A Killer Playlist for Your Halloween Throwdown

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When you were a kid, it was all about the candy, and that adorable little costume parade during elementary school recess, and possibly pulling off a prank so scary that it made your little brother soil himself.

It was such an innocent holiday.

Now that you’re in college, Halloween is more popular than ever, but it is decidedly not innocent. On-campus Halloween is a Dionysian celebration of hedonistic consumption and exposed skin.

We’re not here to judge. College is your time to get weird, and there really is no better occasion. The combination of costumed pageantry and massive sugar intake means that everybody gets kind of weird for one day out of the year. Weird is good.

The bottom line: if you’re planning to party this weekend, we support you. Of course, we advise you in the strongest possible terms to educate yourself on the dangers of binge-drinking. If you aren’t exactly clear on what that means, check out Campus Alcohol Consumption: Let’s Get Real.

We urge you to party responsibly.

But there’s more to partying responsibly than just limiting your spooky punch intake. A serious and overlooked campus issue surfaces every year around this time and, left unchecked, it could do incalculable damage to your Halloween throwdown.

I speak, of course, of poor playlisting.

You know what I’m talking about. You’re at a party. It’s an early summer’s eve, perfect for some low-key trip-hop, maybe some Latin Jazz, possibly a touch of Isaac Hayes. Blink-182 Album Cover. And then the person in charge of the music queues up that super-rare Blink-182 Christmas album that only the hardcore fans know about.

You’ve been removed completely from the headspace of a sweet summer night. The DJ has blown it.

Well, we’re not going to let that happen to you this Halloween. By God, I won’t abide the tragedy of an All Hallow’s Eve without at least one spin of “Thriller,” or a costume party that witnesses the playing of any fewer than two songs by the Blue Öyster Cult, or a setlist that doesn’t work the score from a classic horror flick into the mix. These things can make a party, just as the decision to let a Coldplay album play all the way through can break a party.

If you find yourself at a late night celebration of the macabre, and the musical situation has run afoul of the season’s proper spirit, this is your chance to intervene. Don’t be the victim of poor party playlisting. Be the hero that shows up at a party with a plug-and-play mix of Halloween’s greatest hits.

Follow us on Spotify or just queue up the list here to hijack your party’s music hookup. Trust me. You’re doing it for the greater good.

Oh and just remember, it might get a little weird. After all, this is Halloween. Enjoy!

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