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In addition to helping students find the best online degree for their situation, TheBestSchools.org seeks to aid students in successful completion of those degrees. We have compiled a list of learning tools which cover a wide range of topics.

Here are some of our most popular learning tools:

The Best ACT and SAT Test Prep ProgramsYour SAT and ACT Prep Source So you know you need to take the SAT or ACT.... You dread it, but want to ace it! Find the best ACT/SAT test prep solution for you! We've reviewed and ranked the best online tutoring services, self-guided study material, and in-person classes to help you crush the ACT or SAT!

e-learningSavvy Student's Guide to Online Education is for the students interested in distance learning classes, but ask whether it's right for them. We've covered the most relevant points to consider as you decide if this is a learning tool that will meet your needs.

chapter-5-debating-ideas-fb2The Savvy Student's Guide to Study Skills is designed for any student who realizes that there's always room for improvement. Learning more about the essential academic and life skills discussed in our Savvy Student's Guide to Study Skills can be your ticket to success.

WorldCat library search engineWorldCat Library Search Engine WorldCat is the most comprehensive online listing of libraries worldwide in one site. Find the material you need for your studies, whether in school or out!

SmartphonesLearning Tool: Stay Organized, with a Smartphone provides tips to help you maximize the utility of your smartphone. Take control of your semester with the power of your smartphone!

lost focusLearning Tool: 10 Study Tips for ADD/ADHD Students lays out 10 tips to help ADD/ADHD students, or any restless, easily distracted students, succeed. These tips have proven helpful for most students, ADD or not. Most likely, you will find a tip to help you!

The American Colonists LibraryLearning Tool: Early American History The AMERICAN COLONISTS LIBRARY is a comprehensive collection of the literature and documents that most directly impacted the thought and lives of America's colonists in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Learning Tool: Introductory EthicsControversial Ethical Topics outlines 12 current controversial ethical issues in America. Students and professors alike will find paper topic ideas, summaries, and links to major sources.

Learning Tool: Introductory LogicLogic Notes An extensive note packet to supplement 100-level Introductory Logic courses. The material is mostly based off of Copi and Cohen Introduction to Logic, Hurley's Concise Introduction to Logic, or Geisler and Brooks, Come Let Us Reason.

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