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Happy holidays! If you’re anything like us, you’re filled with mirth, merriment and way too much sugar. We love this time of year. Winter break is almost here. Even as the temperature dips outside, the promise of a little vacation nurtures a warming glow within. Sure, the stores are too crowded, the music is insufferable and people drive even worse than usual. But everything is bright, twinkly, and cozy like fleece footy pajamas.

And then…the holidays are over. We wake up on January 2nd with a thud. It's dark. It’s frigid. It’s the part of winter that doesn’t come with cookies, tinsel, or good cheer. There’s just school, work, and icy cold.

Damn you reality! (*shakes fist dramatically at the sky.)

Lucky for you, the holiday never really ends here at The Quad. We’re huge sports fans, which actually makes this the most wonderful time of the year. College Bowl Games; The Super Bowl, and before you know it, March Madness! We cram all of that sporting competition into the three months between Winter Solstice and the first thawing of Spring. Sounds like there are plenty of reasons for good cheer if you ask us.

And even if you didn’t ask us, we want you to be as excited as we are, whether you’re a crazy spectator, an NCAA athlete, a budding eSports competitor, apprentice to your school’s superstar mascot, or even an aspiring sports professional with little to no athletic ability (pssst…we’ve got job ideas for you!)

Whatever gets you in the game, puts your butt in the stands, moves your thumb on the remote control…we’ve got it here. If you’re looking for a way to blow off the winter blues, start with The Quad’s…EYE ON SPORTS (booming announcer voice implied.)

Yeah, now that you’re sufficiently jacked up, let’s go down to the field. Check out these features, degree programs, and tips for athletes and sports fans of all kinds:

 Tips for Student Athletes

Whether you’re planning to play sports in college, you’re already an NCAA athlete, or you’re a parent looking for any way to give your kid a leg up in college sports, we’ve got tips to get you there. Looking for an athletic scholarship? Working on your recruitment strategy? Looking for ways to play sports while going to online college? We’ve got great advice, links to critical resources, and some important features on making sure you compete to the best of your abilities. And of course, we rank the very best NCAA Division I athletics programs for women and men. Read on to get in the game!

 Sports Degrees for Non-Athletes

Looking for killer courtside seats? The next best thing to being an athlete is studying for a career in sports. In fact, it could be the best thing. The average NFL career is just over three years. On the other hand, you could devote your entire professional life to something like coaching, management, or sports medicine. This is a great way to get involved if, for instance, you love basketball but you aren’t seven feet tall; if you love football but you don’t love getting pummeled into the ground; if you’re all about track and field but the other day you tried to jump over a discarded grocery bag and sprained your ankle. You don’t need to be an athlete to earn a degree in sports. You just need to excel in one of these subjects:

 A Career in Sports

If you’re looking for a career in sports but you’re not quite sure where you fit in, we do have a few suggestions. Find out if there’s a career in physical therapy, athletic training, or coaching in your future. We’re guessing you already know which of these jobs has the highest pay ceiling. Check out our list of 2018’s highest paid coaches. It’ll give you something to reach for, even if your first gig is coaching an amateur men’s league of over-40 curlers.

 eSports and Video Games

Stop wasting your life playing video games…and start making the most of your life playing video games. Competitive gaming has emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry. Colleges and universities are taking notice. Schools have begun to field teams, recruit top-level gamers, and even award scholarships. If your sport of choice involves a keyboard, controller or joystick (we’re all about the vintage here), this could actually be your ticket to college. And like traditional sports, competitive gaming is surrounded by a huge industry of programmers, designers, and other creative types. Check out these degrees and become one of them:

 Fun and Games

If you’re just here because you’re a huge sports fan, that’s cool too. Frankly, that’s why we’re here. My basketball skills are somewhere between my skills as a forklift operator and my ability to speak German…two things I’ve never done. But I still love the sport. I also love March Madness…and not just because I’m a degenerate gambler. The great thing about college sports is that each of us gets to be part of a team, even if we aren’t exactly Division I athletes ourselves. And besides, you don’t need to be a star quarterback to get in the game. You can join an intramural club, play in the marching band, or put on a giant fuzzy head and caper around the sidelines (hopefully as an officially-sanctioned mascot and not just a crazy person in a bunny suit):

And for all the great college athletes, aspiring sports professionals, and spectators alike, we’ll close with these 10 moments of athletic zen.

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