Business Administration — From College to Career

A degree in business administration will prepare you to fill leadership roles in small businesses, large corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies. While some professions may come and go based on the current market and technological advancements, organizations always need qualified, effective leaders.

At the associate degree level, you’ll develop the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level work in sales, office administration, or management. At the bachelor’s or master’s degree level, you’ll prepare to pursue or advance a career in organizational leadership. At the doctoral level, you’ll earn the highest degree in your field, as well as expert knowledge applicable to business practice, research, or academia.

Many business administration programs come with a variety of specialization options, allowing you to focus your studies toward achieving niche professional goals, such as information technology, marketing, or finance. Whatever the chosen path, if you seek to build a successful career in business, a degree in business administration provides an excellent starting place.

With plenty of online degree programs available, earning a degree in business administration has never been easier. Especially for small business owners looking to better manage or even expand their business, or busy professionals in entry-level management jobs looking to climb the corporate ladder, online business administration programs can provide great value, flexibility, and convenience.

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Career Opportunities

For an idea of what you can do with a degree in business administration, and how much you can earn doing it, check out the following data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS identifies common careers for business administration degree holders, as well as median annual salaries for 2017 and job outlook growth predictions for the period 2016–26:

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