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Brittany Wagner Bridging the Gap

Last Change U's Brittany Wagner The true hero of Netflix's Last Chance U isn't the coach, and it's not a student. It's the little lady in a cramped office listening, guiding, and coaxing student athletes through the most challenging times of their life. Like most academic advisors, Brittany Wagner is unacustomed to fame or celebrity, but she's a critical player in helping her college athletes—and their teams— succeed. Listen in as we discuss her recent fame, what got her to this point in life, and more.

Fergie Jenkins A Lifetime Winner

Ferguson JenkinsWhile Major League pitchers are a breed apart, the gentle six-foot-five Fergie Jenkins stands out more than most. A nearly perfect pitcher, Jenkins struck out over 3,000 batters and allowed less than 1,000 walks during his entire career. For Fergie, every pitch against a batter was an opportunity to win against an opponent. Listen in as we explore just what constitutes the mind and attitude of a lifetime winner…

Dr. Ben Carson On Education

Dr. Ben CarsonWe caught up with Dr. Carson at the annual awards banquet of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Carson Scholars Fund, held on May 24, 2015, at Heinz Field on the majestic Three Rivers point in downtown Pittsburgh. In this wide-ranging interview, Dr. Carson addresses topics from education reform, to freedom of thought in American universities, to the value of reading to developing a child's mind.

Andy Schmidt Superhero Educator

Andy Schmidt Hero ImageAndy Schmidt, former substitute teacher and adjunct professor, founded Comics Experience in 2007 to educated aspiring comic book authors, illustrators, inkers, marketers, and pretty much anybody else with a love for art of comics. David A. Tomar's discussion with Andy produced an enlightening look into comics, education, and the point in our culture where the two intersect.


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