Candy, Costumes, and College Exams—Test-Taking Tips for a Happy Halloween!

Hero Image - Candy, Costumes, and College Exams—Test-Taking Tips for a Happy Halloween!

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Halloween is a big deal in college. It’s one of the first major party weeks of the young semester. From costume concepts to party plans, you’ve got a lot of really important stuff on your mind. That stuff is complicated by the fact that you also have exams. Fittingly, midterms always tend to creep up during this season of dread and horror. But we’re here to temper the terror. We’ve got tons of great study strategies and test-taking tips to help you coast through your midterms so you can focus on having a Happy Halloween!

It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming each other to a new semester. Suddenly, the leaves are fluttering from the trees and exams lurk around every corner like ghosts, witches, and demon clowns. Where does the time ago?

But this is no time to get sentimental. It’s Halloween, a time to face our fears and embrace the terrors that haunt our nightmares. Of course, I speak not just of staring gleefully into the eyes death as we do every All Hallow’s Eve, but also of facing your exams boldly, without trepidation or procastination.

Halloween is a time of great irony. It’s one of the first real party weeks of the semester. The proliferation of sugar, booze, and revealing attire makes for a loose and zany learning environment. But with all the color, candy, and costumes surrounding you, it can be easy to forget just how heavy your workload is, how many exams you have to rock out, how early you have to get up tomorrow…

Actually, that’s kind of the point.

Like Batman and Chinese Food delivery, Halloween arrives exactly when you need it most. You've been grinding pretty hard, and this holiday is about cutting loose, pretending to be somebody else so you can forget your responsiblities for a night or two. And we recommend that you do it. After all, you’re too old to trick or treat. You need to get your kicks where you can.

But you must earn that privilege. You must crush your midterms first. I know it seems like a lot. You have to decorate your dorm, come up with a costume, make eyeball punch for the party, and study for your exams all at once. But you’re in college now. You have to balance these priorities like an adult.

Since you’ve got a ton on your plate, we’re here to help. Read on for study strategies, test-taking tips, and Halloween hacks!

 Prepping for Exam Season

There’s a whole lot more to exams than just late-night cramming and #2 pencils. Exams come in clusters, take many different forms, and usually coincide with a few pretty important writing assignments too. Facing that kind of workload requires stamina, focus, and an intangible skill that we'll call mental elasticity. The point is, you must put yourself in the right frame of mind for success. That requires preparation.

Make sure you’re doing everything you can in the days leading up to your exams to improve your odds of success. This means creating a study schedule you can keep, coordinating this schedule around review sessions, and perhaps even making plans to form a study group with your classmates. But wait, there’s more. Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep, eating well, and of course, that whatever device you use as an alarm clock is in full working order.

Naturally, your prep strategy will depend in part on whether you’ll be taking your exams in person or online. Either way, now is the time to get your game face on. Check out the following resources as you ready for exam season:

 Studying for Your Exams

Now that you’re prepped for the season, what about the actual process of studying? Granted, this is something we all like to do in our own way. Maybe you’re a quiet library type of person. Perhaps you focus best in a buzzing coffee shop. Maybe you prefer to speed-read while blasting industrial house beats in the recesses of your basement.

Whatever works for you. That’s why we have a wide range of tips on how to approach studying:

In addition to tips on how to study, we have all kinds of materials to help you with the study process.

 The Balancing Act

Now that you’re knee-deep in study, you might be feeling the pressure just a little bit. That’s ok. It’s a lot. Even if you’ve taken all the steps to prepare, and you’re mastering the material, there’s only so much hour on the clock. So how can you make the most of it without losing your cool?

When it comes to exam prep, most of us feel like we have a shortage of time and a surplus of stress. It helps to learn effective strategies for managing both your time and your stress. We’ve got a few tips, as well as some important information about where to turn when you need help:

 Your College Halloween Celebration

We hope the resources and tips above help take the terror out of your tests so that you can focus on the horror of your Halloween. That’s why we’re all here right. If you do everything right, Halloween will be an occasion to catch your breath and focus on having a good time.

So break out your best (or barest) costume idea, party responsibly, and check out these tips for a Happy Halloween on your college campus:

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