Introductory Logic Notes, Examples, and Explanations

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These logic notes, examples, and explanations primarily supplement texts that many professors consider to be standard introductory logic texts. With these searchable notes, you can quickly find concise explanations and examples to help you understand key concepts.

A Note from the Author

This packet is intended as a study guide only and is meant to supplement, not replace, introductory level logic courses. These notes have served me well in teaching introductory courses in logic at the undergraduate level, but could also supplement middle school or high school classes covering the same material. This packet is not, however, suited to intermediate logic, modal logic, Boolean logic, or other more advanced matters in logic (Fuzzy Logic, Mathematical Logic, etc.) but is instead geared primarily towards classical Aristotelean logic and informal logical fallacies. Suggested logic texts to accompany this packet may include but are not limited to: Copi and Cohen Introduction to Logic, Hurley's Concise Introduction to Logic, or Geisler and Brooks, Come Let Us Reason.

---John D. Ferrer, June 2014

Logic Course Notes, Examples, and Explanations

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