David A. Tomar's Academic Ghostwriting Trilogy

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David-A-Tomar_BWIn November 2010, the Chronicle of Higher Education (CHE) published an explosive exposé about the increasingly popular practice of college students commissioning and turning in ghostwritten papers.

The controversial CHE article, entitled "The Shadow Scholar," created a firestorm. In its online version, it would become the most-accessed piece in the CHE's history.

The author of "The Shadow Scholar" was listed as Ed Dante. The world has since learned that Ed Dante is David A. Tomar. In the intervening years, Tomar has turned the tables on the academic ghostwriting business, becoming its most perceptive critic and effective debunker.

* * *

TheBestSchools.org is therefore proud to announce the publication of three new articles by Mr. Tomar.

All three of these deeply researched and authoritative pieces focus on the problem of academic ghostwriting in America today---who participates in it, why it occurs, and what can be done about it:

1. David A. Tomar Interview

In TheBestSchools.org's exclusive interview with Mr. Tomar, the author fills us in on his personal background, relates for us his decade-long stint as a professional ghostwriter, describes his subsequent efforts to curb academic cheating and reclaim academic integrity, and shares his insights into American higher education from the unusual vantages he has occupied.

2. Detecting and Deterring Ghostwritten Papers: A Guide to Best Practices

This extensive article is designed to be a state-of-the-art resource for college professors and other classroom teachers. If you are such a teacher, this essay will provide you with the tools you need to detect ghostwriting that may already be occurring in your classes, as well as recommendations for practical steps to take to minimize your exposure to ghostwriting in the future.

ghostwriter-at-work3. The Ghostwriting Business: Trade Standards, Practices, and Secrets

This article describes the nuts and bolts of the academic ghostwriting industry. If you are a college professor and want to know what you are up against, you need to understand your opponent, the academic ghostwriter---his natural habitat, how he works, how he thinks. This essay is your guide to all aspects of the academic ghostwriting business in America today. An appendix lists the URLs of over 300 currently active academic ghostwriting websites.

* * *

We believe that together these three articles comprise the best resource on academic ghostwriting available on the Internet today---or anywhere else for that matter. Written in a distinctive and witty voice, they are not only deeply insightful but also highly entertaining.

Our readers may look forward to more work from the pen of David A. Tomar in the near future.

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