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Concluded:Global Warming / Climate Change

David Karoly & William HapperClimate change scientist David Karoly and physicist William Happer are at the center of an ongoing controversy over the nature and extent of the threat posed to humanity by global warming (or climate change). When Karoly is unable to continue, contest winner Glenn Tamblyn contributes his counters to Happer.

Evolution: Is Neo-Darwinism Enough?

Denis Noble & David Sloan Wilson, dialogue on neo-Darwinian evolutionPhysiologist Denis Noble and anthropologist David Sloan Wilson discuss whether or not neo-Darwinism fully explains biological phenomena, especially function, purpose, and goal-directedness in virtually all biological structures and processes.

The Nature of Science

Sheldrake & ShermerTogether, biochemist Rupert Sheldrake and skeptical science historian Michael Shermer covered ground ranging from materialism in science, mental action at a distance, and God and science.

The Historical Reliability of the New Testament

Ehrman & LiconaBiblical scholars Bart Ehrman and Michael Licona find themselves at the center of an ongoing controversy over whether the New Testament provides a reliable historical account of the life, work, and teachings of Jesus. Indeed, the two have clashed on this question on more than one occasion.

Focused Civil Dialogues, the TBS Approach to Controversy

George Orwell QuoteWondering what this is all about? Here we describe the purpose, philosophy, and process behind the Focused Civil Dialogues we conduct here at Not only do we believe that incivility results in further polarization and entrenchment of opposing positions, we believe such discussions need to be focused and coherent. Read on to find out more about how we aim to accomplish that.

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