How to Get Involved in Campus Activities

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College life is busy. Sometimes it seems as though you couldn’t possibly have any more on your plate. Nonetheless, getting involved in student activities is something that can make your college experience richer and more educational. While it might take up time, the benefits are worth it. Here are a few key things to consider before getting involved:

Do What You Enjoy

College is a place to experience new things and learn what you enjoy. Student activities are a great way to get involved, providing a break from the stress of classes and adding a recreational element to your education. Make the most of your college experience by surrounding yourself with fun people and endeavors. Find student activities that align with your passions and see what they’re all about. Better yet, start a group or club that you enjoy and that you feel others could benefit from.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

As I said, it’s important to choose student activities that you enjoy, but you never know unless you try, right? That’s why it’s important to choose activities that push you out of your comfort zone as well. Surround yourself with new ideas, unfamiliar experiences, interesting people and other cultures. All of these things can help shape your career path. You might discover something you truly enjoy far away from the classroom or lecture hall. While it might seem scary, pushing your own comfort limits will lead to a richer college experience.

Meet New People

As you enter college, you might worry about finding the right group of friends. Don’t sweat it. Everybody feels that way! However, participating in student activities is an awesome way to meet new people. Not only will this help you to find your kindred spirits, but you’ll also learn to deal with different kinds of people in a variety of situations. Becoming involved in student activities can greatly increase leadership and social skills. Perhaps the biggest benefit of finding the right group or activity, however, is the feeling that you are truly at home on campus and within your school’s community.

Expand Your Résumé

Student activities are also a great way to build your résumé. Showing future employers what groups you’ve been a part of, or even led, looks great and can be extremely beneficial when you're seeking employment. It helps to show employers that you’re able to handle responsibility, are a hard worker, and that you get along well with people.

Don’t Overdo It

While student activities are a great way to get involved, don’t spread yourself thin. It may be tempting to join every group or club that comes your way, but you should be smart about which ones to join and which ones would be better left for another time. Choose the activities you feel are best for you, but remember that your education comes first. If your student activities are negatively impacting the rest of your college experience, think about joining a group that doesn’t consume so much time yet still aligns with your passions. Your time is precious. Use it wisely!

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