. The Workplace Psychology concentration prepares students to address 21st–century workplace challenges, such as basic performance analysis, leadership principles, legal issues and ethical matters.

    The bachelor’s degree program requires the completion of 181 quarter credits, with 25 credits dedicated to the workplace psychology concentration. Transfer students are eligible to transfer up to 135 credits, whereas 45 credits must be completed at Walden to earn a bachelor’s degree.

  9. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Chicago

    Chicago, IL

    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology provides education rooted in its commitment to innovation, service, and community.

    The Chicago School offers an online bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in business psychology. Students enrolled in The Chicago School’s B.A. in Psychology, Business Psychology Minor online program will build a foundation in the principles of providing solutions that maximize organizational performance. Guided by practitioner faculty, students will explore topics such as organization development, workplace motivation and satisfaction, and human resource development and management.

    In addition to being qualified to pursue a graduate degree, Business Psychology graduates of this program can utilize the skills that they have learned in a variety of business–centered professions, including global organization, nonprofit organization, and government.

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Choosing an Online Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology Degree Program

An online organizational psychology degree introduces students to the core principles of psychology and teaches theoretical applications in the workplace. A student’s personal interests and career ambitions should influence which program they choose to attend. Each college offers different courses, but most programs have foundational courses that introduce basic psychological principles and theories.

Early in the program, students take courses, such as introduction to psychology, which builds critical thinking, analytical writing, and problem–solving skills. While in the program, students learn to improve internal processes within organizations. Classes like personnel psychology discuss how people interact both individually and within groups in a work setting. These classes prepare graduates for work as social and human service assistants or labor relations specialists.

Aside from the core coursework, students can choose concentrations to tailor their online organizational psychology degree to their interests. Concentrations include social work, human resources, and marketing.

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Featured Online Schools

What Else Can I Expect From an Online Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology Program?

Online organizational psychology degrees offer varying curricula. Students should research programs to ensure courses match their interests and career goals. Continue reading for more information on common classes and career outcomes.

Curriculum for an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Psychology

Personnel Psychology
This course focuses on people in the workplace. Students learn to apply psychological theories and principles to help employees and organizations. This course prepares students to work in human resources or management.
Introduction to Career Development
Introduction to career development teaches students to help individuals assess their skills and grow in their careers. This class benefits students interested in career counseling.
Organizational Psychology
Organizational psychology provides an introductory education to human behavior in the workplace. Students learn about recruiting, managing, and supporting employees. This course offers the fundamental skills needed to become a social science research assistant.
Theory and Practice of Leadership
Students learn through hands–on experience to build practical leadership skills for various working environments. This course prepares students for careers in human resources or management.
Team Building and Development
This class teaches students to use team building strategies to foster trust, build interpersonal dynamics, and resolve workplace conflicts. This class prepares students to work as social and human service assistants or in management.
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Careers with a Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology

Earning an organizational psychology degree online prepares graduates for jobs in training and development, marketing, business, and human resources. Jobs in industrial organizational psychology appeal to individuals who enjoy helping employees. Graduates can find work in public and private sectors.

Social and Human Service Assistants
Social and human service assistants help children, the elderly, veterans, and those with addiction or disabilities access services and benefits. They also provide follow up services. Employers in social and human services commonly require that candidates have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Median Annual Salary: $33,120
  • Projected Growth Rate: 16%
Training and Development Specialists
Training and development specialists provide training to employees. They write and design training manuals, online programs, and in-person classes. Training and development specialists assess a company’s organizational operations to determine where training is needed. Training and development specialists need a bachelor’s degree.
  • Median Annual Salary: $60,360
  • Projected Growth Rate: 11%
Management Analysts
Management analysts work with staff as consultants on a contractual basis. They can work for healthcare centers, government agencies, or corporations. These individuals observe employees and operations and then recommend ways to increase productivity, improve organizational efficiency, and increase profits. Management analysts must have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Median Annual Salary: $82,450
  • Projected Growth Rate: 14%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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