The 50 greatest living artists have been chosen because they exalt the human spirit through the creation of elegantly expressive objects and movingly modulated performances.

Lose yourself in these beautiful works and performances.

Each list consists of 10 persons in each of five categories: Dance and Drama; Film; Literature; Music; and Painting, Sculpture, and Related Media.

Within each category, the lists are alphabetical. Each individual's country and year of birth, as well as primary field of artistic endeavor, are given in parentheses. Note: When the name of an artist's birth country has changed, we give the name it had in the year of his birth first, with the current name afterwards, in square brackets.

In the performing arts categories (Dance and Drama; Music), not only authors (playwrights, choreographers, composers), but also performers (dancers, actors, singers, instrumentalists) are represented, as well as a few directors and conductors.

Whatever their individual differences, collectively these 50 artists demonstrate that in our day—rumors to the contrary notwithstanding—beauty is not dead.

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Greatest Living Painting, Sculpture, and Related Media Artists

1Jaroslava Brychtová

(Czechoslovakia[Czech Republic], 1924; sculptor)

The video below shows an installation of Libenský and Brychtová's work from the year 2000.

Jaroslava Brychtová is a Czech sculptor. She worked in close cooperation with her husband, the Czech painter and glass artist Stanslav Libenský, until his death in 2002.

Libenský would would paint and sketch the designs for their joint works, which Brychtová would then realize as clay sculptures. Since her husband's death, Brychtová has continued to work on her own. The couple, who began their long collaboration in 1954, were married in 1963.

Brychtová's sculptures often take the form of simple geometric solids, rendered more intriguing by the subtle use of color and slight imperfections in the shapes. Over the years, she has introduced and made original use of rounded shapes in her sculptures. An example of the latter

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