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In a lot of ways, online college is quite different than traditional college. Whether you’re earning an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree online, you can attend class from anywhere, work on your own schedule, and wear whatever you want—even those zebra-striped cargo pants that you know look awful but are super comfortable and have tons of convenient pockets. So life for online students is a little different. But there is one thing we all have in common, whether we’re taking classes online or on campus—Thanksgiving Break. That’s right. Whether you attend lectures in person or log-in to videoconference with your professor, this is a time of year when we all get a few days off to reflect on the things we’re thankful for.

If you’re an online college student, and it seems like all the homecoming parades, campus parties, and coffee-shop cramming sessions are reserved for traditional colleges students, we’ve got a special Thanksgiving treat for you. We’re serving up a cornucopia stuffed to its wicker capacity with tasty tips to make any online college student thankful.

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Otherwise, read on and stuff yourself with amazing tips portioned out just for online students:

Tips for Online Students

As an online student, you’re dealing with the usual challenges most students face, like exams, deadlines, and grades. But you also face a set of challenges unique to online education. Working on your own terms and from the venue of your choice is awesome, but succeeding this way can also require some adjustments. Make sure you’re doing all you can to capitalize on your opportunities as an online student by checking out these tips. Some are tailor-made for your online experience, and others are pretty useful no matter how you attend your classes.

Comprehensive Resources for Online Students

If you need more than just tips, check out some of our expansive resources. We do our best to cover every dimension of the online student experience, from choosing the best online college to paying for your education; from selecting the right major to turning that major into a career. Dig in to our resources. Don’t worry. They’re big but easy to navigate. Our goal is to simplify the process while offering you as much current information as we can. Consider these various resources as roadmaps for your journey through online college.

Online College Tips for Unique Student Groups

For some of you, online college is more than just a convenient and flexible way to study. For some, it’s the only way. Whether you’re remotely stationed on a military assignment or balancing your online degree with the responsibilities of parenting; whether you’re working to advance your credentials without taking time off from work or you’re managing a disability that makes travel difficult, online college can be an amazing portal to opportunity. Check out our tips for unique student demographics and make sure you’re getting the most out of your online degree program.

Online Degree Overviews

If you’re considering entering into an online degree program, or jumping from your current program to the next level, find out more about the types of degrees, the courses of study, and the career opportunities connected to each online degree level. Read on and decide just how far you’d like to take your online education.

Finding the Best Online School

And if you’re just beginning your online college journey, we’ve got a couple good starting points for you. Keep in mind as you search that in-state rates may still apply, even if you’re attending online college. (That’s certainly something to be thankful for!) Dig in to some of our juiciest ranking lists and find the best school for you:

Making the Most of Your Thanksgiving Holiday

I love Thanksgiving. I love the wooly sweaters, the seasonally-themed sitcom episodes, and the first hint of chimney smoke in the air.

I love how it’s a Thursday pretending to be a Sunday, replete with feasting, football, and a feeling of contented, post-gorging laziness. I love the purplish sunsets, the evening chill, the impending crackle of winter, the way those four days span like a candied, carved, and cranberried bridge into the whole-hog holiday season.

But you don’t have to be sentimental like us to at least appreciate a four-day weekend. (Our sympathy to those of you bound for retail work on Black Friday, and our gratitude to all emergency workers, first responders, and other essential service providers who work right through the holiday weekend.)

Ok, that aside, if you’re a student with four days off, this is truly something to be grateful for. This holiday is a sumptuous engagement of the senses. But it goes fast. I think we can all agree that the Monday after Thanksgiving break is always the coldest and darkest morning ever. I only bring it up because as soon as this little vacation is over, you’re wrapped up in the final leg of your marathon semester.

Even online college can be a grind. This is why it’s so important to take your time off seriously. Recharge, both physically and emotionally. That big holiday meal isn’t just delicious. It’s also probably the heartiest thing you’ve had to eat all semester—so say the Pop-Tart crumbs in your keyboard.

Pull yourself away from the computer. Have a huge meal with friends and family. Then, have a bunch of awesome leftover-turkey sessions. Avoid online libraries and lecture videos. Watch a parade, sleep late, or relax with a crossword puzzle. The important thing is that you take a reprieve from your daily routine. We even made a mixtape to get you in a grateful mood. Give yourself this time to be replenished…especially because after turkey and pumpkin pie, Final Exams are the next thing on the menu.

Enjoy and indulge this Thanksgiving, then get yourself back in gear with:

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