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Surrounded by colleges, mountains, and employment opportunities, Colorado Springs is a growing community.

Founded in 1871 and planned as a resort community, Colorado Springs offers plenty of allure for tourists, but the city also makes a great permanent home. According to U.S. News & World Report, Colorado Springs consistently ranks as one of the "best places to live" in the country.

Sitting near the base of Pikes Peak mountain, the city features over 60 attractions, including outdoor adventures, parks, and zoos. Colorado Springs is the second-most populous city in Colorado, with a median age under 35 and lower-than-average unemployment rates.

To help aspiring students, military veterans, and any other citizens looking to call the city home, this page explores the best industries and jobs in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs at a Glance

Estimates as of 2019, unless otherwise noted.

How big is Colorado Springs? 478,221 people live in Colorado Springs.
How young is Colorado Springs? 17.5% of the population is in their 20s, while the median age is 35.6.
Is Colorado Springs a growing community? Signs point to yes: the population increased 1.7% in 2018.
How much do people earn? The mean annual salary was $52,360 in 2019.
How cold — and hot — does it get? 31.5° in the winter
69.2° in the summer
How does the cost of living compare to the rest of the United States? 6% lower than the national average

Where to Start

Home to many higher education institutions and military bases and facilities, Colorado Springs welcomes new graduates and military personnel returning to civilian life. When preparing for the job hunt, prospective employees should touch up skills like resume writing and job interview etiquette. Candidates can also access a variety of local career search resources, including:

The various schools and military bases in Colorado Springs also provide helpful resources for job applicants, including job boards and career services assistance.

Highest Paying Careers

The state of Colorado and the city of Colorado Springs offer promising career options for professionals with a degree or sufficient experience. The data below highlights some of the best jobs in Colorado Springs and the surrounding region, along with the projected job growth and salary data for each role.

This data reflects the highest paying careers that do not require a professional degree like an MD or JD. Projected job growth data is for the state of Colorado while salary information is specific to Colorado Springs.

Highest Paying Careers
Career Median Salary (2019) Projected Job Growth (2018-2028)
Chief Executives $181,150 3.7%
Architectural and Engineering Managers $154,870 16.4%
Computer and Information Systems Managers $150,570 25.6%
Sales Managers $138,340 19%
Marketing Managers $131,730 23.2%
Sales Engineers $136,230 18.5%
Financial Managers $131,390 30.1%
Source: BLS, Projections Central

Biggest Industries in Colorado Springs

Over the years, Colorado Springs has become a hotbed for innovation, leading to the development of several key industries. Among other factors, the unique combination of educational opportunities and quality of life helps attract organizations to the region, particularly in industries like manufacturing, cybersecurity, healthcare, and government and defense.

The following sections further explore key industries in Colorado Springs and potential career opportunities.

Healthcare Careers

Colorado Springs' healthcare industry employs more than 11,000 professionals, plus over 27,000 more in the medical innovation field. The city's focus on healthy living, senior healthcare, and athletic performance has led to a major industrial boom.

Bachelor's degree-holders seeking healthcare jobs in Colorado Springs can find opportunities in the clinical laboratory technician and healthcare support occupation professions. For more career support, applicants should connect with Colorado Care Workers Unite.

Education Careers

According to Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, the city is one of the most educated in the country, largely because of its career, recreation, and lifestyle allure. With such a robust education system, the city also offers education career opportunities, such as high school teaching for those with bachelor's degrees and postsecondary teaching positions for those with advanced degrees.

Aspiring education workers can find additional support from local organizations like the Colorado Springs Education Association and the Professional Association of Colorado Educators.

Government Careers

Colorado Springs offers government careers in many sectors, but the military is particularly prevalent, mainly because of the five military installations and command and national defense centers in the city. According to Data USA, more than 9% of the city's population receives military or Veteran Affairs healthcare support, which suggests opportunity may be found in related services.

Other government career possibilities for Colorado Springs residents include health services management for bachelor's graduates and political science for master's graduates.

Aerospace and Defense Careers

Colorado Springs is a global leader in the aerospace and defense industry, hosting major military installations like Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, and the United States Air Force Academy. In total, the city employs 110,000 aerospace professionals.

In addition to aviation careers, candidates in this field can pursue careers in aerospace engineering or computer hardware engineering, which both typically require a bachelor's degree. Interested applicants can find more assistance from the following organizations:

Manufacturing Careers

Colorado Springs is home to more than 11,000 manufacturing professionals, hosting with some of the largest manufacturing businesse in the country. Among the many production careers available, candidates can pursue roles in logistics and industrial production management, which typically require bachelor's degrees.

Candidates can find more industry information and assistance from local organizations, such as the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association and the Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab.

Information Technology and Cybersecurity Careers

Colorado Springs was the first city on the World Wide Web and remains one of the country's leaders in the information technology field. Today, the city hosts more than 265 IT and cybersecurity companies, which all offer computer information technology careers. In addition to positions like information security analyst, residents with bachelor's degrees can pursue careers in software development and database administration.

Candidates can find more information and support from the following organizations:

Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in remote work around the world -- a trend that may continue well into the future. In Colorado Springs, remote work gives professionals the opportunity to benefit from the city's low cost of living while collecting salaries from more expensive cities.

As remote work becomes more prevalent, the number of jobs available in this format will increase. Already, Colorado Springs professionals can find remote opportunities in many fields, including marketing and communications careers like market research analysis or technical writing.

Nearby Colleges and Universities

The number of colleges and universities near to Colorado Springs offers students and professionals a powerful resource for their education and careers. Here are a few of the institutions of higher education located in and around Colorado Springs.

Building a Career in Colorado Springs

For those looking to build a career in Colorado Springs, the city provides plenty of resources and promising data, despite the toll COVID-19 took on the region. For example, the 5.9% unemployment rate for November 2020 is a full percentage point lower than the national number of 6.9%.

People looking for jobs in Colorado Springs can get help through employment resources and employment assistance programs offered through the city and local organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Colorado Springs Expensive to Live in?

The cost of living in Colorado Springs does exceed the national average, with the housing market largely driving that number. However, groceries, utilities, transportation, and healthcare costs are all lower than their national averages.

Are There Many Available Jobs in Colorado Springs?

Candidates can find many jobs in Colorado Springs, particularly in the major industries like healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and the government. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the city has seen positive job growth in many of the major sectors, though some industries are still reeling from COVID-19.

What Is a Good Salary in Colorado Springs?

According to BLS data, the mean annual salary in Colorado Springs in 2019 was $52,360.

Is Colorado Springs a Good Place to Live?

Colorado Springs offers a good mix of career opportunities, healthcare, a near-average cost of living, and city attractions, making it a very good place to live.

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